Doomtrain GF (Guardian Force)
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Doomtrain is a Guardian Force that you can create once you have acquired all of the raw materials. The last, and most important piece, is the Solomon Ring which you can only obtain after you can travel to Tear’s Point. This means that you can’t obtain Doomtrain until you reach this section of the game:

If you missed having the raw materials on hand though, you can always come back after you have obtained the Ragnarok from this portion of the game:

There are four items in total that you will need to obtain in order to create Doomtrain. They are:

More information about how to obtain these items can be found below.

Solomon Ring

The Solomon Ring is the easiest of the four items to obtain. Just travel to Tear’s Point any time after you complete the events following your first arrival at Esthar and pick it up near the center of the monument.

Tear’s Point on the World Map
Picking up the Solomon Ring at Tear’s Point

Malboro Tentacles

You can obtain Malboro Tentacle by defeating or using Mug on a Malboro, or by refining Malboro Cards into Malboro Tentacles. The Malboro Card route can be a time consuming venture depending on how much Triple Triad you’ve been playing up to this point. The real kicker is that you will need at least 24 Malboro Cards if you need a full 6 Tentacles, as the conversion rate for the cards is 4 cards to 1 tentacle.

Alternatively, you can seek out and engage a Malboro out in the open world.

There are three spots where you can find a Malboro - the first and second are on the Island Closest to Hell and the Island Closest to Heaven. These are two islands where high level monsters can be found but they can only be reached after you have obtained the Ragnarok (completing the Ragnarok section of the game).

Check out the the Island Closest to Hell / Heaven page for more information on where to find them:

You can also find Malboro enemies hanging out just outside of the Chocobo Sanctuary in the Grandidi Forest north of Esthar. You will need to travel by Chocobo from the northern continent in order to reach this area, but once you reach the forests outside of the Chocobo Sanctuary, just wander around until you eventually run into one. Speaking of which, you should really prepare yourself for this fight…

Wandering around in the forests near the Chocobo Sanctuary north of Esthar

Preparing for Battle Against a Malboro
Fans of the Final Fantasy series are likely already familiar with the challenges associated with fighting a Malboro. This is an enemy that has caused many a game over screen for those that are unprepared. The biggest obstacle for you to overcome is dealing with Malboro’s negative status effects, but there are some strategies you can use to overcome this.

Make sure to junction status magic to your armor in order to negate as many of these status affects as you can. Make sure one character is able to protect themselves against Confuse Status Confuse and Berserk Status Berserk, as these are the two most challenging abnormalities to deal with.

From there, as long as they have access to use an Item and/or cast Magic, they should be able to heal the other party members after Malboro uses Malboro Breath.

Most importantly though, make sure you save before you engage in battle with one!

A battle against a Malboro where the party has been inflicted with numerous negative status effects

Steel Pipes

The Steel Pipe are a lot easier to obtain compared to a Malboro Tentacle. Just travel back to the forested area near where Galbadia Garden was located (before it flew away) and search for an enemy called a Wendigo. Each Wendigo you defeat has a chance to drop Steel Pipes.

Wandering through Yaulny Canyon near Galbadia to try and get in a battle against a Wendigo
Battle against a Wendigo trying to get some Steep Pipes


The last items to obtain are a levelled up version of a Remedy. You will need to have a total of 60 Remedy items in your possession. Then just use Alexander’s Med LV Up ability to convert them to a Remedy+.

Remember that if you don’t have a specific Guardian Force ability you can earn easy Ability Points by travelling to Cactuar Island. Check out the link below for more information.

This is everything you need to know about creating Doomtrain. Congratulations on creating your new Guardian Force!


You will receive the Doomtrain Achievement/Trophy once you have successfully created Doomtrain using the raw materials noted above.

Doomtrain Trophy

Assuming that you navigated to this page as soon as you reached Tear’s Point, use the link below to head back to the walkthrough:

(or if you completed this later on in the game, return to the Ragnarok section below)