The Card Club (CC Group)
Side Quests

The CC-Group (Card Club Group) is a group of Triple Triad card players found around Balamb Garden that you can challenge in succession. As you challenge and work your way through, defeating each member of the CC-Group, you will gain access to more difficult opponents with higher level cards, and the opportunity to win some rare cards as well.

The club consists of students and faculty members around Balamb Garden. You will only be able to challenge some of them later on in the game; not only are their identities a secret but some of them will not make themselves known until later on in the story.

You can begin the side quest either just before or just after you have defeated Master NORG, but the full quest cannot be completed until after you leave Fishermans Horizon (FH) and have access to the mobile Balamb Garden. Use the links below to go to those sections of the walkthrough:

All of the CC-Group members have names similar to the suits and face cards in a regular deck of cards. You can only challenge the Jack, Club, the Diamond twins and King until you have completed the events at Fishermans Horizon (FH).

You have to find and beat them at a game of Triple Triad in the order listed below (e.g. King will not appear before you have defeated Club). You can find and challenge Joker though at any time.

Recovering Lost Cards

Completing the CC-Group side quest will allow you to recover any cards that you have lost or any cards that you have refined (using the Card Mod ability) later on in the game. Refer to the “Recovering Lost or Refined Cards” section of the guide for more information.

After Defeating Master NORG


This CC-Group member can be found in the Balamb Garden lobby near the directory. You may need to enter and re-enter the area in order to make him appear. He speaks about the CC-group when you talk to him and reveals himself as Jack after you defeat him.

Challenging CC Group’s Jack to a game of Triple Triad


Travel into the Training Center and take a right at the fork in the road. The Magician Joker will appear on one of the catwalk platforms but does not appear every time you enter the area.

Leave the area and re-enter until he appears and then challenge him and consider using Diablos’ Enc-None ability to reduce the chances of you running into enemies while traveling through the Training Center. Joker will reward you with an upgraded Battle Meter once you defeat him.

CC-Group’s Joker in the Training Center giving up a Battle Meter after losing in Triple Triad


Go into the back of the Garden. This is the area that has pathways leading to the Cafeteria, the Dorm and the Garage. Search for a man walking along the pathway; he doesn’t appear every time you enter this area so leave this section of the Garden and re-enter if he’s not there.

When you speak to him he will only say “….” but challenge him to a game of Triple Triad and defeat him and he will reveal himself as “Knight Club”.

Challenging CC-Group Club to a game of cards at the back of Balamb Garden


The Card Princess Diamond (both of them) are two twin sisters that can be found in the lobby of Balamb Garden near the directory in the same place where you found Jack. You will have to wait until they stop moving (once they get close enough to the directory) before you can challenge them to a game of cards.

The twins have some fairly high level cards so you may want to take some time and play a few games against them to stock up on Triple Triad Cards. This is definitely important if you plan on utilizing the Triple Triad Power Up Strategy.

Princess Diamon twins at the entrance of Balamb Garden


The last CC-Group member that you can challenge at this point is Dr. Kadowaki who reveals herself to be the former King of the club.

This is all of the CC-group members that you can challenge at this point of the game until you have left Fishermans Horizon. That being said, some of the CC-Group members hold some fairly high level cards. Consider playing a few matches and refining your extra Triple Triad Cards into powerful magic and items.

Dr. Kadowaki explaining that she is no longer the CC-Group King

After Leaving Fishermans Horizon

You can track down the remaining CC-Group members after Balamb Garden has been repaired at Fishermans Horizon.

Prince Spade

Spade can be found on the second floor (2F) of the garden. He is standing in the same spot as the guy who gave you your first set of Triple Triad cards at the beginning of the game. He does not appear every time you enter this area though, so leave and re-enter this area until you see him and his friend standing there.

Challening Prince Spade on the second floor of Balamb Garden

Queen Heart

It turns out that Xu is Queen Heart. She can be found on the bridge of Balamb Garden after it has been repaired (which is why you have to wait until this point of the game to complete this side quest). Xu holds the rare Carbuncle Card. Speak to Dr. Kadowaki after you have defeated Queen Heart.

Challenging Xu, the Queen Heart, to Triple Triad on the Balamb Garden bridge

Master King

Initiating a game against the Master King of the CC-Group is a bit of a challenge and not easy to accomplish without the help of a guide. Head back to the dormitory and choose to take a rest. Keep doing this until eventually the Master King appears. It turns out that the Master King of the CC-Group is Quistis!

If Quistis is not appearing after multiple tries make sure that you have defeated all of the previous CC-Group members, including Joker, and make sure that you went back and spoke to Dr. Kadowaki (a required step to make Quistis appear). Quistis holds the rare Gilgamesh Card.

Quistis revealing herself as Master King of the CC-Group in Balamb Garden
Cards Club Master

You will receive the Cards Club Master Achievement/Trophy after you have defeated Master King (Quistis) of the CC-Group in a game of Triple Triad.

Cards Club Master Trophy

After Obtaining Ragnarok

The CC-Group card members will each appear aboard the Ragnarok ship but only if you completed the side quest before completing the events aboard the Lunatic Pandora.

Each of the CC-Group members will use a different set of rules from a specific region and can be found in different areas of the ship:

CC-Group Member Rules Location
Jack Balamb Lower Level
Club Dollet Hangar
Diamond Twins Trabia Hangar
Joker Centra Elevator
Spade Esthar Storage Area
Heart Fishermans Horizon Boarding Area
King Lunar Base Airlock

Note that Quistis must be in your party for her to appear as the Master King in the Airlock.

Challening the Princess Diamond twins in Ragnarok to Triple Triad

Note that once you reach Disc 4 you can challenge Princess Diamond to obtain any of the cards that you are missing. For more information, check out the Recovering Lost or Refined Cards section.