Guardian Force

Ifrit is the first Guardian Force that you have to earn; that is not given to you for free at the start of the game. Ifrit has a powerful fire-based attack that proves quite useful early in the game.

Attack Name: Hell Fire
Attack Effect: Fire-based attack

Ifrit summoning animation

How to Obtain Ifrit

You receive Ifrit once you defeat him at the end of the Fire Cavern mission.

Approaching Ifrit in the center of Fire Cavern

List of Abilities

Ability AP Effect
HP-J 50 Junctions Magic to HP.
Str-J Junctions Magic to Strength.
Elem-Atk-J 160 Junctions Magic to Elemental Attack.
Elem-Def-J 100 Junctions Magic to Elemental Defense.
Elem-Def-Jx2 130 Junctions 2 Magics to Elemental Defense.
Draw Use Draw command in battle.
Item Use Item command in battle.
Mad Rush 60 Use Mad Rush command in battle.
Str+20% 60 Raises Strength by 20%.
Str+40% 120 Raises Strength by 40%.
Str Bonus 100 Raises Str by 1 every character Level Up.
SumMag+10% 40 Raises GF damage by 10%.
SumMag+20% 70 Raises GF damage by 20%.
SumMag+30% 140 Raises GF damage by 30%.
GFHP+10% 40 Raises GF HP by 10%.
GFHP+20% 70 Raises GF HP by 20%.
GFHP+30% 140 Raises GF HP by 30%.
Boost 10 Boost GF during animation.
F Mag-RF 30 Refines Fire Magic from Items.
Ammo-RF 30 Refines Ammunition from Items.

- Ability is already learned when Ifrit joins your team as a Guardian Force.