Balamb Town (Revisited)

Make your way back to the town of Balamb. There are a number of side quests that you can complete before you move on to this potion of the game, now that you have access to a floating ship. These side quests are listed on the previous page, so make sure you check them out before moving forward.

As you approach the area you will now notice the mobile Galbadia Garden flying nearby. Add Zell to your party before you enter the town.

Enter the town and the guards will stop you from going past the first screen. Talk to each of the people in this area, including Zell, and the Galbadian Soldier will speak to your team again. Squall will lie and say that he has information on Ellone’s whereabouts to help the group gain entrance into the town.

Galbadian Soldier explaining to the team that they should go seek out the Commander in Balamb Town

Head into Zell’s home first. Zell and the team will notice that his mother is not there. Now go down to the Balamb Hotel and speak to the two Galbadian Soldiers standing out front. The two soldiers will not let them in to speak with the commander.

The Galbadian Soldier outside the Balamb Hotel talking about the Captain

Go down to the docks area; the same area where your team boarded the boat just prior to the SeeD exam mission in Dollet. Talk to the guard standing next to the dog.

The guard will explain that the captain that you are searching for recently caught a fish and was excited to go and eat it right away. There’s a Blind Draw Point you can grab at the end of the dock above the water.

Following the dog down by the Balamb Town docks

Walk back up to Zell’s house and go up into his room. You can choose to either rest (by examining his bed) or save using the Save Point. Find Zell’s ma in the back of the house using the doorway on the right side of the house (bottom floor near the stairs).

Speaking to Ma Dincht in Zell’s House in Balamb Town

Go to the train station and speak to both of the Galbadian Soldiers and the train conductor, then go back to Zell’s house and speak to Ma Dincht again. Go back down to the docks one more time and speak with the guard near the dog again.

Following the dog to the Balamb Town train station

Examine the dog and then follow it back up to the train station to find the “captain”. It turns out the captain is just Raijin after all! Guess we know who the commander is…

Follow the dog and Raijin back to the Balamb Hotel. Some dialogue between the guards, Raijin and your team will occur before a quick battle with Raijin and the two Galbadian Soldiers. This is a very easy battle. Right afterwards, however, is a battle with Fujin accompanied by Raijin.

Raijin getting kicked out of the Balamb Town hotel by Fujin
Boss Battle: Fujin and Raijin
Battle against Fujin outside of Balamb Hotel

This battle begins directly after the battle against Raijin with the Galbadian Soldiers. Make sure you Draw your new Guardian Force, Pandemona, from Fujin as soon as you can.

Fujin’s attacks become much less powerful after you have drawn Pandemona from her. She will stop casting Aero and Tornado and start using regular (weak) physical attacks. Both Raijin and Fujin can be hit with any number of negative status affects (including Sleep and Blind) making this fight relatively easy.

Drawing Pandemona during the battle against Raijin and Fujin inside the Balamb Hotel

Draw List

Mug List
1x Megalixir (common)
1x Hero (uncommon)

2x Str Up
Drop List
1x Megalixir

1x Str Up


You will receive the Pandemona Achievement/Trophy if you successfully Draw Pandemona from Fujin before the battle concludes.

Pandemona Trophy

You will automatically receive Combat King 002 at the end of the battle. There is a bit more dialogue after the fight, after which your party will automatically reappear in the Balamb Garden bridge, ready for the next portion of the story.

Before you leave this area (headed for Trabia Garden), land the ship nearby and go back into Balamb Town. There is a man standing outside of Balamb Hotel that holds the Pandemona Card. Make sure you don’t accidentally spread any Triple Triad card rules to this area!

It is now time to travel to Trabia Garden.