End Game Side Quests (Disc 4)

Head back the direction you came and as you approach the area where you fought Mobile Type 8 you will notice that there is a new platform attached to this walkway. Do not climb the second ladder up. Instead walk up the sloped ramp to the higher level.

have reached the end of the game – what is there left to do?

Your first task is to locate and track down the Ragnarok. If you pull up the mini-map you will see the Ragnarok flashing near the Kashkabald Desert – but how do you get there? It is actually impossible to get to this area on foot.

From the bridge leading to Ultimecia’s Castle you have the option of taking 3 portals. Choose the portal in the center which will take you to the Centra continent. Be sure to junction Diablos’ “Enc-None” ability so you do not have to endure any random battles as you are walking because you have a fair amount of walking to do.

Equipping Enc-None from Diablos
Squall in the middle of Centra continent

Make your way northwest away from the portal towards the northern most point of Centra. If you completed the Chocobo Forest side quest you may be familiar with this area – at the northern tip of the continent you will find the Chocobo Forest and you will need to hop on a Chocobo.

If you did not complete the Chocobo Forest side quest you will need to speak with Chocoboy and complete the mini quest in this area. Click on the link above or on the “Chocobo Forest" link on the left side bar for more information.

Hop on a Chocobo and make your way over towards Cactuar Island and the Kashkabald Desert area (southeast from here). The Chocobo can walk across shallow water. You have to go all the way around the southwestern portion of Centra in order to make it to where the Ragnarok is sitting.

Riding a Chocobo on the Centra continent
Riding a Chocobo back to the Ragnarok on Centra

So what can you do now?

Level up on the Island Closest to Hell or the Island Closest to Heaven:

The Island Closest to Hell and the Island Closest to Heaven are highlighted on the map below. Each of these Islands are full of draw points and all kinds of very high level (always level 100) monsters for you to fight. Many of them have great spells that you can draw as well. Just be careful to save before you go fighting monsters there as quite a few of them are pretty powerful, especially Malboros.

Island Closest to Hell on the World Map

Regain any cards that you may have refined earlier in the game:

Assuming you completed the CC-Group side quest prior to moving on to Disc 4 (click on the link for more information) you can now regain any of your refined cards from the CC-Group. They can be found within the Ragnarok. Press Circle while flying to enter the Ragnarok and you will be greeted by Xu the first time you enter. The only card you cannot regain is the PuPu Card. The CC-Group player that seems to have the most high-level cards is are the Princess Diamond Twins – specifically the one on the left.

Speaking to Xu on the Ragnarok to play Triple Triad

Side Note: The CC-Group use Trabia’s Card Rules to play, which means if you moved the Queen of Cards to Trabia before you move to Disc 4 you can setup a trade rule of “Diff” before challenging the CC-Group.

Double check the side quest and Triple Triad section for more information. Other than that, it’s onward to Ultimecia’s Castle. Click the “Next Page” button below to move to that page of the strategy guide.