Balamb Garden vs. Galbadia Garden (Disc 2)

Edea’s House can be found at the southwestern most edge of Centra, the southern most grouping of continents. As you get close to the house you will notice the floating Galbadia Garden near by. Rather than actually making it to Edea’s House you’re going to be thrown into a cut-scene when you get near Galbadia Garden.

Balamb Garden approaching Galbadia Garden near Edea’s House
Galbadia Garden during the battle cinematic

Squall will be given an option to choose which orders he should give to the rest of the Garden. The orders that you choose to give do not have any impact on how the game plays out further on. If you give too many or too few orders, or forget any important orders, someone is going to yell at you. Dr. Kadowaki will yell at you if you forget the important ones and Nida will yell at you if you waste too much time with useless orders. The important orders to give are:

- Prepare for the attack
- Prepare our defense
- Take care of the junior classmen

Quistis will yell at you from below after you are done relaying the orders – take the elevator down to meet up with her. Take your newly formed team and work your way down to the Quad.

Squall giving directions to initiate the battle
Picking up a Cottage on the second floor of Balamb Garden

Talk to everyone you find on the second floor hallway. Make sure to talk to the tiny “MG Junior Classman” to receive a [Cottage]. You do not need to enter the classroom; instead just head down to the first floor and make your way to the Quad and do not forget to save on your way past.

Seifer during the battle cinematic
Galbadia Bikes approaching Balamb Garden

Galbadia Bikes flying towards Balamb Garden
Galbadia Soldiers on Bikes Cinematic

Talk to Zell when you reach the Quad. Talk to Rinoa after you pass off your ring to Zell. As you try to leave the Quad area Nida will call you back up to the bridge. Now you will find yourself in control of Zell.

Controlling Zell near the Quad
Zell, Irvine and Rinoa in the Quad

Do exactly as he mentions and equip the full team with proper Guardian Forces. Head down to the left back to the main Quad area to watch another scene where Rinoa falls off the ledge and then head back to the main entrance area of Balamb. You will run into Squall and the rest of the team – follow them out the front gate.

Rinoa hanging of the ledge at the top of Balamb Garden
Zell and Xu near the entrance to Balamb Garden

Pick a team when given the option and make sure to re-equip the teams with Guardian Forces (the “Switch” functionality comes in really handy right about now). Take Squall and his team and head up to the classroom on the second floor.

Nida directing Squall to go to the 2f Classroom
Battle against Galbadia Soldiers in the Balamb Garden classroom

When you reach the classroom you will be thrown into battle against 4 easy to kill Galbadia Soldiers. Walk over and talk to the SeeD cowering on the other side of the desks with the two juniors. Dr. Kadowaki will then call you up to the bridge.

Female Student ID #8 speaking to Squall about finding Mark
Galbadia Soldiers approaching Balamb Garden on jetpacks

Make your way to the second floor and help “Female Student (ID #8)” find Mark. A flying Galbadian Soldier will jump you as soon as you find him. Do not move at all or the Galbadian Soldier will just pin you up against the wall again. Press X and you will be given the option to:

- “Runaway”
- “Threaten the enemy”
- “Look around for another option”

Choose the third option (Look around for another option). Press X again to be presented with 4 more options:

- “Ask the girl down the hall for help”
- “Press the button for the emergency exit”
- “Runaway”
- “Threaten the enemy”

Battle against a Galbadian Soldier in the second floor hallway
Battle against a Galbadian Soldier in the second floor hallway

After selecting the “Press the button for the emergency exit" option you will find yourself in a mid-air battle with the Soldier. Select “block” a lot and as you block more and more of the Galbadian Soldiers attacks you will presented with an option to use a “Deathblow” which hits him pretty good. If you don’t get it the first time you’ll be given more attempts as needed.

Squall fighting the Galbadian Soldier on the jetpack in mid air
Squall during the flying cinematic

Run to the left through the battle scene to reach the entrance to Galbadia Garden. Enjoy the ridiculous scene with involving Squall’s ring. Hundreds of people are fighting just a little ways a way but Squall and Rinoa are busy talking about important things like his super special ring…

Rinoa being saved by Squall from the Balamb Balcony
Squall and Rinoa running past the battle on the ground outside the two gardens

Check the trees nearby to find a hidden Aura draw point and then enter Galbadia Garden.

Squall speaking with Rinoa outside of Galbadia Garden