Fisherman’s Horizon (Disc 2)

Make your way to the second floor and exit out the door with the red light all around it. Go to the right across and down the arm and then make your way down the ladder you come across before taking the lift.

Leaving the Garden towards FH
Fisherman’s Horizon during the first cinematic

This path leads to the fisherman who will give you [Occult Fan III] (and don’t worry, Occult Fan II did not get missed. It’s part of the side quests later on). Just make sure to apologize for the mess you’ve created.

Then make your way back to the upper platform and talk to the man near the lift to head down.

Climbing down the pipes on the way to Fisherman’s Horizon
Picking up Occult Fan III on the docks of Fisherman’s Horizon

Go down towards the middle of the huge half-dome of solar panels and talk to Mayor Dobe inside the house. You can win the Quezacotl Card off him at the conclusion of the meeting, or lose a bunch of cards to him, as often ends up being the case. Keep trying until you get it!

There is also a hidden Ultima draw point in the middle of the meeting room. This draw point never recharges. Make sure you draw the Ultima magic using one of your primary characters as Ultima is the single most powerful magic in the game.

Meeting with the Mayor of Fisherman’s Horizon (FH) and his wife. Additionally if you have been following the Queen of Cards side quest and you lost the Sacred Card to the Queen of Cards back in Dollet, you can now win the Irvine Card off of Mayor Dobe’s wife, Flo.

Meeting with Mayor Dobe and Flo in the center of FH
Meeting with Martine to play Triple Triad

On your way out of Mayor’s Residence there will be a new person just off to the right of the screen (as shown in the screenshot above). The man’s name is Martine and he has quite a few high level cards if you feel like challenging him.

Make your way back to the top of the huge dish to initiate a cut scene. Follow the Mayor when he goes to try to talk to them. Use the save point and draw point on your way by. When given the choice you should choose to help the Mayor as soon as possible.

Boss Battle: BGH251F2

Level: 1 - 28
HP: 5,100 - 7,800

Boss battle against three Galbadian Soldier
Second boss battle against BGH2512

That’s right, again. A little bit easier this time around though. No timer, no stress, no worries. Use the same strategy to defeat this one as you did for the last one. You will have to fight three soldiers before that but they are no trouble at all.

Talk to Rinoa after everyone has left and then start wandering around town. The house on the train tracks has an issue of [Timber Maniacs] in it. There’s another issue inside the hotel on the second floor. Make your way back to the garden and talk to Irvine along the way.

Exploring FH to find a Timber Maniacs edition

At this point in the game you can now complete part 2 of the Card Club (CC-Group) side quest.