Tonberry King GF
Side Quests

As soon as you have the mobile Balamb Garden you can obtain the Tonberry Guardian Force.

Centra Ruins location on the World Map
Balamb Garden near the Centra Ruins

Start off by making your way over to the Centra Ruins that are on the southern most continents. The map below shows the precise location while the other pictures show what the structure looks like. Make sure you save before you enter the Ruins.

The Centra Ruins
Entrance to the Centra Ruins

A 20:00 minute timer will start the second you enter Centra Ruins but you will not have to worry about this timer as it is specifically involved in quest to obtain Odin. Every time you “fail” the Odin quest after 20:00 minutes you will get kicked out of the Centra Ruins. In order to make the Tonberry King appear you will need to kill 20 regular Tonberrys.

Each Tonberry has around 20,000 HP so it takes quite a lot of firepower to bring one down. Make sure you have some powerful attacks lined up by making sure that you have some good magic junctioned to your Attack stats.

Tonberry’s have two very dangerous moves. The first move is called “Everyone’s Grudge”. The math behind this move is the amount of enemies that the affected character has killed multiplied by 20. So if Squall has personally killed 100 monsters “Everyone’s Grudge” will hit for 2,000. The second move is just a simple stabbing motion when the Tonberry gets close to you. This move instantly kills a character.

Battle against a Tonberry

A good strategy here is to abuse your Limit Breaks, specifically Squalls. Keep Squall at a low health level and just keep spamming Renzokuken. Click here for more info about junctioning magic properly. Using regular attacks will quite often cause Tonberry to automatically retaliate by using “Everyone’s Grudge”, however the use of Limit Breaks does not seem to have the same effect.

Keep tabs on how many Tonberrys you kill and make sure you save after you have killed your 19th. Tonberry King immediately joins the battle after you have killed the 20th Tonberry.

Guardian Force: Tonberry King
Battle against Tonberry King
End of the battle against Tonberry King

The difficulties in defeating the Tonberry King are very similar to those experienced when fighting the regular Tonberrys except they are much worse. He deals a significant amount of damage and has an incredibly high amount of HP.

Using your Limit Breaks to inflict massive amounts of damage is still a really good strategy though you may end up having to revive your characters a few times. This will be due to the Tonberry Kings most lethal move called Junk. Junk causes items to rain down from the sky inflicting heavy damage on all party members.

One of the best ways to counteract Junk is to cast Protect magic on each of your characters. Another useful strategy to speed up the amount of damage you are inflicting on the Tonberry King is to cast Meltdown on him as soon as possible.

Good luck!

Naming screen for Tonberry Guardian Force