Limit Breaks

Renzokuken - Squall Leonheart
Squall using Lionheart on a T-Rexaur
Lionhearts final attack being used on a T-Rexaur

Renzokuken is easy enough to explain because Squall’s Limit Break uses the exact same R1 functionality that his regular attack does. Just hit R1 when the yellow lines reach the rectangle on the left side of the status bar. Through this method, Squall will attack enemies between 4 to 8 times.

Following Renzokuken, Squall will follow up with a finisher. The starting finisher is called Rough Divide. Squall learns a new finisher each time his weapon is upgraded as noted below. Click on any of the weapons for information on how to obtain that weapon.

Obviously you will want to work towards obtaining Squall’s best weapon, Lion Heart, as quickly as possible for both the increased damage and best Limit Break in the game.

You can obtain Lion Heart as soon as you have completed the Tomb of the Unknown King.

List of finishers:

Weapon Finisher Learned Effect
Revolver (Starting Weapon) Rough Divide Single enemy attack.
Shear Trigger Fated Circle Multiple enemy attack.
Flame Saber / Punishment Blasting Zone Multiple enemy attack.
Lion Heart Lion Heart Multiple attacks on multiple enemies.
(Very similar to Omni-Slash in Final Fantasy VII)