Lunatic Pandora Continued (Disc 4)

Head back the direction you came and as you approach the area where you fought Mobile Type 8 you will notice that there is a new platform attached to this walkway. Do not climb the second ladder up. Instead walk up the sloped ramp to the higher level.

Climbing the final pathway up the Lunatic Pandora
Traveling towards Adel

Follow the pathway along until you reach Adel.

Boss Battle: Sorceress Adel

Level: 1 - 46
HP: 6,000 - 51,000

Boss battle against the Sorceress Adel

So the most obvious and important aspect of this boss battle is that Rinoa is attached (junctioned) to Sorceress Adel who is absorbing Rinoa’s powers. During this fight you have to make sure you keep Rinoa alive. Use curative spells on her or use Leviathan’s Recover ability to keep her HP up. Each time Adel uses an attack she will draw HP from Rinoa so you will need to heal her throughout the battle. You can even cast Regen on her to counteract the HP that Adel draws from her each turn.

Using regular attacks is highly recommended (and pretty commonsense) during this battle, as you do not want to be using any attacks that would also hit Rinoa.

You will be treated to quite a few more cut scenes at the conclusion of the battle. Save at the save point (to make sure you do not have to repeat the fight against Adel) and continue along with the story.

Cutscene after the Adel battle on the Lunatic Pandora
Saving just before Time Compression

Along the way you are going to have to fight a few Sorceress – all of them are incredibly easy to defeat. No strategy required. Just rinse and repeat.

Battle against a pair of Sorceress during the Time Compression sequence
Final battle during the Time Compression sequence

Wander through Edea’s House and out the back after the battle to reveal Ultimecia’s Castle. Continue down the pathway to the beach and up the chain towards the castle.

As you are crossing the chain you will notice three portals along the way – you can jump over to these portals in order to return to the main world, but most of the towns and side quests have been locked out.

Squall and Selphie at Edea’s House during a flashback
The chains outside Ultimecia’s Castle

So you have two choices now, you can either continue up into Ultimecia’s Castle to complete the final portion of the game or you can return to the main world to level up or to complete whatever remaining quests there are.

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