Infinite Gil Trick

The basics of the infinite gil trick are pretty straightforward. Essentially you will be buying raw materials, Tents and Cottages specifically, and refining them into something else, Mega-Potions specifically, which can be sold back to the stores for more money what the raw materials cost you.

The Basic Steps:

Buy 100 Tents from one of the shops and then use Tonberry’s “Recovery-Med RF” ability to refine them into Mega-Potions.

100 Tents will cost you 100,000 gil. They will refine into 25 Mega-Potions which sell for 125,000 gil netting you 25,000 each time you run through the process.

The Advanced Steps:

Tonberry has many other abilities that can be learned that will speed up and assist with the infinite gil trick.

  • Call Shop
    Allows you to perform this trick anywhere in the world by allowing you to access the shops (specifically, the shops in Esthar) at any time.
  • Familiar
    The Familiar ability gives you access to rare items at specific shops. With Familiar, Johnny’s Shop in Esthar will sell you Cottages which can also be refined into Mega-Potions at the same time that you are refining Tents, thus greatly speeding up the process.
  • Haggle
    The Haggle ability allows you to purchase Tents and Cottages at discount price.
  • Sell-High
    The Sell-High ability allows you to sell the Mega-Potions back to the stores for an even higher price.

With all of these abilities you can go from making a profit of 25,000 gil to making a profit of 562,500 gil each time you repeat the process.