Mt Bur-Omisace

Mt Bur-Omisace is relatively small – it consists of a straight pathway that leads directly to the temple and into the Hall of Light. There is a Chocobo Stable at the top which you can use to make traveling through the Paramina Rift easier later on in the game.

The first thing that you should do is explore the two shops that are available nearby. You can purchase the following:

1,000 gil
3,000 gil
3,000 gil
3,000 gil
800 gil
600 gil
800 gil
6,000 gil
4,800 gil
5,000 gil
2,000 gil
1,500 gil
2,400 gil
3,300 gil
900 gil
3,500 gil
2,700 gil
2,900 gil
1,000 gil
800 gil
2,700 gil
1,200 gil

You should buy the Thief’s Cuffs, three Nishijin Belts (for an upcoming boss fight), and one or two Ice Shields depending on how many of your party members you can efficiently equip them to.

At this point in the game, you should also have all of the Forgotten Grimoires purchased. Take some time to go grinding and leveling if you do not have enough gil or use the Dustia Level Grinding trick to earn some quick gil if needed.

At the entrance to Mt Bur-Omisace in the Sand-strewn Pass
Purchasing Curaga Magick from the Traveling Merchant

Speak to the Moogle from the Cartographer’s Guild as well and purchase the map of the Paramina Rift for 3,200 gil and you might as well buy the map of Mt Bur-Omisace for 15 gil. It is fairly cheap but, as mentioned above, the pathway to the temple is entirely linear.

Important Note: If you proceed up the pathway and continue the story, Larsa will leave your party shortly thereafter. As a result, you should take this opportunity to complete any of the side quests that you have missed up until this point as having Larsa in your party will make them much easier to complete. His compliment of fairly strong attacks and Curative aides will be lamented once he is gone and you may have to adjust your party makeup and strategy going forward.


Now that you have reached Mt Bur-Omisace you can complete another portion of the Ktjn side quest. Use the orange Save Crystal to teleport back to Rabanastre and then speak to the Moogle to teleport to the Muthru Bazaar. Speak to Ktjn on the steps and she will end the conversation by asking:

What do you think?
- I think it’s a good idea. (+1 point)
- I’m not so sure. (-1 point)

Choose the last answer, “I think it’s a good idea”, as this is the only answer that will net you points towards the best reward for the side quest. Swing by the Clan Provisioner as well and purchase Bubble Magick if it is available.

Speaking to Ktjn and answering the fourth question in the Muthru Bazaar

Return to the Clan Hall and speak to Montblanc. If you have been following this guide, you will receive a reward for defeating the Earth Tyrant of 1,200 gil. You will also receive a reward for defeating the Elder Wyrm out in the Golmore Jungle if you chose to do so; the reward is 800 gil. Two new Elite Hunts have become available:

- Priority Petition No. 5: Trickster (Hunt 37: Paramina Run), and
- Priority Petition No. 6: Antlion (Hunt 38: Antlion Infestation).

Pick them both up before you leave.

You should also visit the Sandsea one more time to pick up another Hunt. Check the Notice Board to find Bill No. 12 for Feral Retriever (Hunt 13: Befoulment of the Beast). The Hunts for Trickster and Antlion are fairly difficult to attempt at this point (and are not recommended), but the Hunt for Feral Retriever can be completed immediately.

That being said, you should take the time to complete any of the Hunts that you have missed up until this point. As mentioned above, having Larsa in your party for a limited amount of time remaining makes this the ideal time to complete them.

The following Hunts listed below should already be completed. Check your Clan Primer under the Hunts section if you are not sure which ones you have completed. Skip down to the next section if you have been following this guide and are ready to begin the Hunt for Feral Retriever:

- Hunt 02: Wolf in the Waste – Thextera (Rank I)
- Hunt 03: Dalmasca’s Desert Bloom – Flowering Cactoid (Rank I)
- Hunt 04: Waterway Haunting – Wraith (Rank I)
- Hunt 05: Marauder in the Mines – Nidhogg (Rank I)
- Hunt 07: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls – Ring Wyrm (Rank III)
- Hunt 08: A Scream from the Sky – Wyvern Lord (Rank II)
- Hunt 10: The Defense of Ozmone Plain – Enkelados (Rank II)
- Hunt 11: A Ring in the Rain – Croakadile (Rank II)
- Hunt 12: The Dead Ought Sleep Forever – Ixtab (Rank II)
- Hunt 33: Little Love on the Big Plains – Cluckatrice (Rank I)
- Hunt 34: The Cry of Its Power – Rocktoise (Rank I)
- Hunt 36: Paradise Risen – Gil Snapper (Rank III)

The side quest to defeat the Earth Tyrant is still fairly difficult at this stage of the game, but it is worth giving it an attempt while you still have Larsa (unless you did it as part of the previous seciton of the strategy guide already):

The next Hunt to complete is the one that was just picked up in Rabanastre which became available after you reached Mt. Bur-Omisace:

This is one last reminder that Larsa will leave your party shortly if you continue up the trail towards the temple in Mt Bur-Omisace. If you are done with the side quests and are ready to move on, travel north from the orange Save Crystal. But make sure that you have completed all of the Hunts and side quests listed above.

Temple Approach

The pathway leading through the Temple Approach is completely linear. Walk past all of the refugees and into the next area. There is a short video that plays as you enter the actual temple grounds.

Vaan on the Temple Approach walkway near the refugees
Cinematic of the Mt Bur-Omisace and the temple

Temple Grounds

Follow the pathway past all of the refugees, acolytes and Kiltias and go through the temple doors.

Vaan at the Temple Grounds of Mt Bur-Omisace
The Gate of the Holy Circle that leads into the Hall of Light

Hall of the Light

Approach the figure at the end of the hall to initiate a fairly lengthy cutscene.

Entrance to the Hall of the Light
Speaking to the Gran Kiltias Anastasis

The Gran Kiltias Anastasis, Al-Cid Margrace and Larsa will discuss plans to prevent the impending war. The three of them plan to combine their forces to save Ivalice. Larsa will learn from Al Cid that his father, Lord Gramis, has been killed and that his brother, Lord Vayne, has taken the throne.

Speaking to the Gran Kiltias cinemtic
Discussing the Sword of Kings cinematic

The team will decide to travel to the Stilshrine of Miriam to find the Sword of Kings to find a power greater than the Nethicite to counteract it. Larsa will leave the party and you will be free to travel back down to the base of Mt Bur-Omisace and to travel through the Paramina Rift to the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Map of Mt Bur-Omisace

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