Tips and Tricks

This section is broken up into two categories. The first category is Basic tips which cover some of the standard game elements that, in some cases, are covered directly within the game’s tutorials and training pages. The second category is for Advanced tips which cover the more complex elements of Final Fantasy VIII and can help you master your characters and your battle strategy for your play through.

These tips and tricks sections are referenced throughout the walkthrough section in each of the areas where they are relevant.


Triple Triad

For tips regarding the Final Fantasy VIII mini-game of Triple Triad, check out the Triple Triad section:


Best Party
You can definitely beat the game with using any of the selectable characters in your party, but some characters are more optimal to include and are more powerful than their teammates. Check out this section for more information.

The Final Fantasy VIII character montage picture

Best Weapons
A list of each character’s best weapons, as they are shown in each of the Weapons Monthly magazines, and instructions on how to construct each of them.

The Weapons Monthly Magazine for Lionheart

Best Magic
Where to Draw and stockpile the best magic spells in the game. This is helpful for improving the junctions your characters are setup with.F

Picking up an Ultima Draw Point in the Lunatic Pandora

Battle Meter
Pick up the Battle Meter along the way and it will provide you with some useful statistics about your characters during yoru play through.

Picking up a Battle Meter from Joker

Character/Enemy Leveling
An explanation of your characters levels and how the enemy’s level is impacted.

The Character select screen with Edea

Magic Junction System
An overview of the magic junctioning process in Final Fantasy VIII; the primary method for powering up your characters.

Selecting Cerberus Abilities in the learn screen

Triple Triad Power Up Strategy
A strategy for utilizing Triple Triad cards to power up your characters by using the Card Mod ability to convert items into junctionable magic.

A match of Triple Triad early on in the game

Preventing Random Battles (Enc-None)
How to use Diablos’ Enc-None ability to prevent battles and make your play through of the game more efficient.

Selecting Diablos Mug ability

Earning Fast Ability Points (AP) - Cactuar Island
Using the Cactuar Island leveling trick as early as possible to help your Guardian Forces learn new abilities.

The Kashkabald Desert near Cactuar Island for Ability Points

Fixed Encounters against Elnoyles (Energy Crystals)
There is a spot in Esthar where you can trigger reoccuring battles against Elnoyle enemies to stock up on Energy Crystals.

Battle against Elnoyle in Esthar

Fixed Encounters against Tri-Faces (Curse Spikes)
There is also a spot in the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center where you can summon as many Tri-Faces as you need to in order to stock up on Curse Spikes.

Battle against a Tri-Face in the Deep Sea Research Center

Guardian Force Leveling and Junctions
How to level your Guardian Forces and how their Character Junction abilities can be used to improve your character’s stats.

The name input screen for Shiva early on in the game