Timber: Forest Owls Mission (Disc 1)

As you walk down the stairs the man sitting at the bottom will say the code words “Oh, the forests of Timber sure has changed!” (which is horrible, horrible grammar by the way). The password is “But the Owls are still around”. Follow the man onto the second train. After all of the talking is done, take some time to win Angelo Card off of Watts. He’s the man in the orange vest. Be careful about spreading new rules around.

The Timber Train Station platform
Zone speaking with the SeeDs on the train
Playing cards with Watts to win the Angelo Card on the Timber Train

Then it’s time to go and “wake the princess”. Talk about cheesy. The female lead characters can never just be normal, they have to have titles and be better than everyone else. Lame. And this “princess” title is hardly referenced throughout the rest of the game… Anyways, go wake Rinoa.

Squall speaking to Rinoa in her private room
Naming Screen for Rinoa
Naming Screen for Angelo, Rinoa’s dog

Rinoa and her team will give you a really long and convoluted mission briefing. No need to pay much attention to their overcomplicated explanation though – especially when you are using this guide. At the end of the day there are just a few things you have to know:

- Run when there is a red guard under you
- Stop when there is a blue guard under you

After the explanation grab the [Anarchists Monthly] on the back wall then make your way back to Rinoa’s room to pick up [Pet Pals Vol. 2] which is sitting on her fold-out bed. It’s a good idea to save the game at this point just in case you mess up the train mission at all – though hopefully not with the help of this guide.

Picking up Anarchist Monthly First Issue on the Timber Train
Picking up Pet Pals Vol. 2 on the Timber Train

The Great Train Robbery

Rinoa, Zell, Selphie and Squall on the Train during the robbery

The first set of guards can’t detect you so just run right over them. The next car is a little harder though. Whenever Zell or Selphie yell about the guards make sure you move up ASAP. You cannot move up while entering a code, so be careful with your timing.

Rinoa announcing the instructions during the train robbery
Entering the code during the Train Robbery

Press down on the D-Pad to begin entering codes and use L1 to look out for the guards if you’re worried.

The next car is even harder, with Zell and Selphie unable to help you. Use R1 to take a quick look to the side before you begin entering new codes. You don’t want to get stuck down there in the middle of entering a code. The most you can get out of the first go is two codes. Both guards will check the window at the same time and you’re free to enter the last three after that.

Rinoa on board the Timber Train speaking to the fake President

Make sure you equip each of your party members with their GFs before continuing into the next room (by talking to Rinoa). For some reason each of your party members (besides Squall) will need to have everything re-equipped. You may want to make sure that at least one of your party members has the “Item” command added – for reasons explained below.

Boss Battle: Fake President

Level: 1 - 12
HP: 52 - 778

Boss Battle against the Fake President

This is the boss before the boss so to speak. He does not hit hard and does not have a lot of hit points. The real boss is what the Fake President turns into after a few hits…

Boss Battle: Gerogero

Level: 1 - 12
HP: 350 - 3,650

Boss Battle against Gerogero on the train

Gerogero’s main attacks come in the form of the status’ effects that he will inflict upon your part. He is capable of causing Darkness (increased chance of missing with attacks), Silence (unable to use magic) and Berserk (only able to attack). The cure to these status effects is the magic Esuna, which cures party members of any of these ailments. Esuna can be drawn directly from Gerogero to be cast on your party members, so no worries if you haven’t been able to stock up on Esuna so far.

Pro Tip: Because Gerogero is an undead monster it is extremely weak to healing magic. A Cure magic will hurt him, however an Elixir, a Phoenix Down or an X-Potion will instantly kill him. Just make sure that one of your party members can use Items in battle by having the Item ability selected.

After the battle you will be brought back to the train station for some more discussions with the team.


Make sure to stop at the Pet Shop and grab [Pet Pals Vol. 3] and [Pet Pals Vol. 4] before you leave. Start by heading to the right of where the train dropped you off. Within the old Timber Maniacs building in one of the back rooms you will find an old [Timber Maniacs] issue that you should read. You’ll also want to locate [Girl Next Door] magazine on the top of the pile of magazines next to the Information Desk. You can use this magazine to get the Shiva Card for Triple Triad later on. Exit the Timber Maniacs building and head to the right.

Picking up the Girl Next Door Magazine in Timber
The Timber Pub

Head down the stairs towards the Pub and you’ll be confronted with another short cut scene and battle involving some of the Galbadia guards. After you defeat the two guards you will receive the [Blue Card]. Use the Cure draw point, buy items at the item shop if you are interested and then head into the pub.

Speak to the man sitting on his ass at the back of the pub. Choose to “Tell him about the card” when presented with that option. The man will move out of the way and will also give you a Tonberry Card. Exit through the back door into the alleyway and use the save point. Enjoy another super long cut-scene.

When Quistis and Rinoa lead you into the old lady’s house she will give you a nice collection of items before you depart (including a Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft, Antidote and a Remedy) and then you are on your way. Make your way over to the train station and hop on.

Climbing the stairs to the TV station in Timber
The Train Station in Timber

Jump off the train at the East Academy Station and proceed down the road (northwest), across the bridge and through the forest off to the left towards Galbadia Garden – or – you can complete the side quest below.

The East Academy Station on the World Map
Queen of Cards Side Quest (Optional)

In order to complete this portion of the Queen of Cards side quest to receive the Kiros Card you would need to have lost the MiniMog card to the Queen of Cards in Balamb (in this early section of the game).

Make your way to the town of Dollet (the area where Dollet is located is shown in the screenshot to the right). The first thing you are going to want to do is abolish the Random rule that is in effect in Dollet. There is a full section detailing how to abolish the Random rule in Dollet.

Make sure that Siren has learned the Move-Find ability and junction that ability to which ever character has Siren junctioned. If you have not learned the Move-Find ability yet you can always wander down to a nearby beach in the main world to pick up some quick AP until you gain it.

Make your way to the Dollet Pub (shown in the screenshot) and you will find the Queen of Cards on the second floor. Use the save point at the top of the stairs (which is only visible when you have Move-Find junctioned).

Challenge the pub owner to a game of cards and defeat him and you will gain access to the private room that he would not allow you into before. Each time you gain access to his secret room you can wander in and grab things from the three piles of magazines. The pile near the exit has a chance of being [Occult Fan II] so keep challenging him until it comes up.

While in the pub owners private room challenge him to another game and win the Siren Card off of him.

Walk back into the pub and ask the Queen of Cards about her artist father. She will tell you that she gave your MiniMog card to her son. You can find him out on the street with his dog to the south. Talk to him and follow him into the house. Challenge the boy to win your MiniMog Card back.

There are a few last things that you can do. Examine the painting before you leave and then walk out the door. Make your way to the Town Square and talk to the dog to find a bone. When you “Look” you will receive a Potion. All done.

Now make your way towards Galbadia through the forest and you will be interrupted with another cut-scene.

Walking towards Galbadia through the forest on the World Map