Spirit Lance
Celestial Weapon

You must obtain the Celestial Mirror before you can obtain or create any of the Celestial Weapons. Click on the link for more information on how to obtain the Cloud Mirror and Celestial Mirror.

Spirit Lance is Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon. It needs to be combined with the Saturn Crest and the Saturn Sigil in order to add on its special abilities.

Start off by traveling to the Thunder Plains. There are Qactuar Stones scattered all throughout the plains that resemble a tombstone with a picture of a Cactuar on it. You need to find 3 stones and pray in front of them by pressing Square near them while they are glowing.

The Qactuar ghost leading the way
Receiving the Spirit Lance in the Thunder Plains

The stones each take turns glowing so wander around until you find one that is lit up - you may end up waiting quite a while if you stick it out near one. Start off near the beginning of the Thunder Plains and work your way back. There are 2 stones in the first area and 6 more in the second. Making sure that you have the [No Encounters] ability can make this task much more manageable.

After you pray at the third stone a small Qactuar ghost will appear. Follow the ghost along until it reaches an old tower that is leaning over on the right side of the screen (in the first area). Press Square to pray in this area and a treasure chest will appear. Open the chest using the Celestial Mirror to receive the Spirit Lance.

Qactuar Stone in the Thunder Plains
Qactuar Stone in the Thunder Plains

Saturn Crest

The Saturn Crest is located on Mount Gagazet. Double check your inventory to make sure that you have not already picked up. If not, it can be found in the passageway leading through to Zanarkand just after the area where you fought Seymour Flux. Use the screenshots below to help guide you to the area.

The pathway leading to the Saturn Crest
Saturn Crest location on Mt. Gagazet

Saturn Sigil

In order to obtain the Saturn Sigil you need to complete the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt. Travel to Macalania Woods to get started.

Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

The weird bird-like creature with the harp will provide you with an overview of the mini-game when you first speak to him. You likely already spoke to him during your first pass through Macalania Woods. The premise of the game is simple: you need to touch all of the blue butterflies without touching the red butterflies. Touching the red butterflies will throw you into battle against regular fiends.

It is paramount that you obtain the [No Encounters] ability on your armor before you attempt the Butterfly Hunt. You may also wish to equip your Monster Arena weapons with the Capture ability so that you can capture any Macalania Woods fiends that you need while you are here.

Harp player who describes the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt
Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

Use the mini-map below to help guide you through the forest. This mini-game is not easy - it may take several attempts. Leave the area and re-enter if you need to restart. Make sure not to accidentally exit the zone as you touch the last butterfly as this will invalidate your victory.

Important Note: An additional butterfly was added into the second map. You have to backtrack from the starting area in order to pick it up.

Map for Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

The first reward is always a Teleport Sphere (no matter which area you complete first) and the second reward is the Saturn Sigil.

Treasure Chest containing Teleport Sphere
Treasure Chest containing Saturn Sigil

Return to Macalania Woods to the area where you received the Celestial Mirror once you have obtained both the Saturn Crest and the Saturn Sigil. Offer World Champion up twice to fully power it up using both the Crest and Sigil.

Spirit Lance fully powered up

Spirit Lance has the following abilities when fully powered up:

- Break Damage Limit - Allows Kimahri to do more than 9,999 damage in a single attack
- Triple Overdrive - Charges Kimahri’s Overdrive at triple the speed
- Double AP - Allows Kimahri to earn double the AP for each battle
- Evade & Counter - Allows Kimahri to counterattack physical attacks and gives the possibility of evading the damage as well. The counter will work regardless of whether the evade is successful.