Galbadia D-District Prison (Disc 2)

There is a whole lot of talking in store for you. Just talk to everyone when you gain control of Zell until he sits back down again. When given the choice, choose to stand up to the Mean Guy beating on the Moomba. When given a choice again during Squalls interrogation choose “Just let me die…"

Quistis, Selphie, Zell and Rinoa in the Galbadia Prison Cell
Zell battling against a single Galbadian Soldier

Make your way up to the next floor: Floor 08. Walk over to the two soldiers standing in front of the weapons. Equip Zell with a Guardian Force or two before initiating combat to make things easier, though he will have no trouble taking them out without a GF. Take the time to junction your entire team with Guardian Forces when Quistis and Selphie join you.

Galbadian Soldiers looking at the SeeD weapons
Zell returning the weapons to his team members

Boss Battle: Biggs and Wedge

Boss Battle against Biggs and Wedge in the Galbadia Prison

This is an extremely easy battle, especially if you’ve taken the time to set up properly. Biggs and Wedge both have spells that you will want to take the time to draw, so take your time, because these two don’t hit hard at all making it an easy opportunity to stock up on some nice spells (Haste, Regen, Reflect, Shell, etc.).

There are some items you can grab on the floors below Floor 07 that are listed below. But if you are not interested in any of them you can just start heading up towards Floor 13 which is where Squall is being held. Stop on Floor 10 to battle the card player there (it costs money). If you defeat him he will customize your battle meter.

Descending through the Galbadia Prison levels
Picking up Combat King 001 at the bottom of the prison

Floor What you will find…
13 SQUALL (Continues the game)
12 (Nothing)
11 Card Player (200 gil to play) - when you win you will receive one of the following prizes: [Potion], [Eye Drops], Remedy, [Hi-Potion+], Holy Stone, [Mega-Potion], Rosetta Stone, [HP Up]
10 Card Player (300 gil to play) - when you win you will receive a customized battle meter
9 Berserk Draw Point
8 (Nothing)
6 Save Point
5 Card Player (500 gil to play) - when you win you will receive one of the following prizes: [Potion], [Eye Drops], Remedy, [Gysahl Greens], Flare Stone, Mega-Phoenix, [Luck Up]
4 [Tent]
3 [Pet House]
2 [Str Up], [Pet Nametag]
1 Combat King 001

Obtaining the Battle Meter from the Card Player on the 5th Floor
Releasing Squall at the top of the Galbadia Prison

Continue up to the top of the prison to free Squall. Once you regain control of him, load him up with some Guardian Forcess and magic and head towards the “exit”. The team will realize that they are actually buried under ground.

Zell will now be thrown into a few fights against a few more easy-to-kill soldiers. When you are given the chance take Squall’s party back up to the top floor.

Time to check in on Irvine and his team once again. Equip them all with some Guardian Forces (or just run from these unnecessary battles; the extra EXP and AP can’t hurt though) and start making your way down to the third floor. From there the team will catch a ride up on the elevator to meet up with Squall on the Floor 13.

The first thing you should do when you are back in control of Squall’s team is talk to the Moomba at the top of the screen for a free [Cottage] and talk to the second Moomba to receive a free [Rename Card].

Obtaining a Cottage from the Moomba
Operating the arm from the control room

Make your way up to the top floor past the control panel and through the exit. This will throw you into a fight against two GIMS2A’s and an Elite Soldier. There is nothing special about this battle and all three enemies are easy to take down. You can stock up on some Haste from either GIMS2A though.

Squall, Quistis and Rinoa on the outside of the Prison battling the GIMS2A
Talking about the escape at the top of the Galbadia Prison

After the battle Irvine’s group will talk to you through the radio in the control room. Head out the door and cross the platform when they are done talking. The structure will morph as Squall tries to cross.

Squall during the Galbadia Prison cinematic
The Galbadian Prison lowering back into the desert during the cinematic

Hold right on the D-pad when he’s hanging on the ledge. Now you are all done with the prison.

Outside the Prison

Outside the Prison
Driving around in the vehicle on the way to the Galbadia Missle Base

Divide the group up into two teams. Make sure that you put your best (or favorite) characters with Squall, as they will see much more action. You will start with the first team (Selphie’s team) which is headed for the Galbadia Missile Base. The Galbadia Missile Base is located across the river as shown in the screenshot – you will need to make a sharp turn around the inlet of water. You can also pull up the mini-map and head towards the West. Be careful driving around too much or you will run out of fuel.

At this point in the game you can also get the Rinoa Card.

The team meeting outside of the missle base
Near the desert train station
Squall, Rinoa and Quistis jumping on the train station out in the desert