Centra Ruins - Obtaining Odin
Side Quests

Odin is not a normal Guardian Force like the others you have obtained throughout your travels. You do not equip and junction him like a regular Guardian Force. Instead, Odin randomly shows up at the conclusion of random battles to finish off the enemy for you.

Before you can begin the quest to obtain Odin you should make sure that you have Diablos’ “Enc-None” ability learned. If you do not have this ability yet it will make the quest near impossible to complete. You can head to Cactuar Island to learn this ability quickly – click on the link for more information.

Junction the “Enc-None" ability to whichever character has Diablos’ junctioned and head into the Centra Ruins. A twenty-minute timer will start as soon as you enter signaling that you now have 20:00 to complete this mission and ‘defeat’ Odin.

The entrance to the Centra Ruins
Centra Ruins on the World Map

Walk towards the structure and walk up the stairs. Follow the stairs up and into the structure. Hop on the block and your team will rise up to the next level.

The first steps in Centra Ruins
The ladder leading to the second level

Choose to climb the ladder on the left. When you get to the platform at the top you can press X to continue climbing up the next ladder. Enter the structure again once Squall and his team hops off the second ladder and walk up to the machine. Press X to make the machine start moving. Now go all the way back down both of the first and the second ladder.

As you reach the bottom of the second ladder you will notice that the blue orb in between the two ladders has lit up. Examine it and a set of stairs will appear off to the right of the screen. Make your way up the stairs.

Placing the blue orb in the statue
Placing the orbs in the statue

When you get to the next highest level you will notice a ladder off to the left side of the screen – climb up it. Walk up to the dragon statue and choose to pull the left eye out of the statue. Climb back down the ladder and continue climbing the stairs on the right.

Taking the red orb out of the statue
Placing both orbs in the statue on the roof

Continue to the top of the structure and climb the ladder at the top of the dome. Once you place the eye in the gargoyle statue it will give you a 5-digit code. The code is different every time so you will have to write down whatever code the statue gives you. If you missed the code you can pull out both eyes and put them back into the gargoyle statue to have it tell you the code one more time.

Entering the 5 digit code
Facing Odin just before the battle

Now grab both eyes out of the gargoyle statue and head back down to the first statue of the dragon. Put the two eyes into the dragon statue and you will be prompted to enter a code in the form of a flaming code entry screen on the right side of the screen. Just switch the numbers to the correct code and press triangle to escape the screen. The door underneath the statue will open. Climb down and go inside.

Time to fight Odin.

Boss Battle: Odin
The Battle against Odin

Odin is incredibly easy – he does not attack you. Your only challenge is to defeat him prior to the timer expiring. He has anywhere from 1300 to 31,000 hit points (depending on your level and subsequently his level), making him incredibly easy to defeat. Take some time to draw spells from him before you defeat him.

At the end of the battle Odin will join you and he will now randomly jump into battles to finish off the enemy for you.

Odin speaking after being defeated