Dollet Mission
The SeeD Exam

Quistis and Xu will give you an overview of the mission while the team is aboard the ship. The client is the Dollet Dukedom Parliament who is under siege from the G-Army and has requested SeeD’s assistance.

Squall will have the option of talking to Quistis, Seifer or Zell. Talk to all three of them to keep the story moving forward. Seifer will tell Squall to go look and see what’s going on outside.

Choose “……Ok” from the available options and then exit to the upper deck. A cinematic will take place showing the SeeD army’s arrival on the beach outside of Dollet.

Talking to all of the other SeeD exam participants on the ship to Dollet

Lapin Beach

The first step, as mentioned in the mission debriefing, is to head to the square and secure it. Make sure that each of your party members are ready by equipping one Guardian Force to each of them (Squall, Zell and Seifer). Seifer and Zell don’t currently have any magic spells, so make sure that they have the Draw command available so that you can start stocking up.

You can also transfer all of the Magic that Quistis has over to one of your current team members. Head into the next area.

Town Square

Note: The game refers to each of the next few areas as the “Town Square” but we have a few screens to go before we reach the true town square proper.

Climb the stairs and save your game at the Save Point. As you walk near Seifer and towards the archway, you will be thrown into battle against two Galbadia Soldiers.

Heading towards the town square in Dollet

The Soldiers have Cure magic so consider having Zell and Seifer stock up on these two magic spells before you defeat either of the Soldiers. There’s no such thing as having too much Cure magic on hand as it can greatly increase your character’s stats through junctioning.

Squall, Seifer and Zell running through the streets of Dollet

Follow the pathways until you reach the large central square with the fountain in the middle and the dog wandering around. Seifer will tell Squall and Zell to scout the area for enemies. Search the top-right corner of the screen for a Galbadia Soldier hiding behind a car. Defeat the soldier and then talk to Seifer again.

The team waiting in the town square of Dollet for something to happen

Seifer will moan about having to be on standby. Wait a few more minutes and the view will change from an overhead to one much closer to the characters. More Galbadia Soldiers will rush past on their way to the Communications Tower. Follow Seifer away from the square as he makes his way into the next area.

Cross the bridge into the next section of Dollet. Note that from this point forward you will encounter enemies and you will be thrown into random battles for each of the next areas.

Squall and Zell following Seifer across the bridge of Dollet

Mountain Hideout

Continue along the pathway and up the stairs. A cutscene will begin once you get close to Seifer involving a Dollet Soldier. Next, the team will be thrown into a battle against an Anacondaur. Anacondaurs are not too tough to defeat though, and they don’t do too much damage, but they do have quite a bit of HP and can take quite a few of attacks to bring down.

Seifer, Squall and Zell making their way to the Communication Tower

The team will run into Seifer again who is spying on some Galbadia Soldiers near the Communications Tower. Seifer will run off towards the Tower, leaving Squall and Zell behind. Replacing him, though, is Selphie, newest member of your party.

Seifer, Squall and Zell hiding just outside the communication tower

Check out the Characters section for more information about each of the individual party members you have access to, but in short, Selphie makes a great addition to your team as a permanent member.

As a reminder, you can also check out the “Best Party” section for more information on which characters you should consider adding to your main party when you have the option to pick and choose.

Selphie will have all of the magic that Seifer obtained while he was on your team, but you will need to equip her with a Guardian Force. You have three Guardian Forces now so make sure that each of your party members has one equipped.

Selphie will jump down the ledge; do not follow her down! Take the pathway around towards the entrance of the Communications Tower. Jumping down will deduct points from your SeeD ranking. Not a huge deal, but you may as well keep it as high as possible, and a few extra battles with some extra EXP never hurt anything.

Zell will ask Squall whether one would “normally jump off a cliff”. Head into the Communications Tower and, again, make sure that you have your Guardian Forces (GFs) equipped.

Communication Tower

Save your game at the Save Point, Draw Blind magic from the Draw Point on the left side of the screen, and then take the elevator to the top of the Communications Tower.

Dollet Communication Tower cinematic

There is a short cutscene involving Biggs and Wedge, whose names appear in nearly every Final Fantasy game there is, as they try to fix the Communication Tower. The next battle coming up is against Biggs all by himself (to start).

Boss Battle: Biggs and Wedge
Battle against Biggs and Wedge at the top of the Dollet Communication Tower

Biggs and Wedge are a very easy fight. While Biggs is by himself, you should attempt to Draw as much Esuna magic from him as you can for all your characters. This may be tough to do depending on how low or high levelled your characters are. Sometimes the Draw command may fail outright. However, Esuna magic is very powerful when junctioned, and it serves to replace the Remedy item, which makes it very useful. Remedies are very expensive and hard to come by.

Draw List

Mug List
3x Elixir

3x Cottage
Drop List
2x Elixir

2x Cottage

Defeat both Biggs and Wedge and they will be blown away into the distance by the next boss that you have to do battle with.

Boss Battle: Elvoret
Battle against Elvoret at the top of the Dollet Communication Tower

Unlike Biggs and Wedge, Elvoret proves to be a bit more of a challenge. It can use a move called Storm Breath (every third attack) which hits all of your characters for ~150 damage. Make sure to keep your characters healed up in preparation for this attack. You can Draw Cure magic off of Elvoret if you need to.

Most importantly though, make sure that you Draw Siren, your next Guardian Force (GF), before you defeat Elvoret in battle. Siren appears at the bottom of the Draw list and this is how you will normally go about obtaining most of the Guardian Forces in the game; by Drawing them from major bosses that you fight along the way.

Restart your game if you defeat Elvoret without obtaining Siren. The benefits of having Siren as a GF far outweigh the pain of having to go through the introductory screens again up to this point (even if you have to restart from the very beginning!).

You should also take some time to Draw the magic spell Double. This spell is fairly powerful for magic users as it allows them to cast two spells at once, but even more importantly, it’s very powerful when junctioned to certain character stats.

Draw List
Mug List
6x G-Returner
Drop List
3x G-Returner (common)
4x G-Returner (uncommon)
5x G-Returner (rare)
6x G-Returner (very rare)

You will receive the Siren Trophy once you have successfully drawn Siren from Elvoret before the conclusion of the battle.

Siren Trophy

You now have your fourth Guardian Force! Make sure that you take some time to select the abilities that each of your Guardian Forces are learning. If they complete an ability they will default back to the ability that they normally learn first (which is usually the useless SumMag+10% ability).

Have your Guardian Forces focus on the following abilities in the order listed below as priority:

After the battle, Selphie will deliver the new orders to Seifer. She explains that all SeeD members and SeeD candidates are to withdraw at 1900 hours and are to assemble back at the shore. Seifer will take off, leaving the group behind, while Squall, Zell and Selphie will be left on their own to find their way down to the beach. A 30:00 minute timer will start as soon as you gain control of your characters.

While 30 minutes is plenty of time to complete the remaining tasks in Dollet, don’t waste too much time completing the next steps. The timer continues to move forward even while you are in the menu screens.

Save your game at the Save Point at the bottom of the Communications Tower in case you run into any trouble escaping Dollet or if you would like to try any of the following steps again. You should also junction Thunder magic to Elem-Atk-J if possible on one of your characters in preparation for the next boss battle.

Boss Battle: X-ATM092
The first battle against X-ATM092 which is unavoidable

Your party will be ambushed by a machine called X-ATM092 as soon as they exit the Communications Tower. This boss is weak to Thunder magic, as mentioned above, so any party member with Thunder junctioned to their Elem-Atk-J stat will automatically do 150% of their normal damage.

The purpose of this battle is not to actually defeat X-ATM092 (which is good because it has a ton of HP), but just to reduce its overall HP by 20%, and effectively disable it so your team can escape. After that, your party members will be given the chance to escape the battle by pressing the L2Button and R2Button simultaneously.

Draw List:
Mug List:
2x Elixir

Head into the next area by travelling to the right after you have defeated X-ATM092 the first time. There are now some steps that you can follow in each of the following screens that will allow you to avoid engaging the boss in another battle again. But you have to be quick!

On the next screen (the one where Selphie jumped off the cliff), run immediately to the left as quickly as possible. If you delay at all you will have to fight X-ATM092 again.

Zell, Selphie, Squall and Seifer all heading into the Dollet Communication Tower

The next screen is a pathway leading south - walk, don’t run, to the bottom of the screen.

The screen where you need to walk to get past X-ATM092

Continue running as quickly as possible in the next screen.

Run quickly again on this screen

On the bridge, run to the right, but wait until you hear X-ATM092 jump over you. Once it does, spin back around and run to the left. X-ATM092 will jump over you one more time so that it is back behind you again. Flip around again and go to the right and the boss won’t jump over you again so you are free to run to the end of the bridge.

Don’t run all the way across the bridge the firs time, instead double back

Run into the center of the town square and save the dog by interacting with it (for bonus SeeD ranking points). Run along the pathway that you used to reach this area when you first entered Dollet. Keep running along the pathway and do not run into the pub when you’re given the opportunity to (hiding will lower your SeeD ranking).

Squall running away from X-ATM092 in the town square of Dollet

The Dollet SeeD Field Exam ends with a cool cutscene of Quistis saving the day before the entire team sails off into the sunset back to Balamb.

The ship pulling away from Dollet beach ending the SeeD mission