Lunar Gate / Tear’s Point / Lunatic Pandora (Disc 3)

Lunar Gate

Check the mini-map once you get outside the city and you will notice that several new areas have been added to the map, including:

- Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
- Esthar Sorceress Memorial
- Lunar Gate
- Tear’s Point

Traveling through Esthar on the world map
Tear’s Point on the World Map

Esthar City takes up quite a large portion of the map – follow the city around to the northeast and head towards Tear’s Point before you go to Lunar Gate. Use the minimap on the right to locate it.

Tear’s Point

Tear’s Point on the World Map
The entrance to Tear’s Point

There is only one direction to go when you make it to Tear’s Point, so follow the pathway along. There will be two draw points along the way, one for Life and one for Reflect and you will also find the [Solomon Ring] on the ground.

Obtaining the Solomon Ring at the Tear’s Point
Using the Solomon Ring form the inventory screen

Using the [Solomon Ring] will allow you to acquire a new Guardian Force called Doomtrain. However, before you can use the ring you need to have several other items in your inventory already, including:

- Six Malboro Tentacles
- Six Remedy+
- Six Steel Pipes

Unfortunately if you do not have the six Malboro Tentacles and six Steel Pipes in your inventory already you will have to wait until later on in the game (namely, when you can get out of Esthar) to go and get these items. You can obtain [Remedy+’]s by using Alexander’s “Med LV Up” ability on a regular [Remedy]. You will need 10x [Remedy] in order to create one Remedy+.

Just find the Solomon Ring in your inventory and select it to summon Doomtrain, your new Guardian Force. Don’t worry - unlike Diablos there is no fight involved in obtaining Doomtrain.

This link has more information about creating Doomtrain, but again, if you do not have the Malboro Tentacles and Steel Pipes in your inventory already you will not be able to obtain Doomtrain until later on in the game.

Now make your way over to Lunar Gate.

The Lunar Gate from the World Map

Lunar Gate

The entrance to the Lunar Gate
Traveling through the Lunar Gate

Make your way into the building to continue the story. Choose to “…Trust Zell” when he offers to stay and protect Sorceress Edea (though it really does not matter what you choose – Zell will be staying). Form a new party with Zell and make your way back to Esthar City.

Preparing to launch the team to the Lunar Base
The launch cinematic

Esthar and Lunatic Pandora

The Lunatic Pandora above Esthar
The Lunatic Pandora cinematic

You must now head to Dr. Odine’s Laboratory. You can click on the link to bring up a map of Esthar for instructions on how to get there, but it is fairly easy to get there from the original entrance regardless. You can either head straight left in each of the screens or you can even ride the floating platform straight over to it.

The Lunatic Pandora during the cinematic
Zell leaving the Lunar Gate to head back towards Esthar

Head up to see and to speak with Dr. Odine. He will explain to Zell and Edea what the Lunatic Pandora is and what needs to be done.

Zell speaking to the Research Assistant at Odine’s Laboratory
The demonstration of the Lunatic Pandora flying over Esthar

Essentially you need to get aboard the Lunatic Pandora by waiting for it at one of the three points at which it will pass over the city. It will pass over Area (13), Area (11) and Area (8) in that order. (Click on this link to bring up a map of Esthar to city part way down the page that identifies each of the areas mentioned)

The Lunatic Pandora passing over the center of the city
The timer demonstration

As soon as you exit the lab the timer will start ticking. So to reiterate what Dr. Odine mentioned, you can meet up with Lunatic Pandora at the following points:

Zell exiting Odine’s Laboratory to jump on the Lunatic Pandora as it passes

- Area 13 (between 15 to 12 minutes)
- Area 11 (between 10 to 5 minutes)
- Area 8 (between 3 to 0 minutes)

Since you are using the strategy guide lets not fiddle around – make your way to Area (15), which is the first contact point, right now. From the entrance/exit of the Laboratory head out to Area (5) (the screen containing the floating platform) and then go to the left to Area (4) and then to the left again to Area (3).

Head straight to the top of the next screen into Area (2) and take a right into Area (15) and speak with the Esthar Soldier to receive [Combat King 004]. Head right one more time into area 13. You will now have to wait until the timer reaches 15:00 before you can board the Lunatic Pandora.

Picking up the Combat King 004 from the Soldier

If you miss the first rendezvous point just make your way to either area 11 or area 8 at the times noted above.

Two Galbadia Soldiers will jump out and fight you when the Lunatic Pandora passes by but they are mind-numbingly easy to defeat.

Zell, Quistis and Edea jumping on the Lunatic Pandora

Lunatic Pandora

Grab the Meteor draw point and make your way up the stairs. If you did all the steps discussed during the Laguna Dream Sequence at the Centra Excavation Site including picking up all of the Old Keys then there are several items you can now pick up.

The entrance to the Lunatic Pandora
Taking the third elevator up in the Lunatic Pandora

Take elevator #3 and head down the stairs at the bottom right of the screen. Make your way down the ladder. There is a draw point for Confuse magic and walk into the tube and press X to receive a [LuvLuv G]. Head left from here twice until you reach the trap doors that are now standing upright.

Depending on what you did during the Laguna dream sequence you will either receive a Silence draw point, a Phoenix Pinion or a [Power Generator]. Go left one more screen to find [Combat King 005] lying on the ground. There is also an Ultima draw point at the end of the tunnel.

Traveling on a ladder in the Lunatic Pandora
Picking up Combat King 005 in the Lunatic Pandora

Go back to the ladder and head back up. Take the elevator back down and ride take elevator #1 up. Grab the Holy draw point and check the crevasse on the left side of the screen to find a [Spd-J Scroll]. Continue north along the path past the save point and your team will be thrown from the Lunatic Pandora.

Drawing from an Ultima Draw Point on the Lunatic Pandora
Picking up a Spd-J Scroll

Time to check in on Squall and his team…

The Lunatic Pandora
The Lunatic Pandora flying over Tear’s Point