Centra Ruins - Obtaining Odin
Side Quests

During your travels you may have come across the Centra Ruins standing ominously in the middle of the Centra Ruins. You’ll also be familiar with the area if you’ve already obtained the Tonberry Guardian Force by defeating King Tonberry. But the primary purpose behind the ruins is to obtain the optional “Guardian Force”, Odin.

Approaching the Centra Ruins from the World Map
Location of Centra Ruins on the World Map

Now Odin is not like any normal Guardian Force. You do not equip him to your characters and he cannot be summoned in battle.

Instead, Odin will show up during random battles as they are progressing and he will finish the enemy off for you. When he jumps in, much like when Angelo jumps in, the intended effect is a free attack and to end the battle more quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately though, this may actually interfere with battles more than it helps. Read the warning below for more information.

All that said, its generally recommended that you not obtain Odin for these reasons. For those that choose to, read on for more information on how to get him out of the ruins…

Having Enc-None is essentially a requirement for the Centra Ruins in order to reach Odin within the time limit. If Diablos has not learned Enc-None yet, consider using the Cactuar Island trick to get some quick AP. More details can be found below:

Enter the Centra Ruins

As soon as you enter the Centra Ruins a timer will start giving you 20:00 minutes to complete your mission and obtain Odin. Start by walking up the two sets of stairs.

Walking up the second set of stairs

Go through the doorway and stand on the platform at the top of the stairs. The platform functions as an elevator and will carry your team up to the next level.

Approaching the top structure of the Centra Ruins
Squall, Selphie and Quistis standing on the platform elevator to get into the Centra Ruins

This next level has a shrine with a ladder on the left and right side of it. Climb the ladder on the left side up to the next level.

Taking the ladder next to the shrine

As you get to the halfway mark, Squall will stop climbing, but there is another ladder that you can use to continue climbing even higher.

Climbing the second ladder on the way to the top of the Centra Ruins

Walk into the structure and press the TriangleButton near the machines controls. The machine will light up blue when you have successfully activated it.

Activating the blue orb

Now climb down both of the two ladders to the shrine and you will find that it is now lit up blue. Examine the blue orb and a set of stairs will reveal themselves to the right of the shrine. Climb the newly revealed stairs.

Taking the newly revealed staircase at the base of the Centra Ruins

In the next area there will be a ladder on the left side of the screen. Use it to climb up a level and examine the eyes of the gargoyle statue (which currently has one red eye).

Climbing the ladder up to the gargoyle with the red eye

Choose to “take out the left eye” and then climb back down the ladder and head up to the next level.

Squall opting to take out the left eye of the statue

Climb the ladder to the top of the dome and then examine the gargoyle at the top.

Approaching the ladder at the bottom of the dome

Choose to “put in the left eye” and the Gargoyle will reveal a 5-digit code. This code is unique to your game and you should write it down.

Putting in the left eye of the gargoyle statue

Pull out both the left and right eye and go back down to the gargoyle on the level below. Put both of the red eyes into the gargoyle statue and a prompt will appear on the right side of the screen asking for the code.

Entering the code to get into Odins room

Enter the 5-digit code and then press the TriangleButton to exit the code entry screen. The door underneath the platform will open up. Its time to go insight and face Odin!

Entering Odins room after completing the Centra Ruins
Guardian Force Battle: Odin
Approaching Odin on his throne

The boss battle against Odin is as easy as they come. Odin will not attack your party members in any way during the course of the battle. Instead, the idea is that you just have to bring him down before the 20:00 minute timer expires. He does have a fair amount of HP, but this should still be a relatively easy task if you were quick getting the code and getting the door unlocked.

Guardian Force Boss Battle against Odin with the timer

Draw List:
Mug List:
Luck-J Scroll
Drop List:
8x G-Mega-Potion

Odin will join your team once you have successfully completed the mission. You will also get the Odin Card as a reward at the end of the fight.

Odin agreeing to join your party