Laguna Dream Sequence
The Town of Winhill


The start of Disc 2 takes us back to another Laguna dream sequence, this time in the sleepy little town of Winhill. Laguna will wake up in the tiny second floor of a house in the town. You can use the Save Point in the room if you’d like but you likely just saved your game following the conclusion of Disc 1.

Ellone speaking to Laguna in Winhill town at the start of disc 2

Grab the hidden Curaga Draw Point (shown in the screenshot) before following Ellone down the stairs to the main floor.

Locating the hidden Curaga Draw Point in Laguna’s room

Speak to Ellone on the main floor of the house for some more dialogue. Exit the house and travel south to the house right beside this one on the left side of the screen.

Entering the town square of Winhill

Winhill Pub

Laguna, Ellone and Raine will chat a bit more before Kiros emerges from the right side of the screen. Laguna will have the opportunity to ask Kiros a bunch of questions at the bar.

Meeting up with Raine in the Winhill Pub with Ellone standing by

Selecting the “Let’s talk later…” option will move the story forward, but you may want to have Laguna select the “… Tell me about Julia” option. This will unlock the “Eyes on Me” entry in the tutorial section of the game (and there is no other way to unlock it).

Laguna asking Kiros questions in the Winhill pub next to Raine

Winhill Town Square

Laguna and Kiros will venture out into the town of Winhill for patrol but make sure you take some time to junction your Guardian Forces. Laguna will automatically be equipped with Squall’s junctions and Kiros will be setup with Irvine’s junctions. If Irvine did not have any junction at the end of Disc 1, Kiros will have nothing equipped.

Wandering down the pathways in the sleepy village of Winhill

As you travel through the town on patrol you will encounter Bite Bugs and Caterchipillars. These enemies are extremely easy to defeat, so you don’t necessarily need your Guardian Forces in order to defeat them, but each enemy you defeat will still award AP points helping them to earn abilities, so make sure to have them all equipped.

Laguna and Kiros battling a Caterchipillar and a Bite Bug while patrolling Winhill

You should also double check and see which abilities your Guardian Forces are learning. Your Guardian Forces received 20 AP after the last battle against Sorcerous Edea (assuming that Squall was not KO’d to end the battle) and many of them likely finished learning their most recently selected abilities.

Go south across the bridge and keep going south until you reach the very edge of down. There is a Drain Draw Point along the way but not much else to see besides that.

When you reach the end of the patrol (Laguna will say something once you’ve reached the end of the pathway), there will be a doorway leading to a store on the left side of the screen.

Reaching the end of the patrol path in Winhill

Laguna only has 3,000 gil, so you can’t buy much, but anything you buy while playing Laguna will stay in your inventory when this subplot section is over, whereas you can’t keep the 3,000 gil past this point in the game. Spend Laguna’s 3,000 gil on anything you’d like! You can purchase the following items:

100 gil
500 gil
500 gil
100 gil
100 gil
100 gil
100 gil
100 gil
1,000 gil
1,000 gil
3,000 gil
20 gil
40 gil
200 gil
500 gil

Go back to the town square after you’re done making your purchases and head back into the Pub. Take the stairs up to the second level and Laguna will listen in on some dialogue between Ellone and Raine. Talk to Raine afterwards and then take her suggestion to head back over to Laguna’s house and take a nap.

Meeting up with Raine and Ellone after the patrol is complete

This Laguna dream sequence is complete once Laguna takes a rest and we return back to the main game in the Galbadia D-District Prison (that Ward apparently worked at).