Chocobo Forest
Side Quests

The Chocobo Forest side quest involves tracking down some forests scattered throughout the world and playing a short mini-game. Completing the mini-games will earn you some rewards including numerous magic stones (which can be modified into actual magic), the Chicobo Card, and the ability to ride Chocobos all over the place!

Chocoboy asking whether Squall wants to catch a Chocobo


The instructions provided to you by the game are somewhat convoluted. To really simplify the objective of the this game, you will be provided with two different whistles:

  • [ChocoSonar] is used to determine the Chicobo’s locations
  • [ChocoZiner] is used to draw out the Chicobos

Press SquareButton to switch between the ChocoSonar to locate, the ChocoZiner to catch. Start by selecting the ChocoSonar and press Triangle ButtonButton until the bar rises and the sound effect changes and then switch to the ChocoZiner to call down the Chicobos.

Once you are able to get just one Chicobo to drop, talk to it, and this will call over the mother Chocobo. Once you have called down the mother Chocobo you can have her assist you with finding items by continuing to press TriangleButton. If you drop more than just the one Chicobo you can leave the forest to restart.

Chocoboy congratulating Squall on his first Chocobo catch

This can be particularly challenging to complete, so use the screenshots below to show you exactly where to go to find the Chicobos and the treasures within each forest.

Stand exactly where Squall is shown in each of the screenshots below to drop the Chicobos (and in the correct order) to complete the mini-game and retrieve the item.

Looking at the Beginner Chocobo Forest near Shumi Village on the World Map
The Beginner’s Forest

Located near Shumi Village on Winter Island.

Use the ChocoZiner at the back left area of the screen to call down the single Chicobo and talk to it to make the mother Chocobo appear. Dig for items at the back right area of the screen and you will find an Aura Stone.


You will receive the Chocobo Achievement/Trophy once you obtain your first Chocobo after completing the Beginner’s Forest.

Chocobo Trophy
Looking at the Basics Chocobo Forest from the World Map
The Basics Forest

Located on the continent just south of Shumi Village called Sorbald Snowfield.

Sound the ChocoZiner where Squall is standing in the first screenshot (the middle of the screen). Once all three Chicobos drop stand on either of the two Chicobos and sound the ChocoZiner a second time to make two of them go back up into the trees. Have the mother Chocobo dig on the far left hand side of the screen to find a Flare Stone.

Looking at the Roaming Forest Chocobo Forest from the World Map
The Roaming Forest

Located north of Trabia Garden in a place called the Bika Snowfield.

Start by sounding the ChocoZiner right near where Chocoboy is standing to drop two Chicobos. Then stand between both Chicobos and blow the whistle to see a third drop and for all three to disappear. Walk towards the entrance and stand in front of the fallen log – call down another Chicobo. Talk to that Chicobo and mommy will arrive. To find the item you will need to stand at the far back of the screen behind where the mother Chocobo is standing to find a Shell Stone and a Holy Stone.

Looking at the Chocobo Forest of Solitude from the World Map
The Forest of Solitude

Located on the continent of Centra which is on the lower third of the map - but on the northern most point of the continent.

Finding the lone Chicobo can be pretty painful on this map. Be sure to stand exactly where Squall is shown in the screenshot to the right. It may take a few tries. After you call over the mother Chocobo you will need to challenge Chocoboy to a game of cards to get him to move, though you don’t actually have to play. He is standing on the spot where you need to dig to find a Protect Stone, a Meteor Stone and five Gysahl Greens.

Approaching the Chocobo Forest of Fun from the World Map
The Forest of Fun

Located on the southwestern portion of Centra, the southernmost grouping of continents - you can ride a Chocobo there from the Forest of Solitude.

Use the ChocoZiner in each of the spots shown in the screenshots below (twice in the last spot). Dig in the last spot to receive a Meteor Stone, a Flare Stone and an Ultima Stone. Hop on the Chocobo to make it to the next spot.

Looking at the Chocobo Enclosed Forest from the World Map
The Enclosed Forest

Located on the southeastern most portion of Centra.

Use the ChocoZiner in each of the spots shown in the screenshots below (twice in the last spot). Dig in the last spot to receive a Meteor Stone, a Flare Stone and an Ultima Stone. Hop on the Chocobo to make it to the next spot.

Looking at the Chocobo Sanctuary from the World Map
Chocobo Sanctuary

Located on the northern tip of Centra in a place called the Grandidi Forest, which is the large continent on the east side of the map. It is impossible to take Balamb Garden over to this continent because there is nowhere to land. The only way to get to The Forest of Solitude is by riding a Chocobo over to Centra. Start off in the Roaming Forest and hop on a Chocobo and ride it over to the next forest. Click here for a video – mind the quality though, my recording software has a 1 second delay…

Walk into the middle of the forest to complete the quest by watching the Chocobo dance. Talk to the leftover Chicobo to receive the Chicobo Card (though the game incorrectly calls it the Chocobo Card).

This quest can be done as soon as you have access to the Mobile Balamb Garden. It can also be completed later on in the game, but use the link below to take you back to the main walkthrough page if that’s where you came from: