Mobile Balamb Garden (Disc 2)

Head to the Quad area (where the stage is located) and speak to Selphie. Now you get to partake in some fun story time involving a show with some instruments.

Squall, Selphie and Irvine at the roughed up Quad
Zell playing the guitar near the Quad

When you setup the instruments for your team members to play there are two ways to set it up – or rather there are two ways to do it where you form a proper sounding song. Four of the instruments correspond to a slow song and the other four instruments correspond to a fast song.

The instruments are:

- Slow Song: bass guitar, piano, saxophone and electric guitar.
- Fast Song: guitar, flute, tap and violin.

The band playing instruments in Fisherman’s Horizon

Head to the right when you’re done watching them all play to find the magazine Irvine was talking about. Now you get to watch a ton of talking for the next few minutes. When you wake up again the next morning head back up to the bridge. You’re now free to travel around in a mobile garden!

Squall and Rinoa in the center of Fisherman’s Horizon
Squall and Rinoa during the love scene

Quistis greeting Squall on the bridge of Balamb Garden
Announcement letting all of Balamb Garden know that they will be departing from Fisherman’s Horizon

In order to continue the story you will need to head to Balamb Town, however there are a multitude of side quests that you can complete now, including:

Complete the Carc Club (CC-Group) side quest
Obtain Tonberry King Guardian Force
Cactuar Island: Earn high amounts of AP in order to gain GF abilities much faster by traveling to Cactuar Island and defeating Cactuars
Obtain Odin
Complete the Shumi Village side quest
Complete the Chocobo Forest side quest
You can obtain the following cards: Leviathan Card, Carbuncle Card, Gilgamesh Card, Rinoa Card
Balamb Garden docked at Fisherman’s Horizon on the World Map