Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt
“Butterfly Catcher” Side Quest

The Butterfly Hunt is used to obtain the Saturn Sigil. Travel to Macalania in order to begin the hunt. Before you do, you should ensure that you have a piece of armor with the No Encounters auto-ability. Check out the link below for more information:

The weird bird-like creature with the harp will provide you with an overview of the mini-game when you first speak to him. You likely already spoke to him during your first pass through Macalania Woods.

The premise of the game is simple: you need to touch all of the blue butterflies without touching the red butterflies. Touching the red butterflies will throw you into battle against regular fiends.

Harp player who describes the Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

It is paramount that you obtain the No Encounters ability on your armor before you attempt the Butterfly Hunt. You may also wish to equip your Monster Arena weapons with the Capture ability so that you can capture any Macalania Woods fiends that you need while you are here.

Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

Use the mini-map below to help guide you through the forest. This mini-game is not easy - it may take several attempts. Leave the area and re-enter if you need to restart. Make sure not to accidentally exit the zone as you touch the last butterfly as this will invalidate your victory.

Important Note: An additional butterfly was added into the second map. You have to backtrack from the starting area in order to pick it up.

Map for Macalania Woods Butterfly Hunt

The first reward is always a Teleport Sphere (no matter which area you complete first) and the second reward is the Saturn Sigil. The Sigil is used to create Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon, the Spirit Lance.