Monster Arena Rewards

These are the rewards that you can obtain by capturing fiends for the Monster Arena. Refer to the Monster Arena page for additional information about this massive side quest:

There are a number of rewards that you can unlock at the Monster Arena most notably by unlocking certain fiends of particular species types or that all come from the same location. There are a few one-off unlocks though which are also mentioned below. You can unlock the following three one-off items:

Re-open the Monster Arena by capturing one of each fiend that you can find in the Calm Lands. Note that you will need to have the Celestial Mirror in your possession in order to unlock and open the treasure chest (otherwise it will just sit there).

Blossom Crown
Capture one of each of the fiends that you can find in Mt. Gagazet.

Mars Sigil
Unlock 10 Area Conquest or Species Conquest monsters. This can be any combination of Area/Species conquests.

The rewards you can receive for completing Area Conquests, Species Conquests or Original Monsters are located below:

Area Conquest

Area Fiend Unlocked Reward
Besaid Stratoavis Stamina Tonic (x99)
Kilika Malboro Menace Poison Fang (x99)
Mi’ihen Highroad Kottos Soul Spring (x99)
Mushroom Rock Road Coeurlregina Candle of Life (x99)
Djose Highroad Jormungand Petrify Grenade (x99)
Thunder Plains Cactuar King Chocobo Wing (x99)
Macalania Woods Espada Shining Gem (x60)
Bikanel Abyss Worm Shadow Gem (x99)
Calm Lands Chimerageist Farplane Wind (x60)
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth Don Tonberry Silver Hourglass (x40)
Mt. Gagazet Catoblepas Blossom Crown
Inside Sin Abaddon Lunar Curtain (x99)
Omega Ruins Vorban Designer Wallet (x60)

Species Conquest

Species Fiend Unlocked Reward
Wolves/Lupine Fenrir Chocobo Feather (x99)
Reptiles Ornitholestes Stamina Spring (x99)
Birds Pteryx Mega Phoenix (x99)
Wasps Hornet Mana Tonic (x60)
Imps Vidatu Mana Spring (x99)
Eyes/Bats One-Eye Stamina Tablet (x60)
Flans Jumbo Flan Twin Stars (x60)
Elements Nega Element Star Curtain (x99)
Helm/Armored Tanket Gold Hourglass (x99)
Drakes Fafnir Purifying Salt (x99)
Fungii Sleep Sprout Healing Spring (x99)
Bombs Bomb King Turbo Ether (x60)
Ruminants Juggernaut Light Curtain (x99)
Iron Giants Ironclad Mana Tablet (x60)


Requirement Fiend Unlocked Reward
2 Area Conquest Earth Eater Three Stars (x60)
2 Species Conquest Greater Sphere Supreme Gem (x60)
6 Area Conquest Catastrophe Door to Tomorrow (x99)
6 Species Conquest Th’uban Gambler’s Spirit (x99)
1 of each fiend (all) Neslug Winning Formula (x99)
5 of each fiend (all) Ultima Buster Dark Matter (x99)
2 underwater fiends
(Mt. Gagazet)
Shinryu Megalixirs (x30)
10 of every fiend Nemesis Master Sphere (x10)