Galbadia Missile Base (Team 1)

Dingo Desert

You will have control of Selphie and her team as you exit the Galbadia D-District Prison and will be in the middle of the Dingo Desert in Galbadian vehicle. This section of the game takes place after you have escaped the Galbadia D-District Prison.

The team reconvening outside of Galbadia D-District Prison just before they split into Team 1 and Team 2

Note that the vehicle you are driving will eventually run out of gas. Its nice that you won’t have to fight enemies while you’re using it to get around, but don’t think that you can go exploring the entire continent or you’ll run out of fuel and quickly find yourself wandering through the fields, in the middle of nowhere, on foot.

Inside the Galbadia vehicle in the middle of the Dingo Desert

At this point in the game you can obtain Rinoa Card if you are willing to travel back to Deling City.

The Galbadia Missile Base can actually be seen in the distance from the Galbadia D-District Prison but you may have to search for it if you went back to Deling City to obtain the Rinoa Card. Make sure that you take the vehicle to the base even if it ran out of Fuel as you will need it to sneak your way through the front entrance.

Approaching the Galbadia Missle Base in the vehicle on the world map

Galbadia Missile Base

Take some time to equip each of your three characters with Guardian Forces (GFs) and junction their magic spells appropriately. Walk to the left of the vehicle you drove into the base and head through the door into the building on the far side of the screen.

Exiting the vehicle disguised in their Galbadia Soldier outfits

This first room contains a Save Point and two doors on the left. Use the Save Point to save your game and, as mentioned previously, make sure that your characters are properly equipped. You won’t have to engage in any battles for quite a while but it’s better to get into the habit of equipping them as early as possible.

Touch the computer console between the two doorways on the left side of the room. Selphie will point out that they don’t have an ID Card for accessing the doors, but Irvine (or one of your other party members) will speak up letting her know that they found an ID Card in the vehicle. Go through the doorway on the left.

The entrance to the Galbadia Missile Base

Continue along the catwalk towards the guard standing in front of the door. Selphie will have to decide how she and the team will pass in front of the guard. Choose the option to “(Walk by quietly)”.

The guard will still call out to the team as they pass by but, rather than stopping the team, he will just make fun of them for walking single file through the base.

Walking past the Galbadia Guard who makes fun of you for walking in single file

Proceed through this screen, past the guard, and then down the stairs in the next screen.

Continuing along one of the pathways inside the Galbadia Missile Base

The next area has two guards and a Save Point. Near the Save Point is a yellow arrow on the ground pointing underneath the staircase on the left side of the screen.

The room with the Save Point and two Galbadia Soldiers

Follow the yellow arrow into the next area to find a Draw Point with Blind magic and two Maintenance Guards on the right side of the screen. Speak to the two guards and they will ask you to deliver a message to the soldiers near the ‘[missile launcher]’.

The soldiers asking you and your crew to head back to the missile launcher

Go back into the room with the Save Point (and the arrow on the ground) and go past the guard and through the doorway on the north side of the screen. Speak to the guard near the back of the missile launchers and tell him “(…To go ahead)”. Then return back to the Maintenance Soldiers. Note that choosing any other option beside this one will potentially lower your SeeD ranking.

Inspecting the missle silo any telling the crew there to go on ahead

These irresponsible Maintenance Soldiers will once again brush aside their duties and tell Selphie and her crew to go and inspect the circuit room on their behalf.

Head back to the door near the guard who made fun of your team for walking in single file. There is a Draw Point in this room with some Thundara magic (which may come in handy for an upcoming boss fight).

Returning to the Maintenance Soldier only for him to tell you to now go check the computer system

Examine the control panel and choose “(Ahh, just hit whatever!)” followed by “(Just press whatever!)”. A bunch of lights will flash in the room before Selphie and her crew leave. They will run into some guards as they exit the room.

Entering the control room of the Galbadia Missile Base

If you want to fight some guards you can choose “(What the heck! Let’s FIGHT!)”, otherwise choose the “(…Try to talk my way out)” option, but note that fighting the guards will lower your SeeD ranking.

Choosing whether to fight or talk your way out of a battle against some Galbadia Soldiers

Now go back to the missile launcher area and try to go in. A guard will confront you as you try to enter. Choose the “(Play it cool)” and then “(Help out)” options and then follow the guard into the room. Grab the Draw Point on the left side of the screen; it contains Full-Life magic which is very useful to have and a powerful magic to junction.

Position Selphie in between the two guards that are attempting to push the missile silo manually. You will now have to press the SquareButton a ton of times in order to get the silo in to the right position. Head out to the control panel as instructed by the guard after you’re done.

Approaching the Galbadia Missle Base in the vehicle on the world map

There is only one specific section of the missile targeting system that you have to mess with in order move forward, but there is a neat little secret you can view on this panel as well. Access the “Equipment” option and then press Triangle ButtonButton and Square ButtonButton at the same time while pressing D-Pad Up(Up) Button or D-Pad Down(Down) Button to see a dancing Galbadian Soldier!

Access the “Target” option and then the “Set Error Ratio” option. Use the D-Pad Right(Right) Button to move the error ratio from 0% to 75% and then press XButton to exit this screen. Access the “Data Upload” option and choose “Yes” to upload the targeting information to the missiles. You can now exit the control system.

Setting the error ratio of the Galbadia Missle Base system up to 75%

Consider saving your game one more time at the Save Point near the control system. Speak to the Relief Guard in the bottom-right corner of the screen and he will let you past and up the stairs.

The guards in this area will recognize that you are the intruders that they have been searching for and you will be thrown into a fight. These three guards are very easy to defeat.

Battling against 2 soldiers inside the control room

After the battle, have Selphie examine the computer on the left side of the screen until she says “There! I’m done!”, then have her examine the computer on the right side of the screen.

Next, have her examine the computer at the back left area of this room, and then go through the door on the back wall. Have her mess with this last computer and she will activate the self-destruct mechanism for the base.

Having Selphie play with the main computer of the Galbadia Missile Base

You will have the option of selecting a time limit for the self-destruct sequence of either 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes. 10 minutes should be more than enough so select that option. Shorter time limits will increase the points you receive towards achieving a higher SeeD ranking.

Choosing what the timer should be for the self destruct mechanism

If you select either the 10 minute or 20 minute option the door on the right side of the screen will be open and available (allowing you to take a shortcut to the front of the base). If you selected the 30 or 40 minute options you will have to run back through the base. A short cinematic will play once you reach the entrance and you will be thrown into the next boss battle.

Boss Battle: BGH251F2
BGH251F2 arriving to defend the missle base and prevent the team from leaving

This is probably the hardest hitting boss you’ve had to face so far. It has the ability to kill party members in a single blow and, with the self-destruct timer looming in the corner, its easy to make some quick mistakes during this fight that could cost you.

The easiest method for taking down BGH251F2 quickly and efficiently is to have your party members cast Blind on it so that its attacks have a high chance of missing. Blind has a fairly high chance of missing or being resisted, so be prepared to have to cast it a few times in order for it to take affect.

Lightning-based attacks, such as Thundara and Thundaga, are very effective against this boss. Casting Quezacotl against this boss is also quite effective, however, the casting animations can really eat away at the time you have before the self-destruct timer goes off, so be careful using any Guardian Force.

You will have to fight the three soldiers that were operating BGH251F2 once you have taken away all of its 6,000 HP, but these soldiers are quite easy to defeat.

Note: This boss tends to be the first one that causes first time players the most grief. Consider studying up the Magic Junction Guide and basic strategy sections if you are struggling with this boss. Not having high HP or strong attacks through proper junctioning can make this fight extremely challenging, especially if you haven’t spent much time leveling these characters that are a part of Team 1.

The boss battle against BGH251F2

Draw List
Mug List
Drop List

Run around in the parking lot area for a while until the dialogue kicks back up again with the team realizing that they are trapped inside the base. A cinematic will play at the end of the sequence of the Galbadia Missile Base blowing up before the story moves back over to Team 2 at Balamb Garden.