You can begin playing Blitzball games, exhibition matches and tournaments anytime after you have completed the events in Luca fairly early in the game. The first Save Sphere that you encounter along the Mi’ihen Highroad will give you a brief overview of how to recruit players and play Blitzball.

The Save Sphere along the Mi’ihen Highroad explaining the Blitzball Scout System

You can recruit players by pressing the SquareButton while talking to NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) as you travel through Spira. Only certain NPCs can be recruited and it is much easier to recruit players later on in the game - especially the good Blitzball Players. It is recommended that you hold off on playing Blitzball until after you have obtained the Airship.

There are a number of very important rewards that you can obtain by playing Blitzball games (including Wakka’s Celestial Weapon, World Champion). The sections below provide an outline of how to go about recruiting players, some general Blitzball tips and a list of the rewards that you can obtain by playing.

Show Off!

You will receive the Show Off! Trophy after you have won your first Blitzball tournament.

Show Off! Trophy
Blitzball Master

You will receive the Blitzball Master Trophy once you have obtained the Attack Reels, Status Reels and Auroch Reels prizes from Blitzball Tournaments. Check out the Prizes list using the link above for more information.

Blitzball Master Trophy