Balamb Town Revisited(Disc 2)

Make your way back to Balamb city. The guards will attempt to stop you from entering, but just keep talking (and randomly wandering around) and the team will manage to get inside. Head over to Zell’s house first. Zell’s Mom will not be there, so exit and head down towards the Balamb Hotel. Talk to the guards standing out front and then make your way down to the docks – the same place you were at when you boarded the boat for the mission in Dollet.

Galbadian Soldier telling Squall that Balamb Town is off limits
Galbadian Soldier in Balamb Town discussing where the captain is

Talk to the guard standing next to the dog and then go back to Zell’s house and head up into his room.

Squall, Rinoa and Zell up in Zell’s Room

Save up before you head down, talk to Zell’s Mom in the back and then make your way over to the train station. Talk to all the guards here (and the conductor), and then go back to Zell’s house and talk to Ma Dincht. Go back down to the docks and speak with the guard near the dog again.

Speaking to Ma Dincht about the Galbadian Guards
Speaking to the Galbadian Soldier about Ellone’s whereabouts

Follow the dog back to the train station to find the Captain. Now you can finally get into the hotel so head back there. You will be thrust into a fight against Raijin and two soldiers. This is an incredibly easy fight with no real strategy necessary because Raijin does not have anything in his arsenal other than standard attacks. The fight to follow is a little more complex…

Finding the Captain at the train station
Initiating the battle near the Balamb Hotel

Boss Battle: Fujin and Raijin

Boss Battle against Fujin and Raijin and drawing Pandemona

After the fight you’ll be thrown straight into battle against Fujin and Raijin. Make sure you draw the new GF, Pandemona, from Fujin before you get too far into the battle. Do not forget to draw Pandemona!

The only move to watch out for comes from Fujin and it is called Sai. It automatically reduces the affected character by reducing their HP to 1. Be ready to heal any player that gets hit by it and take out Raijin quickly to make sure his quick hits don’t take down a player who gets hit by Sai. You can use Blind on either of these two enemies to make their attacks miss often. You can also use Sleep on either of them.

Once you’ve defeated Fujin and Raijin you will receive Combat King 002. Now it’s time to make your way over to Trabia Garden.

Make your way back into Balamb though before you leave and challenge the man standing outside the hotel to a game of cards as he holds the Pandemona Card.

Raijin saying sorry to Squall after the battle