Trabia Garden

You may have already seen Trabia Garden or rode past it in the mobile Balamb Garden ship if you completed the Shumi Village side quest or the Chocobo Forest side quests. Trabia is located in the Bika Snowfield on the northernmost continent.

Approaching Trabia Garden on the World Map

You can use the map screen to show you where it can be found or use the map below to help you find it, but check the notes below before you go inside:

World Map showing the location of Trabia Garden

Before you enter Trabia Garden you should consider engaging in some battles in and around the Trabia Garden area.

Head on in to Trabia Garden after you have collected some of the items noted above. Trabia Garden looks like a set of ruins and is fairly run-down looking as the missiles from the Galbadia Missile Base had a direct hit on the Garden.

Squall climbing over the wall leading into Trabia Garden to follow Selphie

Follow Selphie over the wall as she enters the garden and consider using the nearby Draw Point which contains Thundaga magic.

Selphie running into the destroyed Trabia Garden

Search the ground on the bottom right side of the screen to find the Weapons Monthly, August Issue. It’s sitting on the ground in and among the cracks just in front of the fountain and in front of where Selphie was standing.

Picking up the Weapons Monthly August Issue in Trabia Garden

Work your way towards the back of the Garden until you meet up with Selphie at the cemetery. Leave the cemetery and come back to the fountain area and you will be able to walk to the portion of the screen that Selphie was standing in (and blocking off). There is an issue of Timber Maniacs on the ground in the middle of the cemetery.

Speaking to Selphie in the Cemetary at Trabia Garden to pick up the Timber Maniacs issue

Go back to the fountain area and walk to the left of the Thundaga Draw Point. In the screen with the people sitting on the ground and in the makeshift beds, travel to the right. There is a Save Point here that you can use to save your game. Continue going to the right and examine the computer screen up against the wall.

Reaching the room with the Save Point in Trabia Garden

Head back out to where the people were sitting on the makeshift beds to find Selphie talking to some of the survivors. Talk to the two kids and then talk to Selphie. She will ask you to meet her by the basketball court. Continue heading to the left and then to the left again one more time to reach the basketball court.

Selphie speaking to some of the orphaned kids in Trabia Garden

This next section of the game involves a ton of dialogue and walking around speaking to people. It turns out that all of your team members grew up in the same orphanage but had lost all of their earlier memories through their use of Guardian Forces.

This is where the story of Final Fantasy VIII veers into the realm of plot conveniences (which lends more credence to the Squall Is Dead theory).

The team meeting at the Trabia Basketball Court to discuss their memory loss thanks to Guardian Forces

You will regain control of your party and automatically find yourself back in Balamb Garden near Trabia Garden. Before you leave the area though you should consider returning back to Trabia Garden to pick up the Selphie Card.

You can now complete another section of the Queen of Cards side quest as well. In order to do this though you will need to have completed the Chocobo Forest side quest. Click on the link below for more information:

The rewards from the Chocobo Forest side quest include the Chicobo Card which is required for the Queen of Cards side quest (noted below).

It’s time to return to main plot of the game. As Squall mentioned at the end of the flashback sequence on the Trabia basketball courts, it’s time to head to Edea’s House. Her house can be found on the southern tip of the Centra continent.