Dollet Mission (SeeD Exam)
(Disc 1)

At the end of the mission in Dollet the team will be accessed a SeeD ranking and this ranking is based on how you perform during the mission. First of all, make sure you do not spend any more time than necessary performing the mission and make sure you do not talk to anyone other than those necessary to continue the mission.

The Balamb Seed ships approaching Dollet
Squall on the beaches of Dollet

Equip a Guardian Force to each of your team members before you wind up in your first battle. The first few battles are incredibly easy but equipping your GF’s is not something you will want to pick up a habit of ‘putting off until later’.

There is a save point at the top of the stairs. As you make your way down the hallway you will meet up with your first few sets of soldiers – each of which only takes 1 or 2 hits maximum to kill.

Squall, Zell and Seifer battling against soldiers in Dollet
Seifer speaking in the Dollet town square

Seifer will direct you and Zell to scout the area once you reach Central Square. If you head to the upper right portion of the screen you will locate an additional soldier who will initiate a battle with the party. Zell will confirm that he thinks that the area is cleared – make your way back down to the fountain and speak with Seifer. Nothing will happen for the next minute-ish so just stand around while Seifer enjoys his monologue.

Cross the bridge and work your way up the mountainside (remembering not to talk to any of the guards you encounter along the way) and the team will be ambushed by an Anacondaur. The Anacondaur is very easy to defeat – though it does have a considerable amount of HP when compared to the soldiers you had previously been fighting.

Squall on the bridges of Dollet
Squall, Seifer and Zell battling against an Anacondaur

Follow the pathway up to the Communications Tower. After a big long conversation between Squall, Seifer and Zell, Selphie will meet up with you as Seifer’s replacement team member. As you watch Seifer run past do not be tempted to follow Selphie over the ledge to follow him – instead, take the pathway around. Choosing this pathway will garner you more points towards your SeeD ranking.

As Selphie reminds you, be sure to junction your GF’s as a boss battle is forthcoming… (Make sure to save before you ride the elevator up as well).

Side Note: When deciding which party members you plan to use and stick with later on, Selphie makes an excellent choice. In addition to having a very solid Limit Break, her best weapon has 255% Hit automatically. Similar to Squall, this means she will never miss.

Boss Battle: Biggs/Wedge/Elvoret

Level: 1 - 11
HP: 1,563 - 3,523

Biggs and Wedge on the top of the communications tower in Dollet
Squall, Zell and Selphie boss battle against Elvoret

Biggs and Wedge make for an incredibly easy fight. They are not the real boss that you have to worry about. Just tag them with some regular attacks and be sure not to let your health drain too much during the course of the fight because you will be immediately thrown into the next battle with Elvoret.

Elvoret is a much more difficult fight. To start things off though you need to make sure that you use the Draw command on Elvoret to Draw “Siren”. Siren is a new Guardian Force and drawing Siren off Elvoret is the only way to get her.

If any of your team members run low on health during the fight you can use Draw on Elvoret to pull off Cures to use on your team members (rather than wasting your own or blowing through Potions). Just be sure to keep your party members health near maximum (in preparation for Elvoret’s Storm Breath move) and you should be fine.

Naming screen for the Guardian Force Siren

Do not forget to equip Siren! On a side note, it would be a very good idea to have Siren learn her Move-Find ability as this will come in quite handy in a number of different areas of the game.

At the end of the fight Selphie will finally get to deliver the new orders to the Squad B captain (Seifer) and it’s now time to make your way back to the shore. As you make your way back though you will be accosted by a giant spider-robot boss called X-ATM092. The idea behind this boss is not to defeat it but rather to do enough damage to stun it (1,500 damage) at which point it will be forced to repair itself while you run away.

Top of the communications tower in Dollet with the timer
Boss battle against X-ATM092

Continue working your way back to the beach, fighting the X-ATM092, disabling it and repeat…

When you get back to Central Square be sure to talk to the dog on your way by for extra points towards your SeeD ranking at the conclusion of the mission. Additionally, when you run past the bar the game will give you the option to duck and cover in there. If you choose not to duck into the bar you will gain far more points and obtain a higher SeeD ranking. Once you get back to the beach you’ll be treated to a pretty neat cut-scene and then its back to Balamb.

Quistis lighting up the X-ATM092 on the Dollet bridge
Ship back to Balamb town

While in Balamb make sure you head over to Zell’s house and challenge his mother to a game of cards. Zell’s mom has the Zell Card.

Time to head back to Balamb Garden.