Balamb Garden
Revising after the Prerequisite Exam

Front Gate

Travel back to Balamb Garden once you have completed the Fire Cavern.

Quistis will give Squall another tutorial when the two return to the front gate of Balamb Garden. This time she will explain how Guardian Forces (GF) level with experience and AP. She will then ask you to get changed and assemble in the 1F Lobby.

Quistis and Squall returning to the entry gates of Balamb Garden

You can easily travel to the Directory, warp to the Dormitory, get changed, and move on to the next portion of the game if you wanted to, however, this is a great time to get some Triple Triad card games in.

Use your newly obtained Ifrit Card to start challenging some of the people around Balamb Garden to a card game by pressing the SquareButton.

GF leveling explanation and tutorial

As mentioned previously, you can use Triple Triad cards that you win from opponents to power up your characters to an almost absurd degree, so don’t worry about playing “too much” Triple Triad. But the more you play the better your characters will be for it!

Check out the Triple Triad Power Up strategy section for more information. In the mean time, here are some rare cards that you can obtain during your second visit to Balamb Garden:

Access the Directory at the front of Balamb Garden again and select the “Dormitory” option.

Dormitory Double

Use the Save Point to save your game and then head into the dorm room. Press the XButton near the bed and choose the option to “Get changed” to move the story forward.

Squall entering the Balamb Garden Dormitory

Travel back up towards the central area of Balamb Garden and, as you get closer, you will automatically be taken back out towards the hall.

Squall choosing to change into his SeeD uniform


Quistis will shout over to Squall and introduce him to the newest character that will be joining your party: Zell. Zell uses his fists to attack enemies and his Limit Break involves combos (similar to Tifa and Wakka). Quistis will give you an overview of how his Limit Break works.

Check out the Characters section for more information on each of the main characters in the game. Zell is one of the weaker characters in the game but he has his uses.

You can also check out the “Best Party” section for more information on which characters you should consider adding to your main party later on, when you have the option to pick and choose your 3-character party.

Quistis will tell you that Seifer is to be the squad leader for both Squall and Zell during the SeeD Field Exam. Headmaster Cid will then join the group and provide them with an overview of the Field Exam mission that they are about to undertake. The steps to complete during the mission are fairly straightforward.

Quistis recognizing Seifer ahead of the Dollet SeeD mission

The team will depart by heading down the hallway and will jump into one of the vehicles in the parking lot. You’ll find yourself back in control of the vehicle outside of Balamb Garden.

Alcauld Plains

Drive the vehicle straight to Balamb Town which can be found in the southwest area of the island. The road from Balamb Garden leads straight to Balamb Town.

The instructions for how to drive the vehicle between Balamb Garden and Balamb Town

Balamb Harbour

Quistis will beckon Squall over to the harbour area where the ship is docked. You can actually travel all throughout Balamb Town at this point, but there is nothing that you can do in the town during this part of the game. Jump in the boat to continue the story.

Departing in the ship from Balamb Town heading to Dollet for the SeeD mission