Airship - Bridge

This is your second time onboard the Airship (Fahrenheit). The first time you see the ship is after the team escapes from Home. Check out the first Airship walkthrough section for more details.

Upper deck of the Airship

Walk to the back of the Airship to find Yuna and Kimahri staring out the window. Speak to Yuna to continue the story.

Airship - Cabin

Yuna will attempt to apologize to Tidus for not knowing what to do, now that they don’t have Yevon’s teachings, and Kimahri will tell her not to apologize. Kimahri will explain that they should seek out Mika for more information.

Upper deck of the Airship

There is another short cutscene that takes place when you return to the Bridge. Wakka, Rikku and Lulu will explain that they should use the Hymn of the Fayth to make Sin docile and to draw Sin close.

NavMap selection screen on the Airship

Speak to Cid and you will now be able to fly the Airship to any of the previous locations you had visited using the “NavMap”. Choose to travel to the Highbridge in Bevelle to speak with Maester Mika.


Approach the guards to continue the story. They will attempt to prevent the entire team from entering. Shelinda will interject to prevent any fighting. She will then help the team to get in to Bevelle and will arrange an audience with Maester Mika.

Speaking to Shelinda on the Highbridge

Mika will chastise the team for defeating Yunalesca explaining that Spira has now lost its only hope. He will explain that Yu Yevon, the true enemy of Spira, uses Sin as its armor to wreak havoc on the people of Spira. Rather than stick around and fight, Maester Mika will disappear.

Finally, Yuna and Tidus will have a conversation with the Fayth about how to defeat Sin for the last time.

Tidus entering the bridge

Speak to Cid and select the “Sin” option that now appears on the NavMap. This will initiate a short cinematic that involves all of Spira singing the Hymn of the Fayth and summoning Sin.

Side Quests and End-game

At this point you can choose to work your way to the end of the story or you can complete the end-game and side quests content available in the game (recommended to get the full experience).

Some of things you can do now are included on the Final Preparations and End Game Side Quests page which you can access using the link below. You do not need to do any of the side quests or end-game content in order to beat the game.

Alternatively, use the link below to head straight to Sin and complete the game’s main story.

Tidus entering the bridge