Tifa Lockhart
Main Character

Tifa is the secondary protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and serves as Cloud’s early love interest. Her and Cloud were friends back in Nibelheim before the more current events of the game begin in the industrial city of Midgar. Tifa is with the party throughout the entire game.

Tifa escaping Junon to the Highwind

Tifa can be a situationally good character to use, however she suffers from some notable problems that you would have to deal with if you plan to use her. The damage calculations for her Ultimate Weapon, Premium Heart, make it a pain in the ass to use.

Tifa on the Highwind

In terms of her stats, she has fairly low HP but fairly high Strength (as she is a physical attacked). Her Magic and Spirit stats are average. You can make use of some effective tactics to make Tifa much stronger, including using Deathblow Materia with her God’s Hand weapon so that she always has a critical hit, but just know that she comes with some detriments that may make her more difficult to play with if you decide to use her.

Tifa can use the following weapons (Fists and Claws):

Leather Glove (Initial Weapon)
Metal Knuckle
Mythril Claw
Grand Glove
Tiger Fang
Diamond Knuckle
Dragon Claw
Crystal Glove
Motor Drive
Platinum Fist
Kaiser Knuckle
Work Glove
Master Fist
God’s Hand
Premium Heart

Check out the Limit Break section for more information on Tifa’s Limit Breaks.