UFOs & PuPu Card
Side Quests

Did you happen to notice that, despite all of your card playing, there is a blank spot on page 5 for a missing Level 5 Monster Card? The card you are missing is the PuPu Card that is obtained through the UFO side quest.

Battle on the world map against UFO
Missing PuPu Card on Level 5 Monster Card screen

Be sure that you have at least 5 Elixirs in your inventory before you begin the quest. You can buy Elixirs from the shop in Esthar (called “Esthar Shop!!!”). If you have Tonberry’s “Call Shop” ability you can pull up “Esthar Shop!!!” from anywhere. If not, you will have to travel to Esthar to make the purchase.

In order to make the process much smoother and easier you should junction Diablos’ “Enc-None” ability so that you are not forced into any battles against regular monsters. You will still be able to find and locate the UFO with this ability enabled.

You now have to locate a UFO in 4 specific locations noted below:
- Winhill Bluffs: The area surrounding the town of Winhill
- Mandy Beach: Northeast of Timber
- Heath Peninsula: Small island east of Trabia Garden
- Kashkabald Desert: Just east of Cactuar Island

World Map outside of Winhill in the Bluffs
Beaches near Timber

Ragnarok landed on the Heath Peninsula near the Trabia Garden
The Kashkabald Desert near Cactuar Island

Once you have seen the UFO in each of these locations you can continue with the rest of the quest. Head over to the Grandidi Forest, which is the forest surrounding The Chocobo Sanctuary.

Land Ragnarok at the top of the canyon (there are very few non-forested areas to land) and wander around until you encounter the UFO. Similar to the last encounters, you can leave “Enc-None” on until you find the UFO. Destroy it once you finally do encounter it in order to continue the quest.

Battle against a UFO

Final reminder: Make sure you have 5 Elixirs in your inventory and make sure that at least one of your characters has the Item command enabled.

Fly over to the crater where Balamb Garden used to be. Wander around the crater area until you find PuPu and again, you can leave the “Enc-None” ability enabled. Feed PuPu 5 Elixirs once you find him.

The crater near where Balamb Garden used to be
Battle against PuPu

At the conclusion of the battle you will receive the PuPu Card.

Elixir Please! from PuPu