Celestial Weapons
Side Quests

The Celestial Weapons are the strongest weapons available for each of the characters available in the game. In order to fully unlock the weapon you must also obtain the corresponding crests and sigils in order to add on abilities. The weapons start off with the No AP ability only which makes them start off as entirely useless.

In order to use the corresponding crest and sigil on a Celestial Weapon you will need to obtain the Celestial Mirror. Click on the link below for more information:

Once you have obtained the Celestial Mirror you can begin obtaining and powering up each Celestial Weapon. Click on the Celestial Weapons below for more information on how to obtain them and the objects needed to enhance them:

Weapon Master

You will receive the Weapon Master Trophy after you have obtained all of the Celestial Weapons for each of your characters.

Weapon Master Trophy