The town of Luca is the first semi-large sized town that you will have seen in the game so far.

Tidus looking out at Luca from afar

Each of the Blitzball teams participating in the upcoming tournament will receive a warm welcome, with the exception of Tidus and the Besaid Aurochs, who receive nothing but ridicule. Apparently they’ve “never seen a team this bad!”


Dock 1

Your first task upon arriving in Luca is to go visit Maester Mika on Dock 3. Follow the red arrow on the screen to the north.

Maester Seymour and Maester Mika on the docks

After witnessing the arrival of Maester Mika, and getting your first glimpse of Maester Seymour, the next scene will take place in the locker room of the Besaid Aurochs. Wakka will present you with an opportunity to go over the basics of Blitzball, one of the primary side games and side quests in Final Fantasy X.

Tidus on the docks of Luca

Stadium - Basement A

Take the time to read through the tutorials and then head over to the Blitzball section for more tips and tricks, but you won’t actually be playing Blitzball just yet…

Yuna will come rushing into the Besaid Auroch’s locker room explaining that she saw Auron in the area. Tidus will take off and go on the hunt to find him.

Luca Stadium - Main Gate

Follow the blinking red arrow on the mini-map which leads out of the locker area when Yuna and Tidus first exit the area. Head into the locker room on the other side of the platform before you head down the stairs.

Tidus at the Luca locker area

Stadium - Basement B

There is an Al Bhed Primer (Vol. VI) sitting on the ground behind the man in green and at the end of the hallway you will find a treasure chest that contains two Hi-Potions.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI

Now go back out and down the stairs but head around to the docks on the left before you leave Luca Stadium.

Luca - Number 1 Dock

On Dock 1 (check the menu screen to verify which dock you are on) you will find O’aka XXIII.

Meeting up with O’aka XXIII again in Luka

Go a little bit further down the docks to find a treasure chest that contains 600 gil and then even further down the docks to find one that contains the Tidal Spear.

Secret treasure chests

Luca - Number 2 Dock

Continue northeast around the docks over to Dock 2 and you will find another treasure chest that contains two Phoenix Downs. Skip past Dock 3 and Dock 4 and go straight to Dock 5.

Secret treasure chests

Luca - Number 5 Dock

You will notice on your mini-map that there is a small trail that leads between the two boxes. Go in behind the stack of boxes to find two treasure chests, one which contains an HP Sphere and one which contains a Magic Sphere.

Hidden pathway on the docks
Picking up the HP Sphere

Luca - Bridge

Go south from Dock 5 and you will find yourself back at the entrance/exit to Luca Stadium. Continue down the stairs and down the pathway away from the Stadium. You’ll get to watch another short cutscene involving Yuna attempting to learn to whistle.

Hidden pathway on the docks

Take Yuna and go north (from Luca Bridge).


Head in through the front doorway until you find yourself at the front desk of the Sphere Theater and then grab the Al Bhed Primer (Vol. VII) sitting on the ground in front of the stairway. It is located in the “Theater - Reception” area.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII

Check out the Sphere Theater side quest section for more information on the optional videos and music that you can view in this building.

Luca - Square

Go back out to the bridge and continue into next area which is called Luca Square. A short cutscene will take place as Tidus and Yuna enter the square. Yuna will explain that Luca is the second largest city in Spira. Apparently cities aren’t able to grow very large due to the invasions of Sin.

Tidus and Yuna in Luca Square

You can speak to the woman in red near the vendor carts to but items and weapons. Go up the stairway at the northeast end of the screen to reach the Luca City Limits where you will find a treasure chest on the ground. It contains 1,000 gil.

Treasure chest near the exit of Luca

Head back down to Luca Square and enter the building at the north end of the screen. There is another quick cutscene inside the tavern. Tidus and Yuna will realize that Auron is not there. Meanwhile, Kimahri will meet up with two of his old colleagues, Yenke and Biran.

Tidus and Yuna in the pub

Tidus will interrupt the group of Ronsos to mention that Yuna has disappeared and both Tidus and Kimahri will flee back out to the Square. They will run in to Lulu who will tell them that Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed. As mentioned by Lulu, the Al Bhed can be found at Dock 4.

Luca Stadium

Walk back across the bridge and over to the Stadium. You may want to save at the Save Sphere as you have a few battles coming up (although they are all relatively easy). The east walkway has now been blocked off so you will have to travel through Docks 1, 2 and 3 to get to Dock 4.

You can buy items or weapons from O’aka XXIII at Dock 1. Another interesting note is that the treasure chest containing 600 gil has now been refilled, so grab it again. Continue over to Dock 2 to get the story moving again.

The battles against the Machina in this area are fairly easy. The Machina are weak to Thunder magic so make sure to have Lulu cast that spell frequently. Continue through Dock 3 and 4 and you will be thrown in to two more similar fights.

Tidus and Kimahri on the docks

Dock 4 leads to the next boss fight.

Luca - Number 4 Dock

Walk to the end of the dock to initiate a cutscene which will lead to the next boss fight.

Boss Battle: Oblitzerator
Boss battle against Oblitzerator

HP: 6,000

You have the option of defeating this boss in two different ways. The regular way to defeat it is by utilizing attacks and magic to slowly bring down its HP. It has 6,000 HP though so this method can take quite a while.

The second option is to use the Trigger Commands to have Tidus use the crane located nearby. When the crane fails to operate, Lulu will mention that it is probably out of power. Once she has said this you will need cast Thunder magic on it three times in order to power it back up.

Keep your team healed up and utilize tools such as Tidus’ Cheer and Haste abilities while Lulu uses Thunder on the crane. Then have Tidus attempt to use the crane one more time. The crane will clamp onto Oblitzerator and rip off a piece dealing nearly 5,500 damage to it. From there Oblitzerator is very easy to defeat.

Hitting the crane during the battle



Before the team heads back to Luca, a short cutscene will take place where Tidus will find out that Yuna is partially related to the Al Bhed.

Once you find yourself back in Luca, make your way back into the Auroch’s locker room for a short cutscene. Go back into the locker room and speak to Wakka to initiate the game. You can save you game at the Save Sphere before hand if you would like to make multiple attempts at the upcoming Blitzball game.

Hitting the crane during the battle

Blitzball Match

This first game of Blitzball is a fairly difficult game to win as the Besaid Auroch’s are a terrible team, just like the announcer said! Check the Blitzball section for tips and tricks to help you win.

Besaid Aurochs in the Blitzball stadium

The reward for beating the Luca Goers is a Strength Sphere - not all that rare of a reward, as this is a fairly common item later on in the game so don’t waste too much time trying to win.

The game is extremely difficult for three reasons:

  1. You can’t use any techs in the first half because none of them have been setup
  2. The game is scripted to end in a tie at the end of the first half
  3. On account of the storyline, Tidus leaves the game substituted by Wakka at the 3 minute mark in the second half. Wakka is a strong character but Tidus is your strongest, making this another handicap.

This leaves you with about a 3 minute window to score some goals with Tidus’ overpowered offensive abilities and then you have to spend the remainder trying not to get scored on which is a surprisingly difficult task.

Wakka is fairly strong offensively as well but whenever you are defending against the Goers there isn’t much that you can do but wait it out and hope they don’t notch a point.

Blitzball stadium in Luca

Switch to Manual A settings to control the players. Hold on to the ball until the timer is fairly low and then have Tidus use the Jecht Shot for a guaranteed point. Only do this when there is hardly any time left though or the Goers will likely score on the Aurochs.

As mentioned, you can give it a few tries if you’d like, but the outcome of this game has very little relevance to the rest of the game.

Besaid Aurochs in the Blitzball stadium

You will receive the Teamwork Trophy if you manage to win this game, but don’t worry if you miss out. As mentioned above, there will be plenty more opportunities throughout the game to pick up this trophy.

Teamwork! Trophy

Attack on Luca

You will be thrown into a battle at the conclusion of the match against a total of seventeen Sahagin Chief enemies (yellow fish) that are very easy to defeat. Just watch that your party member’s HP doesn’t get too low and use a Potion or a Hi-Potion if it does.

Battle against monsters in the arena

The next fight involves Auron rejoining the story. He will be fighting solo against a Vouivre. One regular attack from Auron will kill the Vouivre.

Auron during the cinematic

Wakka, Tidus and Auron will meet up and be thrown into a battle against a Garuda. Another very east fight. Use Potions if any of the team members get low on HP.

Auron, Tidus and Wakka battling against a Garuda in Luca

Maester Seymour will take care of the remaining fiends by summoning Anima (which is a very cool cutscene). You will be given one more opportunity to save your game. Afterwards, follow Auron and the red arrows on the mini-map back through Luca to meet up with the rest of the team.

Anima taking care of business

Luca - City Limits

Auron will offer his services to Yuna as another Guardian under the condition that Tidus officially join her team as a guardian as well. You now have all of your party members with the exception of one (Rikku).

Wander over and speak to Yuna after Auron and Tidus have joined the team. The next scene is one of the worst in the game - Tidus’ fake laughter has now become it’s own meme! Check out the following link for more information:

Thanfully it gets better from here, promise!

Anima and Maester Seymour

The next section of the game involves traveling across the Mi’ihen Highroad towards Djose.