Mt. Gagazet

The Mt. Gagazet portion of the game takes place after the team has traveled through the Calm Lands.

Entrance to Mount Gagazet

Gagazet - Mountain Gate

There are a few more cutscenes once you work your way up the pathway towards Mt. Gagazet. The first cutscene involves Lord Kelk Ronso and the other Ronso of Mt. Gagazet attempting to prevent the traitorous team from entering the mountain.

Starting area for Mount Gagazet

Once the scene has concluded you will have access to the Save Sphere. Save your game before you continue.

One last reminder… There is an upcoming fight involving just Kimahri in the next area of Mt. Gagazet. This fight can be particularly difficult if you have not been using Kimahri as a core member of your team and if you have not been leveling up his Sphere Grid.

You may want to take this time to backtrack and fight some random battles with Kimahri, either in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth or back in the Calm Lands.

Entrance to Mount Gagazet

You should also make sure that Kimahri has learned either the Steal command or the Mug ability before you continue. You can do this by either using a Special Sphere to teach him the Steal command or you can use a Skill Sphere to teach him the Mug command (assuming that Rikku has already learned this ability).

Starting area for Mount Gagazet

You can steal up to eight Lv. 3 Key Spheres from Biran and Yenke depending on how lucky you get. This is one of the very few places that you can obtain the rare Spheres so it is highly recommended that you have Kimahri learn to Steal or Mug.

Boss Battle: Biran and Yenke
Kimahri battling against Biran and Yanke

HP: Varies based on level

Biran and Yenke both have a number of Lancet abilities that Kimahri can learn from both of them:

Biran: Thrust Kick, Self-Destruct, Doom and Mighty Guard (after he has used it once)
Yenke: Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, Fire Breath and White Wind (after he has used it once)

Kimahri with Biran and Yenke on opposite sides

Use Kimahri’s Lancet ability to learn any of the abilities that you do not currently have. Check out the Overdrive section for more information on Lancet and Kimahri’s Overdrive ability, Ronso Rage.

All of the regular attacks that you use against either Biran or Yenke will be ineffective as they both permanently use the Guard command on one another which causes regular attacks to hit for 1/4 of the regular damage. Use Lancet and Ronso Rage after you have picked up all of the abilities above to slowly bring them down. The two Ronso will no longer use Guard on one another if they are on opposite sides of Kimahri (after either of them uses the Bulldoze ability).

Kimahri battling against Biran and Yanke

Make sure that you take the opportunity to use the Steal command or Mug ability (if you had Kimahri learn either of them prior to the fight) to steal as many Lv. 3 Key Spheres as you can.

If you defeat Biran first, Yenke will remain under the Haste status effect for the remainder of the fight. If you defeat Yenke first, Biran will remain under the Berserker status effect. While he is under the Berserk status effect, you will not be able to learn any new abilities from Biran, so make sure that you have picked them all up first before you kill Yenke (if you kill him first).

Kimahri with Biran and Yenke on opposite sides

Lv. 3 Key Sphere

Return Sphere (common)
Friend Sphere (rare)

Return to the Save Sphere in the previous area and save your game.

Gagazet - Mountain Trail

Continue down the pathway for another cutscene. This one involves the Ronso tribe sending off Yuna and her guardians.

There is a treasure chest just off to the right of the start of the mountain trail. It contains 20,000 gil.

Obtaining 20000 gil from a treasure chest in Mount Gagazet

There is a small plateau off on the left side with a treasure chest that contains two Mega-Potions.

Obtaining Mega-Potions from a treasure chest in Mount Gagazet

Now its time to start making your way down the path. Lulu will tell you about the grave markings as you pass by the first one. Each of them marks the way for guardians who have failed in their pilgrimage. You will have to battle a few fiends after each grave marker as well.

Yuna and Lulu staring at one of the grave markings in Mount Gagazet

The pathway through Mt. Gagazet is fairly linear.

Tidus traversing the Mount Gagazet

There is a trail that goes off to the north part way through the pathway. Following it up northward will lead you to a Braska’s Sphere (similar to a Jecht Sphere). The Sphere contains a flashback sequence involving Jecht, Auron and Lord Braska.

Tidus in the Mount Gagazet

There is another short cutscene involving Lulu and the group at the second grave marker. She will explain that the summoners who die on the mountains are not sent to the Farplanes. Many of the fiends in the area are likely summoners who failed in their mission.

Tidus in Mount Gagazet

Go westward once you reach the next Y-intersection (shown in the screenshot below). There is a treasure chest at the end of the trail that contains a Defending Bracer for Auron.

Obtaining Defending Bracers from a treasure chest in Mount Gagazet

There is a man named Wantz that you can speak to along the way. Wantz is O’aka XXIII’s brother. Speak to him to purchase any items that you need. He sells a very strong weapon for Lulu called Booster Cactuar (abilities include Magic Booster, Magic +10% and Magic +5%) and a great weapon for Rikku called Survivor (Alchemy and Strength +10% with two additional customizable ability slots).

You will also want to purchase a fair bit of Holy Water. You can use 30 of them to add the Zombie Ward ability to your armor through customization and you will need this ability for an upcoming boss fight.

Purchasing weapons from Wantz at Mount Gagazet

Take a left down another secret pathway when you approach the area shown in the screenshot below.

Tidus in Mount Gagazet

There are two treasure chests down below, one of which contains a Lv. 4 Key Sphere while the other contains an HP Sphere.

Obtaining a Lv. 4 Key Sphere from a treasure chest at Mount Gagazet

There is another grave stone up ahead. Lulu doesn’t have much to say about this one if you inspect it. There is a pathway that juts out westward but there is nothing at the end of that pathway, so ignore it and proceed southwest.

Tidus in Mount Gagazet

There is a Save Sphere at the end of the pathway which you can use to save your game.

There is a boss fight coming up in the next area which you should do some preparation for. Make sure that you purchased some Holy Water from Wantz (O’aka XXIII’s shop) and, if possible, that you have added the Zombie Ward ability to some of your armor and equipped it.

You will also want to have enough Phoenix Downs to last the battle (30 to be on the safe side). If you have been having difficulty (due to levels or due to play style) on any of the previous bosses you may also want to charge up all of your characters Overdrives as the upcoming boss is often described as the most difficult boss in the game.

Tidus at a Save Sphere in Mount Gagazet

Make sure that Yuna has learned Dispel magic as it will come in very handy during this next boss battle.

Gagazet - Prominence

Continue forward to initiate the fight.

Boss Battle: Seymour Flux
Start of the Boss Battle against Seymour Flux

HP: 70,000

It’s another showdown with Maester Seymour! Kimahri and Yuna will be able to use Trigger Commands during this fight. Kimahri will gain +10 strength while Yuna will gain +10 Magic Defense.

Seymour will summon Mortiorchis which is similar to his side-kick during your last battle with him at Bevelle.

He will also use an ability called “Lance of Atrophy” which could potentially inflict the Zombie status on one of your characters. Equipping armor with the Zombie Ward ability as mentioned above will help to prevent this.

Boss Battle against Seymour Flux using a Holy Water

You should immediately use Holy Water, Remedy or cast Esuna on a character inflicted with the Zombie status as Seymour Flux will cast Full-Life on a character with Zombie which will instantly kill them.

Seymour Flux will banish Aeons just like he did previously so you should only use them as a last resort or as a last ditch effort if you are struggling with the fight. Have Lulu cast Bio on Seymour early on in the battle as it will add up to a very significant amount of overall damage and make sure to use Hastega on your party.

Yuna should cast Dispel on Seymour when he casts Reflect or Protect on himself so that you can continue to inflict reasonable amounts of damage. If you are fast enough to cast Dispel and remove his Reflect status he may even cast Flare directly on himself and will cause damage to himself.

Boss battle against Seymour Flux - front view

The killer attack to watch out for is called “Total Annihilation”. It takes three turns to fully charge and it will likely wipe out your entire party.

Have Yuna cast Shell on your party members right before Total Annihilation is cast, or you can have Kimahri use Mighty Guard now that you have learned it from Biran, or lastly, have Rikku use one of her Mixes to cast Mighty G, Super Mighty G or Hyper Mighty G on your party. Use the Defend command right before the attack hits to reduce the amount of damage done by even more.

Other than that, hammer away with regular attacks and magics until you bring him down. Good luck!

Ready to Annihilate!

Lv. 4 Key Sphere

Tidus and Auron will reveal to Yuna that Sin is actually Tidus’ father, Jecht, and that they are on their way to defeat and kill Tidus’ old man. Auron explains that they will come to understand more when they reach Zanarkand.

Tidus at the end of Mount Gagazet

Continue down the path once the fight has concluded. Go around the corner and, just before the Save Sphere, there is a treasure chest hidden between the pillars along the pathway.

The treasure chest contains the Saturn Crest which is used to create Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon, Spirit Lance. Check out the Celestial Weapons section for more information.

Obtaining the Saturn Crest on the pathway to Zanarkand

Save your game at the Save Sphere. There are more cutscenes once you proceed around the next corner that involve Tidus’ memories back in Zanarkand. Walk toward Tidus’ house when you regain control of him in Zanarkand.

Cinematic of Tidus back in Zanarkand

Go across the bridge and in through the doorway as there is nowhere else that you can go. There is more dialogue once Tidus reaches the center of his old house. A Fayth that has been following Tidus around will finally greet him. Follow the Fayth up to the second floor balcony.

Tidus inside his own house during the Fayth Cluster cinematic

The Fayth will reveal that Tidus, Jecht and all of the people from Zanarkand are just dreams. The story continues after Tidus wakes back up.

Gagazet - Fayth Cluster

Continue down the walkway going past the Fayth once the cutscenes have ended.

Tidus walking past the Fayth Cluster

The next section of the game takes you through the inside of the Mt. Gagazet caves.