Lunatic Pandora Continued

Go back the direction you came from and, as you approach the area where you fought the Mobile Type 8, you should notice that there is a new structure that has appeared with some ladders and platforms attached to the walkway.

Climb the first ladder but do not climb the second ladder. Instead, walk up the sloped ramp to the higher level.

Running up the new structure that has appeared in the Lunatic Pandora after defeating Seifer

Follow the pathway until you reach the area the room that Seifer, Rinoa and Adel were in.

Running across the top of Lunatic Pandora towards Seifer and Adel
Boss Battle: Sorceress Adel (with Rinoa junctioned)
Opening cinematic of Adel as she breaks out of the tomb and attacks Rinoa

This fight adds a new layer of complexity in that there are two ways for you to see a potential game over screen. The first is by having all of your party members be KO’d, like normal, but the second way that you can lose this fight is if Rinoa dies while she is attached to Adel, and some of your attacks could accidentally hit her if not properly planned out. Make sure not to accidentally hit her!

Use curative spells to keep Rinoa alive. X-Potions, Curaga, or even a Regen can go a long way. Each time Adel uses an attack she will Draw HP from Rinoa, slowly sapping her HP, so you will need to keep her healed up throughout the battle.

Using regular attacks is highly recommended to make sure that you don’t hit Rinoa. You should even avoid using any of Squall’s limit breaks.

Make sure you Mug Adel before the end of the fight to pick up a Samantha Soul.

Boss battle against Adel with Rinoa Junctioned

Draw List:
Level 1 to 19:

Level 20 to 29:

Level 30 to 100:
Mug List
1x Samantha Soul
Drop List

You will be treated to quite a few scenes of dialogue once the battle has concluded. Save your game at the Save Point (to make sure you don’t have to repeat the fight against Adel) and continue along with the story.

Through this next section of the game you will have to do battle with a number of easy-to-defeat Sorceresses. No strategy is required - attack them, kill them, and repeat.

Battling against the Time Compression sorceresses in Timber

The last Sorceress which looks like a mutated snake and this one will require a few more attacks, but again, its fairly easy to defeat.

The final Time Compression sorceress battle

Wander through Edea’s House and out the back after the battle to reveal Ultimecia’s Castle. Continue down the pathway towards the beach and then up the chain towards the castle.

Approaching Ultimecia’s Castle which is now chained to Edea’s House with the beach visible

As you are crossing the chain you will notice three portals along the way on the left side of the screen. You can jump over to these portals in order to return to the World Map, but as mentioned above, most of the towns and side quests have now been locked out.

Walking across the chain, past the portals, on the way to Ultimecia’s Castle

At this point, you have two choices. You can either continue up to Ultimecia’s Castle to complete the final portion of the game, or you can return the main world to level up your characters or complete the remaining side quests that are there.