Lunar Base (Disc 3)

The Lunar Base from space
Controller A preparing to land the capsules

Speak to the surrounding people to get the story rolling again. Squall will grab Rinoa again and the story will continue. Follow the medical staff and Piet and save your game as soon as you can. Exit the room and continue along north until you reach the control area and challenge Piet to a game of Cards. Piet has the Alexander Card.

The launch capsules landing at the Lunar Base
Picture of the moon from the Lunar Base

The Lunar Base has every single Triple Triad rule in the game active at all times which means winning a card game up here can be an incredibly trying process. If you lose any of your good cards just reset the game and try again.

Rinoa in the containment chamber on the Lunar Base

Go over and stand by whichever team member it is that you brought to continue the story. Go back and save your game if you managed to win the Alexander Card. Now follow Piet up the stairs and down the hall to finally meet up with Ellone.

The Lunar Gate launching the team to the Lunar Base
Rinoa walking through the Lunar Base with Squall chasing her

Before even talking to her you should challenge her to a game of cards in order to win the Laguna Card. This may be another tediously difficult win however due to the rules, so make sure that you save if you manage to win it and do not hesitate to reset the game if you accidentally lose any of your good cards to her. You can win this card later on though if you choose to.

Squall speaking to Ellone in the Lunar Base
Adel’s Tomb near the moon

Talk to Ellone to get the ball rolling again.

Follow Rinoa into the control room as she deactivates the security around Adel’s tomb. Take a quick peak out the window and then head to the second level up the stairs. The people standing in the hallway will tell you that they saw Rinoa go into the locker room. The entrance to the locker room is near the man lying on the ground.

The fiends on the moon
The Lunar Base

Rinoa is standing in the airlock room. Have Squall put on a spacesuit and follow her out. Rinoa will squeeze through the door when its open but unfortunately Squall will not be able to get through.

Instead follow the other three aides people in spacesuits back into the airlock room. Head out into the hallway to watch another scene where the President will tell you to take care of Ellone.

Squall trying to chase after Rinoa on the Lunar Base
Squall speaking to Ellone about Rinoa

Go back to the control room where you left Ellone and speak with her and then speak with Piet to continue the cut scenes. Talk to Ellone again and then follow her into the next room.

Save at the save point and then continue following Ellone. Talk to her once more and then hop into the last seat in the emergency escape pod. Enjoy some more cut scenes.

The fiends launching approaching Lunatic Pandora
Squall, Selphie and Ellone in the escape capsule

Press Triangle to speed yourself to Rinoa and catch her. Time to land on the Ragnarok and explore its interior.

Squall and Rinoa approaching the Ragnarok