Earning Fast Ability Points (AP) - Cactuar Island
Tips and Tricks

Ability Points (AP) are needed to have your Guardian Forces (GF) learn their abilities. Check out the Ability Points (AP) tips and tricks section for more information.

Cactuar Island is the easiest way for your party to earn a lot of Ability Points (AP) very quickly. This will allow your Guardian Forces to learn the abilities that are available to them as quickly as possible.

Map showing where to find Kashkabald Desert and the location of Cactuar Island

You can access the island any time after you have acquired the airship, Ragnarok, but you can actually access the island much earlier than that using an easy trick close to the island. The earliest point that you can do this in the game is after you have gained access to the mobile Balamb Garden ship after completing the events at the Fishermans Horizon.

Without Ragnarok (Disc 2)

Complete the story events that take place at Fishermans Horizon and then jump into the mobile Balamb Garden ship.

Fly the mobile Balamb Garden down to the lower continents on the map which are collectively known as Centra. Find a beach that you can fly Balamb Garden up on to near to Cactuar Island (use the map below to locate the island).

Sliding the mobile Balamb Garden up to the hole in the wall where you can squeek through to the Kashkabald Deser and Cactuar Island
The pathway that leads through to Cactuar Island for AP farming

Disembark from the ship close to the mountain range that has a small pathway running between it (shown in the screenshot below). Make your way across the Kashkabald Desert towards Cactuar Island and be sure to use Diablos’ Enc-None ability so that your party is not thrown into any random battles.

Looking forward towards the Kashkabald Desert and Cactuar Island

Check the menu screen as you get very close to the island and you will notice that the menu actually lists your location as “Cactuar Island” once you get close enough to it. This means that you can now fight Cactuars! The screenshot below can be used to help you pinpoint the location.

Arriving at the farming location on Cactuar Island

Navigate down to the section below labelled “Cactuar Battles” for more information on how to quickly gain AP from the Cactuars you will face in this area.

With Ragnarok (Disc 3)

Reaching the island is much easier once you have access to the Ragnarok ship. Simply fly the ship to the island using the map below and jump out of the ship.

The Ragnarok hovering over Cactuar Island

Be careful in this area though as you could be thrown into a battle against “Cactuar”. This is a Guardian Force that you can obtain but the battle against it is much more challenging than fighting regular Cactuar enemies. Check out the Cactuar side quest section for more information:

Battling Cactuars

Cactuars have two little nuances that need to be dealt with. The first and foremost issue that you will run into when fighting these little buggers is that they have extremely high evasion.

Most of your party member’s standard attacks will miss. Squall, however, starts off the game with 255% hit stat (the highest possible) and it never changes. Squall will never miss an attack throughout the game. Use him predominantly when facing Cactuars.

Battle against a Cactuar

You can also use any characters that have magic junctioned to Hit-J or use Selphie if she has her Strange Vision weapon which has 225% hit automatically.

The second nuance is that they like to run away. This means that you normally only get once chance to hit and defeat them before the battle is over. They only have 300 HP though which means as long as you can land a hit on them they will be defeated.

Battle against three Cactuars

Each Cactuar you defeat will net you 20 Ability Points (AP) for each of your Guardian Forces. Stay in this area and grind out AP until your Guardian Forces have learned all of their most important abilities.