Macalania Woods Revisited

This is the second visit to the Macalania Woods. If this is your first visit to this area you should navigate to the Macalania Woods walkthrough page. These scenes take place after the team escapes from Bevelle.

Meeting up with the rest of the team in Macalania Woods

Macalania Woods - Campsite

This section of the game does not involve any fights or secret items. This is the part of the game with the major cutscenes involving the two main characters. Some screenshots are included below, but just enjoy the dialogue and the mystique of this scene.

Tidus traveling through the trails of Macalania Woods

Talk to all of your party members and then move away towards the camera. All of the other areas of the game are locked off for now so find Kimahri and talk to him to continue the story.

A few of the screenshots from this scene:

Yuna floating in Macalania Lake
Tidus entering Macalania lake to meet up with Yuna
Tidus facing Yuna during the love scene cinematic
Tidus and Yuna kissing
Tidus and Yuna in the middle of Macalania Lake
Tidus and Yuna embracing
Tidus and Yuna looking deep into each other’s eyes

You will receive the Heartstrings Trophy after the scene has concluded.

Heartstrings Trophy

Macalania Woods - To T. Plains

There is a treasure chest which you can grab at the conclusion of the cutscenes. It is shown right as all of the team is leaving Macalania Woods. Go back and grab it to receive a Lucid Ring.

Obtaining the Lucid Ring from the treasure chest

You also have another opportunity to grab the Jecht Sphere in Macalania Woods. Head west into the next area and then west one more time, past where the guards were previously blocking, to find a Jecht’s Sphere on the ground.

Watch it to work towards obtaining Auron’s next Overdrive abilities. Check out the Overdrive section or more information on Auron’s Overdrives.

Traveling back down the trail to find the first Jecht Sphere

Head east twice to continue the journey in to the Calm Lands.