Shumi Village Quest
Side Quests

Reward: Phoenix Pinion and Status Guard (Teaches a GF ST-Def-J x4).

Shumi Village from the World Map

Pull open your mini map by continually hitting select and locate Shumi Village. The village is located on the upper-most continent on the map. There is a beach on the northern portion of the continent that will allow you to ascend and reach the village.

Enter the building and talk to the Shumi standing on the left blocking the draw point. The draw point is for Ultima magic and in order to use the draw point they will charge you 5,000 gil. Definitely worth it! Ultima magic is the best magic in the game.

Charging 5000 gil to draw from the Ultima Draw Point in Shumi Village
Speaking to the Sculptor about Master Laguna

Jump into the elevator to head down to the village. Exit the elevator at the bottom and speak to the first Shumi Tribe member that you see and he will give you a quick explanation about Shumi Village. Continue all the way to the left skipping past the different houses until you see a pond and a frog. The house on the right contains a Timber Maniacs episode and a Shumi villager that you should talk to called the Artisan. Keep talking to him while all of his “example work” drops from the ceiling.

Exit the Artisans house and head over to the house on the left (on the same screen with pond and the frog). Walk all the way to the back of the house to find a statue that looks like Laguna. The Sculptor will have a discussion with you regarding Laguna. Don’t forget to grab the Firaga draw point behind the statue and head out the front door.

Now you need to make your way back to where the Moomba was standing in front of the house (blocking the way). The Moomba will now be sitting on the pathway allowing you in. There is also a draw point off to the right containing Blizzaga that you can now grab. Enter the house and you will automatically engage in a conversation with the Elder and the Elder’s Attendant about Master Laguna. Try to leave the house at the conclusion of the conversation and the Elder will stop you before you can leave. In order to receive a gift from him he will task you with assisting the Sculptor with the completion of the Laguna Statue – so go back and speak with the Sculptor.

Wandering through Shumi Village
Squall speaking about the Blue Stone in Shumi Village

The Sculptor will task you with finding five stones; blue, wind, life, shadow and water.

Blue Stone: The blue stone that the Sculptor is referring to are the big blue rocks just off to the left of the same room that the Laguna Statue is in.

Wind Stone: The wind stone is way back at the entrance to Shumi Village – not up the elevator though. (check the screenshots to the right)

Picking up the Wind Stone along the walkway

Life Stone: The life stone is located near the Elders house. Move towards the rocky cliff with the roots hanging down and Squall will climb up to grab the stone.

Squall picking up the Life Stone

Shadow Stone: Ride the elevator back up to where the Ultima draw point was. The Ultima draw point will have recharged by now so you should spend some money and draw from it again. The shadow stone is located off to the right side of this pathway – the opposite side of where the draw point is found.

Picking up the Shadow Stone near the Ultima Draw Point

Water Stone: First you have to find the “fake” water stone. Make your way over to the frog sitting in front of the pond and you will find it. After you show it to the Sculptor he will turn you away saying that the stone was “[they] put [the stone] by the pond”. Now head over to the Artisans house and check the kitchen on the left side. Return the “real” water stone to the Sculptor.

Picking up the face Water Stone near the pond
Speaking to the Sculptor abotu the fake Blue Stone

Picking up the real Blue Stone

Talk to the Sculptor until he tells you that he did not need any of those stones to finish the statue and how it was all a ploy to have you get acquainted with the village. Leave the Sculptor’s house and go back over to the Elder’s house. As you try to leave the Elder’s house at the end of his ridiculous speech his attendant will reward you with the Phoenix Pinion.

Obtaining the Phoenix Pinion for completing the Shumi Village side quest
Trying to figure out what it all means

When you leave the house with your new gift choose the option that will have Squall “(Explain what it all meant)”. Squall will explain his views about the preceding only to be laughed at behind his back by the Shumi Villagers.

The Phoenix Pinion is a very powerful item despite all the talk about how uselessness of the quest you just completed. You must use it in battle at least once to summon Phoenix, after which there is a 12.5% chance that Phoenix will appear any time your entire party dies to revive them all. It is not something that you want to rely on, but it certainly is a nice little form of insurance against some of the more difficult battles to come.

There is one more thing to do before you leave… but before you can you must completely exit the village (including going all the way up the elevator). In order to complete the last portion of the Shumi Village side quest you will need to:

- Talk to the Attendant who can now be found in the same residence as where the statue is located
- Talk to the Elder
- Talk to the Moomba outside the Elder’s house
- Follow the Moomba to the Sculptor’s house
- Talk to everyone standing near the statue
- Talk to the Elder again; the Elder will explain how it is the Attendants destiny to become the next Elder
- Go back to the statue and talk to the Attendant again
- Go to the Artisans house and talk to the Artisan who will explain that he cannot help with the statue
- Talk to the Elder one last time

Speaking to the Elder’s Attendant about the statues
Speaking to the Artisan in Shumi Village

Now it is time to make your way over to Fisherman’s Horizon. You need to speak with the Grease Monkey who can be found down all the way at the end near where you fought the Galbadia guards and the BGH251F2. There is also an issue of Timber Maniacs on the ground in the Grease Monkey’s house.

Speaking to the Grease Monkey in Fisherman’s Horizon
Speaking to the Grease Monkey in Fisherman’s Horizon

Go back to Shumi Village and speak with Artisan one more time, then speak with the Elder to finally receive your reward (Status Guard). All done!

Speaking to the Artisan one more time

After you have completed the Shumi Village side quest it is easy to begin the Chocobo Forest side quest as the start of that quest is very close to the Shumi Village entrance. Click on the link for more information on how to complete it.