Recovering Lost or Refined Cards
Triple Triad

Initial Required Steps

Did you miss some of the cards during your playthrough? Or did you potentially refine some of them in order to obtain powerful items through the Card Mod ability? Well fear not; you can still re-obtain these cards once you reach Disc 4 of the game.

There is one card player that you can challenge aboard the Ragnarok to get your cards back, and that’s Princess Diamond Twin (the one on the left) in the main hangar of the ship. The problem is that she and the other CC-Group members will only appear if you have completed the CC-Group side quest.

Refer to the side quest section below for more information, but note that all of the required steps for completing this side quest are outlined in the walkthrough section as well:

Assuming you have completed the quest, and then you reach the part of the game where you have access to the Ragnarok and can begin completing side quests, all of the CC-Group members will automatically board the ship with you.

Princess Diamond Twin (left)

So how do you recover your cards?

The Princess Diamond Twin on the left will have any of the rare cards that you refined, lost in a card game or neglected/chose not to collect during your travels through the game. She can be found onboard the Ragnarok in the large hangar room as shown in the screenshot below.

Just continue to challenge her to matches until you obtain the cards that your looking for.

Approaching Ultimecia’s Castle which is now chained to Edea’s House with the beach visible

How do I force her to play the card I need?

Unfortunately there is a very specific order that Princess Diamond Twin will use to play her cards. She will always play the lowest level rare card that you are missing from your deck first, and will not play a higher level card until after you have won the one in her hand from her.

This means that you need to slowly work your way through her rare cards all the way to the top. You will need to recover every card you refined, lost or missed working your way all the way up to the top.

Which cards will she have?

All of them, with no exceptions. She will have any cards you did not win from a card player along the way, as well as any cards you missed from the Queen of Cards side quest.

I keep losing more cards to her. How can I increase my odds?

Just make frequent use of the Save Point in the room at the back of the hanger (the small door on the right). Save after every card that you win so that you don’t accidentally backtrack and end up losing more cards than you had in the first place.

Princess Diamond will use some of the more complex Triple Triad rules so make sure you read up on how they work in the Advanced Strategy section below: