Ability Points (AP)
Tips and Tricks

Ability Points are an important growth stat for your characters and Guardian Forces during your playthrough of the game.

Guardian Forces receive Ability Points (AP) when you defeat enemies and they use these points to learn abilities. You can access the abilities that they can learn by opening the game menu, selecting “GF”, selecting one of your Guardian Forces and then selecting “Learn”.

Selecting the Mug Ability on the Diablos learn screen

Each Guardian Force can learn abilities that can fill up to 2 pages on this screen. Some abilities they will learn naturally, whereas with others you can use specific GF Ability items in order to have them learn abilities. Check out the Guardian Force Ability item section for more information.

Equipping Selphie with Auto abilities from her Guardian Forces

The easiest way to earn Ability Points is detailed in the advanced Tips and Tricks section: