Coach of the Blitzball team “Beside Auraka”. He decides to take the opportunity at this year’s conference to retire from Blitzball in order to concentrate on guarding Yuna. - Instruction Manual

Wakka at the wedding in Bevelle

Overdrive: Slots

Author’s Note: There isn’t too much to explain regarding Wakka. He does get some interesting moves (Dark Attack, Silence Attack) which can be incredibly useful, but the most important aspect of Wakka is his overall strength. He is one of the strongest characters in the game with only Auron out pacing him. His attacks are great against flying fiends as well.

Tidus using a sword for the first time

Wakka also has one of the strongest Overdrives in the game. You have to play some Blitzball in order to obtain it (Attack Reels) so check out the Overdrive and Blitzball sections for more information.