Jumbo Cactuar GF (Guardian Force)
Side Quests

Make your way over to Cactuar Island which can be found on the Centra continents towards the southeast. Check the map below to see exactly where it is located (and click on it to enlarge it if you like).

Cactuar Island on the World Map

Jumbo Cactuar is the little Cactuar that pops up randomly all over the island. Junction Diablos’ “Enc-None" ability to that you will not be pestered by random monster encounters while you hunt down Jumbo Cactuar.

Jumbo Cactuar is weak to water based attacks so it would be a very good idea to junction Water to your elemental attack junctions. Cactuar has a ton of hit points so you are in for a long fight. Just be cautious of its “Thousand Needles” move as it will instantly kill whichever player it hits.

Eventually you will see a message at the top of the screen that reads “Jumbo Cactuar is hesitating…”. This message means that, similar to regular Cactuars, Jumbo Cactuar is preparing to run away. The message also indicates that Jumbo Cactuar is at around 5% HP. If Jumbo Cactuar is left at around 2% HP it will run away, so group up all of your attacks and go crazy with the offense.

At the end of the battle you will receive Cactuar as your new Guardian Force.

Battle against Jumbo Cactuar
Naming the Cactuar Guardian Force

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