A young girl from the Albed tribe. With her clearly forward-looking personality, she has the ability to see through the heart of matters. She wishes from heart the revival of her tribe. Her forte is mechanical enemies. She can steal items from enemies. - Instruction Manual

Rikku on the shore of the Moonflow

Overdrive: Mix

Celestial Weapon: Godhand

Author’s Note: Rikku is one of the strongest characters in the game throughout the entire game and she is extremely versatile. She will never be your strongest character but she is incredibly versatile and useful in a number of different scenarios.

For starters she is very fast. She will usually get the first attack in for most battles and will quite often get two attacks in before a fiend or a boss gets an attack in.

Her “Use” command comes in incredibly handy. Once you reach the Bikanel Desert and gain access to Al Bhed Potions she can essentially function as a healer for your party in place of Yuna. The advantage is that she can also do some half decent damage (unlike Yuna). Al Bhed Potions are great because they automatically heal all of your party members and remove some status effects. If you use Rikku throughout the game and make good use of the Steal and Mug commands you will pretty much always have a stock pile of Al Bhed Potions.

Rikku using her Mix Overdrive

Finally, Rikku’s Mix Overdrive is one of the strongest in the game. Rikku is one of the strongest end-game characters - check out the Overdrive section for more information on how to use it.