Lunar Base

This section of the story takes place after you have taken Zell and his team through the Lunatic Pandora and not the first time you visit the Lunar Base outside of Esthar. Navigate back to the previous section if you are not inside the Lunar Base controlling Squall.

Opening cinematic as Squall and Rinoa reach the Lunar Base in their transport pods
The transport pods from the Lunar Gate being placed in the Lunar Base

As Squall, talk to the people surrounding him and Rinoa in the entry area of the Lunar Base. You will need to talk to Piet, the Lunar Base worker wearing white, and then walk towards the camera near where Rinoa was laying. Squall will pick Rinoa up off the floor of the base and begin carrying her around. Follow Piet and save your game at the Save Point before you continue.

Squall picking up Rinoa and walking through the Lunar Base
Save Point in the Lunar Base

Make sure that you save your game again at the Save Point if you opted to challenge Piet to cards and won the Alexander Card. Talk to Piet and follow him up the stairs and down the hall to meet up with Ellone.

Ellone apologizing to Squall aboard the Lunar Base
Squall standing at the control panel of the Lunar Base

Just talk to Ellone to get the story rolling again. A short cutscene will take place involving Rinoa. Head back down towards the room that she was being kept in and make an attempt to stop her movement. Just follow her from location to location, starting with the Control Room, and then out of the airlock into outer space, and finally back again when Squall gets cut off from following her.

Rinoa acting crazy after being possessed on the Lunar Base
Rinoa deactivating the seal on Adel’s Tomb

While now wearing the spacesuit, travel back to the Control Room to observe Rinoa releasing the seal on Adel’s Tomb. Once she has completed her task she will be blown out into the expanses of space. Consider saving your game one more time at the Save Point on your way to the escape pod.

Squall getting blocked off from following Rinoa out to Adel’s Tomb at the Lunar Base
Squall and Ellone arriving in the escape pod near the Save Point

There are a few more conversations and flashbacks involving Squall and Ellone in the escape pod before Squall will decide to go out into space on his own to track down and save Rinoa.

The Escape Pod being jettisoned from the Lunar Base before it explodes
Squall, Ellone, the doctor and Selphie aboard the escape pod

After he exits the escape pod you will be given control of him again in outer space. All you have to do is keep Rinoa centered in your screen while you float towards her and the timer ticks down. You can use the TriangleButton to aim quicker.

Squall drifting towards Rinoa in outer space
Squall meeting up with Rinoa in outer space

Squall and Rinoa will notice a spaceship floating closer and closer to them which they latch on to as it passes. Once they find their way inside, its time to move on to the next section of the game…