Trabia Garden (Disc 2)

Trabia Garden is located on the northern most continents of the map in the Bika Snowfield. It is just north of the island of Balamb. Use the screenshot to the right as a guide to what you are looking for.

Squall on the World Map looking at Trabia Garden
Trabia Garden on the World Map

Before you enter Trabia Garden you should try to find and defeat a few Mesmerize monsters. They drop [Mesmerize Blade]s which are a very useful item. They are used in the creation of a few weapons and can be refined into Regen magic. Click on the Mesmerize Blade link for more information.

The reason Trabia Garden looks so haggard and so run-down is because the missiles from Galbadia Missile Base had a direct hit on the Garden. Follow Selphie over the wall. Draw from the Thundaga draw point and then speak with Selphie to continue. There is a [Weapons Monthly, August Issue] in the cracks along the walkway, just in front of where Selphie was standing.

The team just outside of Trabia Garden
Picking up Weapons Monthly, August Issue at the entrance to Trabia Garden

Work your way towards the back of the Garden until you meet up with Selphie at the cemetery. Leave the cemetery and come back and you will be able to walk to the portion of the screen that Selphie was standing in (and blocking off). There is a [Timber Maniacs] issue on the ground in the middle of the cemetery.

Looking at the computer screen in Trabia Garden

Go back to the front entrance and walk to the left of the Thundaga draw point. Head to the right to find a Save Point, save your game, and then walk over to the computer sitting at the top right of the screen to continue. As you attempt to leave you will be prompted with more story as you watch Selphie talk to some of the survivors. Talk to the two kids and then talk to Selphie. She will tell you to meet her by the basketball court. Continue heading left and then left again until you reach the court. Time to waste some more time talking.

Flashback discussions on the basketball court
Rinoa discussing the next course of action

At the conclusion of all the talking and reminiscing you will automatically be returned to Balamb Garden and will be on your way.

Flashback sequence back at Edea’s House
Flashback sequence back at Edea’s House

If you are interested in picking up the Selphie Card you will need to head back into Trabia Garden. Make sure you save first!

Hop over the wall and find the female card player sitting on the edge of the fountain near the draw point. You will have to challenge her and beat her with the Random rule in effect, which is really terrible. There are ways that you can get the Random abolished in this region, but it isn’t worth your time. Just go through the headache of trying to win with a random assortment of cards.

Playing cards in Trabia Garden agains the card player who has the Selphie Card

One tip you can use to increase your odds is to use Card Mod on and Refine as many of your lower level cards that you do not need to hold on to as you can so that you do not end up having to win with them.

If the card player mentions that the two of you should “play a game with ____’s rules and ours” always answer “no” and keep challenging her until she does not ask to mix rules. This region has far too many rules already…

Queen of Cards Side Quest (Optional)
Talking to the Queen of Cards in Balamb Town

Make sure that you lose the Chicobo Card to the Queen of Cards before traveling to Edea’s House. Click here for more information about the Queen of Cards side quest.

Make your way to Balamb (which is where you should have sent the Queen of Cards when you challenged her in Dollet) and lose the Chicobo Card to her. Make sure that she travels back to Dollet after you lose.

Head to Dollet and ask the Queen of Cards about her father again and repeat the previous quest (more information about how to do this is available in the Queen of Cards side quest section). Don’t forget to go and win back your Chicobo Card from her son.

You can now win the Chubby Chocobo Card from the guy sitting on the bench to the right of the main hallway in Balamb Garden. He is near the entrance to the Library and he may not always be sitting on that bench. Re-enter the area if you do not see him.

Time to make your way towards Edea’s House.