Balamb Garden / Balamb Town
(Disc 1)

Once you are back at the Garden you can continue on with the story, but make sure to hit the save point first. If you have any interest in Triple Triad card game the card game you now have the Ifrit Card which will help you defeat some of the local card players and obtain some nice cards. Playing this mini-game as you progress through the main story can earn you some very nice rewards). You can obtain the MiniMog Card at this point as well as the Quistis Card.

Squall putting on his uniform in the Balamb Dorm
Squall meeting up with Quistis, Seifer and Zell at the entrance to Balamb

The story continues after you make your way back to your dorm. Hit select while standing close to the bed and you will be given the option change into your uniform. Make your way towards the from of Balamb Gardens and the story will take over once more along the way.

Zell during his opening cinematic
Driving the van on the world map towards Balamb town

Balamb Town

Take your little car and drive over to Balamb town.

Squall at the Balamb town docks

Walk down to the docks and hop on the boat. You will have to talk to everyone on the boat in order to continue the story. Once you have talked to everyone you will have a new option presented to check what’s going on outside. The window is right beside Squall.