Deep Sea Research Center
Side Quests

Deep Sea Research Center on the World Map

The Deep Sea Research Center is not located on the map but you can find it by flying down to the lower left corner of the map (over the water). Enter the Deep Sea Research Center and be prepared to fight.

Flying to the Deep Sea Research Center
The entrance to the Deep Sea Research Center

There are a number of separate side quests that can be completed within the Deep Sea Research Center - click on any of the following links to jump to that section of the guide:

Defeating and obtaining Bahamut (a new Guardian Force)

Using fixed encounters against Tri-Faces to gather Curse Spikes

Fight Ultima Weapon & Eden

You need to reach the center of the room (the core) by slowly walking towards it. You can only walk towards it when the core is not flashing otherwise you will be thrown into a monster encounter automatically.

Squall talking about the core
A battle against a Red Dragon

You are about to be thrown into battle against a Ruby Dragon so do yourself a huge favor and ensure that you do not have any Fire type magic junctioned to your elemental attacks, lest you plan on healing rather than hurting the Dragon. Instead, junction ice magic to your attacks to make the fights much easier.

Once you get close to the core a window will prompt you to choose a response to the things being said. The first prompt only gives you one option so select “It’s not our will to fight”. Time to fight a Ruby Dragon! For the next prompt choose “Never” and you will end up fighting a second Ruby Dragon, though this one will automatically “attack from behind” giving it a free attack right off the bat.

Speaking to Bahamut at the core

The last step to obtaining Bahamut as a Guardian Force is to defeat him in battle.

Boss Battle: Bahamut
The battle against Bahamut
Receiving and naming Bahamut as a new Guardian Force

Although Bahamut is typically considered a difficult fight, a little bit of preparation will take most of the difficulty out of this battle. Bahamut’s primary magic attacks are Thundaga and Tornado (Wind), which means you should junction both Thunder and Wind based magic to your elemental defense so you can absorb those attacks.

Make absolutely sure that you do not junction Thunder, Earth or Wind magic to your elemental attack!

If you are finding it difficult to defeat Bahamut you can use both Blind and Slow magic on him to reduce the frequency and accuracy of his attacks. You can also use Shell and Protect to reduce the amount of damage he does, as he will quite often hit for thousands of HP.

Make sure to exit the Deep Sea Research Facility (and save) before continuing to the next step.

Fixed Encounters with Tri-Faces

This trick can only be utilized after the battle with Bahamut (which has been explained above) has been completed.

Before you challenge Ultima Weapon to a battle and draw Eden from it to receive your last (and most powerful) Guardian Force, this is a very good time to utilize some game tricks to fight some Tri-Faces in the Deep Sea Research Center.

Tri-Faces drop Curse Spikes, which are an incredibly useful and versatile item. 100 of them can be refined into Dark Matter and can also be refined into a Rosetta Stone. [Rosetta Stone]s are useful for ensuring that each party member has access to the Abilityx4 skill.

[Dark Matter] can also be refined into 100 Ultima or a Luck J-Scroll (which can then be refined into a [Luck Up]). Too many useful items! You will also need [Curse Spike]s to create Selphie’s Ultimate Weapon, Strange Vision.

Just note that this trick can no longer be utilized once Ultima Weapon has been killed.

So how can we enable fixed encounters with Tri-Faces?

Exit and then re-enter the Deep Sea Research Center but make sure that you have Zell in your party. Make your way down the hole that appeared right where the core (and Bahamut) used to be. There should now be a save point just outside the hole which you should make use of right now.

Some information on the steam pressure units: Talk to one of your party members and you will be given a quick explanation as to how the steam pressure units work. You start off with 20/20 steam pressure and each time you open a door it will cost you some steam pressure.

Current Reserve Steam Pressure
How much RSP will you use?

Open the first gate and move down to the second level. Examine the terminal on the second level and choose to use 1 Reserve Steam Pressure (RSP). Go down to level 3 and use 1 RSP again. Continue using 1 RSP for each of the levels until you get to the bottom.

When you get to the bottom level Zell will offer to “take care of this machine”. Choose to allow him to (“Well… Zell’s pretty good with machinery”) – Zell will then punch this doorway open for you – this will save some RSP (in order to fight Ultima Weapon you will need at least 10 RSP).

The path down to Ultima Weapon and Eden
A battle against two Iron Giants

Walk towards the save point and you will be immediately thrown into battle against a Tri-Face, even if you have Diablos’ “Enc-None" ability active. In fact, you should make sure that you do have the Enc-None ability active so that you can restrict your fights to the fixed Tri-Face fights. Each time you walk past a certain point in the map you will fight a Tri-Face (there are three distinct locations). Each time you leave the screen and come back you will reset the fixed encounter points and you can fight 3 more Tri-Faces!

Ultima Weapon & Eden

Ultima Weapon is located at the bottom of the Deep Sea Deposit at the Deep Sea Research Center, so you will need to complete the steps for defeating and obtaining Bahamut above as well as the “Reserve Steam Pressure” tasks above in order to get this point.

The bottom of the Deep Sea Research Center

After you push your way through the final door and if you still have 10 RSP (which is needed at the bottom) continue down the pathway. Even if you have the Diablos’ Enc-None ability equipped you will still be thrown into quite a few forced/fixed encounters.

On the first level you will have to fight 3 Tri-Faces, the second level will be Grendels and Imps, the third level will be Behemoths, the fourth level will be Ruby Dragons and the last level will be Iron Giants.

Boss Battle: Ultima Weapon
The battle against Ultima Weapon
Drawing Eden from Ultima Weapon

Make absolutely sure that the first thing you do is draw Eden from Ultima Weapon! Do not leave your new Guardian Force behind! If you can handle the hits you may also want to look into drawing as much Ultima magic from Ultima Weapon as you can.

Let us start by explaining Ultima Weapons most painful attack called Light Pillar. Light Pillar deals 9999 damage to whomever it hits and there is no way to reduce or mitigate this damage. So in other words, Light Pillar is an instant kill that cannot be prevented.

Set yourself up so that you can revive party members easily. Full-Heal is obviously the best method to revive a fallen party member but you can also utilize Alexander’s Revive ability. You may also want to include Leviathan’s Recover ability to facilitate easy healing.

Some other useful tactics you may want to employ to make this fight easier are the following:

- Cast Aura on your party members so you can use Limit Breaks more frequently
- Cast Meltdown on Ultima Weapon to reduce its defenses to zero, subsequently increasing the damage of each of your attacks

You are all done in the Deep Sea Research Center after you defeat Ultima Weapon.

Naming Eden as she joins you as a new Guardian Force