Lunatic Pandora (Disc 3)

Before you continue with the game you should make sure to complete the following side quests as you will not be given the opportunity to go back and complete many of them. These side quests are the same as the ones listed on the previous page:

If you head over to the Lunatic Pandora you can continue the game, otherwise you may want to look into completing the following side quests. Click on the side quest for information on how to complete each of them:

Doomtrain GF
If you did not have the materials on you to create Doomtrain when you received the Solomon Ring at Tear’s Point then you should make obtaining Doomtrain your first task.

Squall Card
Challenge Laguna to a game of cards. Laguna can now be found in the passenger area of the Ragnarok.

Jumbo Cactuar GF
Head over to Cactuar Island to pick up your new Guardian Force.

Deep Sea Research Center: Bahamut GF
Venture over to the Deep Sea Research Center to obtain the Bahamut Guardian Force.

Deep Sea Research Center: Fixed Encounters with Tri-Faces
You can utilize a strategy that will let you fight back-to-back encounters against Tri-Faces in order to stock up on Curse Spikes.

Deep Sea Research Center: Ultima Weapon & Eden
Defeat Ultima Weapon and draw the most powerful Guardian Force, Eden, from it during the battle. You can also draw Ultima magic (the most powerful magic in the game) from Ultima during the battle.

PuPu Card
Complete the UFO side quest to obtain the PuPu Card.

Queen of Cards Side Quest
Obtain the Doomtrain Card and the Phoenix Card by completing the Queen of Cards side quest.

Obel Lake Side Quest
Complete the Obel Lake side quest to receive a Three Stars that can be converted into 100 Triple Magic as well as a Luck-J Scroll. The reward for this quest is lackluster at best so feel free to skip it if you would prefer not to waste your time.

Esthar: Fixed encounters against Elnoyles
You can use this trick to stock up on Energy Crystals which are used to refine Ultima magic, the most powerful magic in the game and are also used in the production of many of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Stock up on the best Junctions and Magic
Make sure that each of your characters have all of the best magic including Ultima, Full-Life, Meteor, Meltdown, Holy, Reflect, Triple, Tornado, Double and Aura.

Cactuar Island
Use Cactuar Island to stock up on AP and get all of the abilities for each Guardian Force.

Ragnarok landed on the Lunatic Pandora

Some notes on setup – as soon as you reach the Lunatic Pandora you will be thrown into battle against Raijin and Fujin. Remove the Mug command as stealing from Raijin will yield a [Power Wrist] (meh) and you will not receive her drop of a [Str Up] which is a much better item.

Fly the Ragnarok over to the Lunatic Pandora which can be found floating over Tear’s Point on the map. Just fly the ship directly into it to continue the story.

The Ragnarok will slowly bust through the shield and will poke a hole through the side of Lunatic Pandora allowing entry. You can speak with Zell if you would like to turn around and head back at any point. As soon as you enter you will be ambushed by Raijin and Fujin for the third time.

Boss Battle: Raijin and Fujin

Final boss battle against Raijin and Fujin

I could mention how you could have setup your characters with status attacks, but this battle against Raijin and Fujin is not much different than your previous encounters with the pair and it really does not require much preparation. Raijin can certainly hit a lot harder, but if you are finding his attacks difficult to manage just cast Protect on your entire team and you can draw and cast Curaga magic directly from Fujin.

Make sure you take some time and stock up on Full-Life magic by drawing it from Fujin. Full-Life magic is one of the most powerful magics in the game as explained in the Magic Junction section.

Move to the next screen and continue down the pathway. You can speak with Biggs and Wedge who are standing off to the side but they will opt not to fight you this time. Unlike Raijin and Fujin they seem to have learned their lesson. Use the save point on your way by and follow Biggs and Wedge down the tube.

The entrance to the Lunatic Pandora
Traveling through the tubes of the Lunatic Pandora

Take the tube on the left that diverts out of the main tube and follow the pathway along. Take elevator 03 down to the main floor when you see it. Now take elevator 01 up to the next level and follow the pathway around the corner. You will pass one more save point (if you would like to use it).

Traveling up the elevator in the Lunatic Pandora
The Save Point in the Lunatic Pandora

Follow the pathway along until you meet up with Raijin and Fujin again at the same spot where you were thrown out of the Lunatic Pandora last time and this time you will end up fighting the monster that showed up…

Boss Battle: Mobile Type 8

Level: 1 - 19
HP: 30,300 - 42,300

Boss battle against Mobile Type 8
Using Mug on Mobile Type 8

Mobile Type 8 can definitely be a pain. This boss comes in two forms, one with its shoulders attached (which is the form it starts out in) and one with both of its shoulders detached.

While its shoulders are attached it will attack with a relatively weak attack but every time you hit the torso it will counter attack you with a move called Twin Homing Laser.

When its shoulders are detached it becomes much more lethal. As soon as its shoulders detach it will use a move called Corona that will reduce each party members HP down to 1. Be ready for some quick heals when it does. It will also use an attack called Medigo Flame that will always cause around 2000 damage to each party member.

You can junction Thunder magic to your elemental attacks to make this fight easier if you are having difficulty. You can also make use of Quezacotl’s thunder based attack.

Make sure you use Mug on both of the shoulders as they both hold very impressive items (4x[Vit Up] and 4x[Str Up]). Other than for a quick Mug though you should not waste any time on either of the shoulders, as their defense is quite high. Focus your attacks on the main body.

Note that this is now the furthest you can go in Disc 3 and once your continue on to Disc 4 you will no longer have access to many of the towns in the game. Have you completed all of the side quests that you plan on completing? If you would like to make sure you can go back to the top of this page and review the side quest checklist.

Squall meeting up with Ellone in the Lunatic Pandora

If you refined any of your high level Triple Triad Cards using Quetzacoatl’s Card Mod ability you can get them back in Disc 4, but in order to do so you will need to have completed the CC-Group Side Quest so make sure you have done that.

Make your way up through the doorway once you are ready to continue the game. You may want to consider creating a second save file so that you can go back to Disc 3 to complete anything you may have missed if you decide to later on.

Boss Battle: Seifer

Level: 1 - 45
HP: 3,700 - 34,500

Final boss battle against Seifer
Seifer asking the team to Show him what they have

If you completed the Odin side quest (click here for more information on the Odin side quest in Centra) a cut scene will start as soon as you begin the battle against Seifer where Seifer will essentially destroy Odin. At the conclusion of the fight you will receive Gilgamesh as your new “occurs randomly during random battles” Guardian Force. Unlike Odin, who appeared at the end of a battle to finish the enemy off, Gilgamesh can show up at any point during a fight and has a multitude of different moves in his arsenal.

Seifer is just as much of a pushover as he is in every fight. You can draw Aura magic from Seifer if you would like to before defeating him (if you do not already have 100 Aura magic stocked up on each character).

At this point Seifer will “capture” Rinoa somehow. If you were using Rinoa on your team you will have to pick a replacement team member for her. Time for Disc 4!