Monster Arena

The Monster Arena is located in the easternmost section of the Calm Lands. The first time that you can access the Monster Arena in the game is after you have returned to Macalania Woods for the second visit and travel in to the Calm Lands for the very first time.


There isn’t much to do or see at the Monster Arena when you first arrive. You’ll be greeted by the Monster Arena owner who will sell you weapons that have the Capture auto-ability attached to them. The owner will then ask you to seek out and capture all of the fiends across Spira, but only after you have opened the Monster Arena (see below).

Let’s see your weapons - Monster Arena

Capturing fiends is as easy as defeating them with a weapon that has the Capture ability. You’ll have to land the killing blow with the weapon though, meaning that it can be difficult to capture fiends with party members that have weak physical attacks. Make sure you obtain the weapons for Tidus, Auron, Wakka and Kimahri.

Capturing all of the fiends in the Calm Lands

For more information about the weapons that you can purchase from the Monster Shop owner, check out the shops page by clicking on the link below:

Opening the Monster Arena

In order to first open the Monster Arena you will need to capture one of each of the fiends in the Calm Lands first. Refer to the Calm Lands section below for additional information on where to find each of the fiends. After you have “opened” the Monster Arena you can begin capturing fiends from all across Spira.

Capturing Fiends and Rewards

You can obtain rewards from the Monster Arena owner when you capture different fiends. Specifically, you will earn them when you:

- Capture one of every fiend from a single location
- Capture ten of every fiend of a specific species
- Capture ten of every fiend in every area

Additionally, once you have captured 10 specific species or area fiends (it doesn’t matter which combination of either) you will unlock the Mars Sigil for Auron. Check out the Monster Arena rewards section by clicking on the link below for additional information:

Fiend Listing

The following pages can be used to find out more information about specific fiends, including where to find them, how to defeat them and what items they may drop.

Unlocked Creatures