Laguna Dream Sequence (Disc 2)


Back to Laguna for a little while now that you have started Disc 2. There is a draw point in the corner of the room containing some free Curaga. You can use it to heal yourself from any damage Squall may have taken during the battle with Edea.

Laguna in his home in Winhill at the start of Disc 2
Laguna drawing from the Curaga draw point in his house

Follow Ellone downstairs and talk to her. The pub is right next door to the house, to the south and will be on the left hand side of the screen. While wandering through town you may encounter a random battle, but the enemies are easy for Laguna to take down, even by himself.

You will meet up with Kiros at the bar. Talk to him for a while and then the two of you will join up - be sure to junction him with some GFs. Since it will just be the two of you it would be a good idea to junction all of the available GFs so that the AP is received by each of them.

Laguna and Kiros starting the patrol near the bridge
Laguna and Kiros battling against a Caterchipillar

Head south across the bridge and walk to the very edge of town. When you get to the edge Laguna will shout “Alright! Our first patrol, complete!” When you do reach this point be sure to grab some stuff from item shop next door. Laguna and Squall’s item inventories are mixed, so you get to keep whatever you buy. Their money stashes, however, are not, so you may as well spend all of Laguna’s 3000 gil on something… anything. Head back to the pub afterwards and talk to Raine upstairs.

Laguna and Kiros at the end of their patrol

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