Galbadia D-District Prison

The next section of the game takes place in the Galbadia D-District Prison. Zell will wake up from the ‘dream world’ again but it becomes clear fairly quickly that he was not with Laguna and Kiros during their adventures in Winhill. Instead, he was watching Ward, who was working in the same prison that the team has found themselves in.

Talk to all three team members once you have regained control of Zell. Talk to Rinoa twice to move on to the next part of the story. There are a few cutscenes involving Squall in another area of the dungeon before the story returns back to Zell and the team.

The start of the Galbadia D-District Prison with Quistis, Selphie, Zell and Rinoa in their cell

Zell will have the option to interject when one of the guards (“Mean Guy”) starts beating up the clumsy Moomba. Choose the “I’ll stop him!” option when it’s presented. There are a few more cutscenes involving Squall after this. Select “…Just let me die” when given the option.

Squall being tortured in another room of the Galbadia D-District Prison

Zell will trick the guards into entering the cell and then make his escape with the Moomba. Take the stairs up to Floor 8 to find two of the Galbadian Soldiers examining the team’s weapons.

The battle between Zell and the two Galbadian Soldiers is extremely easy. Zell will return to the team and give them their weapons back (initiating a strange scene where each of them turns gigantic as they show off their weapons).

Spend some time junctioning the team with Guardian Forces and magic as the team will have to battle their way through each of the floors.

Zell and the Moomba on floor 8 of the Galbadia D-District Prison with two guards standing over their weapons

Make sure that you equip one of your characters with the Mug command which Diablos definitely should have learned by now. Otherwise, switch Diablos over to learning it straight away! Time for your next battle…

The weird cinematic with Zell up front after the team gets their weapons back
Boss Battle: Biggs and Wedge

This battle against Biggs and Wedge is just as easy as the last one. The only way it could be made more difficult is if you forgot to equip your character’s Guardian Forces before starting, but even then, it’s a fairly simple fight.

Biggs and Wedge have a number of magic spells that are worth Drawing before you end the battle, including Haste, Regen, Reflect and Shell. You can also Mug some important items from them including a Strength Love and Regen Ring.

Zell, Quistis and Selphie battling against Biggs and Wedge in the Galbadia D-District Prison

Draw List

Mug List
Regen Ring

Strength Love
Drop List
3x Elixir

8x Remedy

You can now go up and down floors and explore the entire D-District Prison. The story continues when you reach the top floor, however its worth adventuring to the bottom floor to obtain Combat King 001 and to pick up a number of strong items along the way.

Each floor of the prison has a door on the left screen and a door on the right, however many of these doors are either locked or contain no items. Additionally, not all of the floors have a barrier between the two sets of stairs; only certain floors require you to go all the way around the circle. Use the map below to obtain all of the items.

Floor Left Cell Right Cell Hallway
13 Squall
11 Card Player (200g) Thundaga Draw Point*
10 Save Point Card Player (300g)
9 Berserk Draw Point
8 Shop No Barricade
7 No Barricade
6 Save Point
5 Card Player (500g)
4 Tent
3 Pet House
2 Pet Nametag Str Up
1 Save Point* Combat King 001 No Barricade

* The Thundaga Draw Point and Save Point are hidden but you can still activate them even when they are invisible. Use Siren’s Move-Find ability to make them appear visible.

The Card Players will charge you different amounts to play them. If you win, you get to keep the cards, but you’ll also receive a random item from them from a select list of rewards included below:

Odds Card Player (200g) Card Player (300g) Card Player (500g)
50.39% Potion Customized Battle Meter* Potion
25.00% Eye Drops Eye Drops
12.50% Remedy Remedy
6.25% Hi-Potion+ Gysahl Greens
3.13% Holy Stone Flare Greens
3.13%* HP Up** Luck Up**
1.56% Mega-Potion Mega Phoenix
1.17% Rosetta Stone Phoenix Pinion

* The Customized Battle Meter can be used to show you how many kills and how many KOs each of your characters have had. You can only obtain this if you picked up the Battle Meter from Headmaster Cid back in Balamb Garden.

** The HP Up and Luck Up items can only be obtained one time each.

After you have obtained Combat King 001, the Customized Battle Meter and any of the other items you wish to obtain, head up to the top level of the Galbadia D-District Prison.

Challenging the Triple Triad Card Player on the 5th floor to a match for 500g

Head through the doorway past the Moomba’s into the torture chamber where Squall was being kept prisoner. You will regain control of Squall, but before you leave this room, speak to each Moomba and they will offer to remove one of the barricades throughout the prison. It doesn’t matter which of the three barricade options you select; any of the three that you remove will save you some time later on in the game.

Zell, Quistis and Selphie reaching the top of Galbadia D-District Prison

Squall and the team (except for Zell) will choose to ride the elevator to the bottom floor of the prison. Press the large red button inside the elevator to reach the bottom. The team will quickly realize that there is no escaping the prison from the bottom floor as it is buried underground.

Squall, Quistis and Selphie standing in the control room of the prison

Zell will have to engage in a couple more battles against Galbadian Soldiers. These battles are easy with or without Guardian Forces and magic junctioned to him. He will be rescued from the Prison Warden by Squall who jumps in to save the day once he gets part way around the prison floor. Lastly, the team will be joined by Rinoa and Irvine who appear at the top of the staircase.

Irvine firing back at the prison guards in the Galbadia D-District Prison

Select a team of 3 (including Squall) which will be tasked with reaching the top floor of the prison again. Continue around the stairs until they reach Floor 13. The game will jump back to Irvine and his team at this point.

Squall and his team reaching the top of the Galbadia D-District Prison

As a reminder, at this point you should be leaning in to building up a dedicated party of characters that you will use most often. Consider reading through the Character and “Best Party” sections if you want help choosing which party members to use more frequently:

Irvine (and whomever is with him) will likely not have any Guardian Forces or magic junctioned at this point, but once again, the battles against the prison guards are fairly easy to deal with. Regular attacks should be enough to win each of the battles and you can use potions as needed to heal up any low party member’s HP. Irvine and his team need to make it down to Floor 3.

The game will once again return to Squall and his team up on Floor 13. Speak to the Moomba nearest to the stairs to receive a Cottage. The Moomba near the bottom of the screen will give Squall a Rename Card if you talk to him.

Head into the next screen and up the stairs. There is a Save Point on the right side of the screen and another set of stairs at the back of the room that you can climb (in behind the control panel in the center of the room). Finally, take the exit in the bottom-right corner of the screen which leads outside of the Galbadia D-District Prison.

Boss Battle: GIM52A (x2) and Elite Soldier
Boss battle against the two GIM52A robots and one Galbadia Soldier

This battle is fairly difficult compared to the previous encounters within the prison but is still pretty easy as far as boss fights go.

The first thing you will want to do is defeat the Elite Soldier standing behind the two GIM52A bots. The Elite Soldier can cast Haste and other support abilities on its two team members which will make the ensuing battle much more difficult than it needs to be.

Take some time to Draw Dispel from them if you are not full on that particular magic already. Their attacks can hit for quite a bit of HP; Micro Missiles specifically will hit for 50% of a target character’s HP so be prepared to heal up your party members as required. Other than that, this is a fairly straightforward battle.

Running across the Galbadia D-District Prison before it goes underground

Draw List
Level 1 to 19:

Level 20 to 29:

Level 30 to 100:
Mug List
1x Missile
Drop List
Level 1 to 19:
4x Screw (common)
1x Missile (uncommon)
1x Windmill (rare)
2x Fuel (very rare)

Level 20 to 29:
8x Screw (common)
1x Missile (uncommon)
1x Windmill (rare)
6x Fuel (very rare)

Level 30 to 100:
2x Missile (common)
3x Fuel (uncommon)
2x Windmill (rare)
6x Fuel (very rare)
The Galbadia D-District Prison cinematic

The team will head back into the prison at the conclusion of the battle. Head back out of the prison and head across the bridge for a short cinematic. Press and hold D-Pad Right(Right) Button after the bridge collapses to have Squall slowly slide his way across the bridge to safety. You are now all done with the Galbadia D-District Prison!

Galbadia D-District Prison as it goes underground and Squall scrambles across

Dingo Desert

The game continues with a conversation outside of the vehicles in the Dingo Desert. The group of six will watch the missiles launch heading towards Balamb Garden and will opt to split the group up and have one team go to the Galbadia Missile Base and the second team go to Balamb Garden.

Exiting the Galbadia D-District Prison with some stolen vehicles

Selphie will be headed to the Galbadia Missile Base, so you won’t be able to choose her, whereas Squall and the two team members you select will be heading to Balamb Garden.

It doesn’t really matter which team members you choose to have go where, but if you choose to put Zell in Squall’s party (heading to Balamb Garden), you will receive a Mega Phoenix (instead of a Remedy).

The team meeting out in the Dingo Desert where the team splits up into two groups

The game continues with Selphie and her crew in the vehicle in the Dingo Desert and on the next page of the guide.