Galbadia Missile Base (Team 1) (Disc 2)

It is possible to obtain the Rinoa Card at this point in the game before proceeding to the next mission (click the link for more information).

As mentioned on the previous page, the Galbadia Missile Base is located across the river as shown in the screenshot – you will need to make a sharp turn around the inlet of water. You can also pull up the mini-map and head towards the West. Be careful driving around too much or you will run out of fuel.

Driving the vehicle on the world map towards the Galbadia Missile Base
Approaching the Galbadia Missile Base

Equip the team with the appropriate Guardian Forcess and magic to make it through a few fights before you enter the Galbadia Missile Base.

Walk into the building entrance to the west and save before you continue. Take a look at the panel between the two locked doors to open the door on the left. Choose to walk by quietly when given the opportunity. The guard will stop you but will just make fun of you for walking in single file.

Team B attempting to enter the base
Picking up the Blind draw point

Down the stairs you will find another save point and an arrow to the left of it pointing back where you entered from point to an exit at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Follow the arrow to the south into the next room, grab the Blind draw point, and speak to the two guards standing across from the draw point. One of the guards will talk about inspecting a room near the missile launcher.

Go back to the room with the save point at the bottom of the stairs and head through the doorway at the top of the screen. Talk to the guard inspecting the silo (that he should go on ahead), then go back to the two guards who sent the message.

Speaking to the guard about the missile launcher
Choosing to hit buttons on the control panel

Go back to the guard who made fun of you for walking in single file. Enter the room and examine the control panel. Tell Selphie to just press whatever.

As you leave the room the maintenance team will accost you. Try to talk your way out of the fight unless you enjoy pointless fighting. Make your way back to the room with the save point. As you approach the doorway all the guards entered through one of them will come out and ask you to help them. Agree to it and enter the room.

There is a draw point in this room you should grab in front of Silo 03. It’s a Full-Life draw point so do not leave it behind! Jump in with the other guards to slowly move the launcher.

Picking up the Full Life draw point near the missile silo
Zell smashing the controls on the locked doorway

Walk out and examine the control panel on the wall to the right of the door. Choose to set the target and then max out the error ratio of 75% (don’t ask me why a targeting computer would allow you to have a high error ratio). Select “Data Upload” after that.“Exit" after that. Make your way up the stairs to the right of the screen (the guard will let you past now) and get ready for a battle.

This is just another standard fight only with a lot more talking. The guards also have the ability to use Confuse, which doesn’t make the battle all that much harder.

Battling against the Galbadian Soldiers in the control room
Adjusting the Error Ratio on the missile launch computer

Examine the computers to try and stop the missile launch. You need to examine the big one on the left first, then the one on the right, then the one at the back of the room, and then the one through the doorway at the back of the other room. You will be given the option to select a timer. Ten minutes is pretty tough, but you will get a much higher SeeD Ranking as a result of successful completion.

Selphie initiating the self destruct mechanism from the control panel

The only hard part about escaping is the boss battle outside the compound. You don’t even have to do the rest of the running because of an interlude part way through your escape.

Boss Battle: BGH251F2

Level: 1 - 22
HP: 4,200 - 8,400

Boss battle against BGH251F2
Second boss battle against the Galbadian Soldiers from inside BGH251F2

This is the hardest hitting boss you’ve had to face so far. It has the ability to kill a party member in a single blow. Coupled with the fact that you’re being timed can make this boss a really tough fight.

Start by casting protect on all of your party members to lessen the damage of BGH251F2’s primary attacks. You can draw it from the boss if you don’t happen to have any stocked up. To bring it down quickly use lightning based attacks including Quetzalcoatl and Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga magic.

BGH251F2 has one very dangerous attack called Beam Cannon. It hits for approximately 1,000 damage and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it from hitting.

This boss has 6,000 HP and each time you reduce its HP by 1,500 one of the six pods on the top of it will explode. This will give you a good indicator for how well you are doing based on the amount of time you have left. After you destroy BGH251F2 you will have to face the three soldiers who were operating it, but they are as easy as any normal guards. Good luck!

Note: If you find that this boss is giving you difficulty it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to junction magic properly to ensure that each team member has enough HP to withstand the BGH251F2’s assaults. More information about how to properly junction your magic is available in the Magic Junction Guide.

After you do some running around in the parking lot the team will give up and assume they are done for. One of your rewards for successfully completing this fight though is [Weapons Monthly June Issue].