Jecht Spheres
Side Quest

Jecht Spheres are also referred to in many guides as “Movie Spheres” as not all of them are actually “Jecht Spheres”. Some of them are Auron/Braska/Jyscal/Yuna Spheres. The Spheres play short films from the past, typically of Lord Braska and his two Guardians, Auron and Jecht, as they make their original pilgrimage through Spira.

Many of the Spheres are mandatory and you will automatically obtain them as you progress through the story, but some of the Spheres are optional. Obtaining the optional Spheres is a requirement for obtaining each of Auron’s Bushido Overdrives. Check out Auron’s Overdrive section for more information.

Instructions telling you to find all of the Jecht Spheres across Spira

The first Sphere that you obtain is in Macalania Woods and it is obtained after you defeat Spherimorph. Click on the links to view that section of the walkthrough. Tidus will automatically watch the Sphere as it is part of the storyline and you will get a brief overview of what Jecht Spheres are and what they do.

The problem is that many of the Spheres require you to venture back to areas that you’ve visited prior to reaching Spherimorph. This is compounded by the fact that some of these Spheres are blocked off later in the game and are difficult to obtain.

As a result, you may wish to travel backwards to the areas that you’ve previously visited once you reach Spherimorph and defeat it. The list of Spheres below is written in the order of areas that you visit in the game starting with Besaid Village. Instructions for traveling back to Besaid Village once you’ve reached Macalania Woods are also included below.

Travelling Back to Besaid

This portion of the side quest guide is intended to be followed after you have defeated Spherimorph and assuming you choose to travel back to Besaid Village in order to get the ones that have appeared in earlier areas of the game. Most notably, the Jecht Sphere in Besaid Village is difficult to obtain later on in the game after it is blocked by Dark Valefor.

Note that this guide will not point out the Spheres that you will be passing. Instead, it will note each of their locations assuming you are working your way back towards Macalania Woods after you reach Besaid.

Macalania Woods
Travel back to the area with the Save Sphere where O’aka XXIII is standing. From here, take the exit out of this area leading to the southeast (bottom right corner of the screen). There is a shiny, glowing pathway that appears which you can now use to quickly travel through Macalania Woods. Follow the pathway back to the entrance.

Thunder Plains / Guadosalam
Travel through the Thunder Plains and through Guadosalam on your way through to the Moonflow. There is nothing special that you need to know about traveling through these areas.

There is a Hypello standing in the North Warf area on the ramp. This will allow you to travel back to the South Warf. Continue back along the pathway and in to the next area.

Riding the shoopuf from the North Warf back across the Moonflow

Djose Highroad
Work your way along the Djose Highroad. Head back down to the beach area and search the left side of the screen to find a stack of crates that you can use to climb over the wall of rubble.

Climbing up the cliff along the beaches of the Mushroom Rock Road

Use this pathway to take you back to the Mushroom Rock Road and through to the Mi’ihen Highroad.

Backtracking down the Mushroom Rock Road

Mi’ihen Highroad
Unfortunately there are no Chocobo riding options when approaching from this side until you reach Rin’s Travel Agency. You can ride a Chocobo once you reach this area though or you can continue with random encounters while you stockpile items through use of the Steal ability.

Travel back down to the docks and speak to the ferry crewman to board the ferry. This ferry will take you to Kilika. Head down in to the lower section of the ship and select the option to “get some rest” in order to proceed to the next area.

Boarding the ferry at Luca to head from Luca to Kilika

Speak to the lady on the docks and choose the option to go to “Besaid Island”. Once again, go below the deck and choose to rest in order to reach the final destination.

Reboarding the ferry to get from Kilika back to Besaid Island

Besaid Island/Village
You have now reached the final destination. Check out the guide below as you work your way back to the Macalania Woods, picking up each of the Jecht Spheres as you reach them.

Arriving back at Besaid Island from the ferry to search for Jecht Spheres

Besaid Village

The Jecht Sphere is located to the right of Besaid Temple. This is the most difficult of the Spheres to obtain given the fact that Besaid Village is blocked after you have picked up the Airship while fleeing from the Al Bhed homeland of Home. There will be a Dark Aeon guarding the entrance to Besaid Village after this point in the game.

The first Jecht Sphere and hardest one to get near Besaid Temple

Because it will become difficult to return to this area until you are strong enough to defeat Dark Valefor, you should also consider recruiting Vilucha for your Blitzball team. Check out the section that discusses recruiting Blitzball players for more information:

Once you’re finished you can head back to the ferry at the dock.

S.S. Liki

This is the ferry that travels between Besaid Island and Kilika. Head up to the bridge to find the next Jecht Sphere lying on the ground beside the captain of the ship.

Riding the S.S. Liki and picking up the Jecht Sphere on the bridge


This Sphere appears in the hallway outside of the Besaid Auroch’s locker room (also known as Stadium - Basement A).

Picking up the Jecht Sphere in the locker room of Luca Stadium

Mi’ihen Highroad

Make sure to grab a Chocobo as you pass through this area. The Jecht Sphere can be found beside the treasure chest that contained the Mars Crest, down the path where O’aka XXIII was hiding, along the Oldroad, South.

Tidus on a Chocobo grabbing the Jecht Sphere along the Mi'ihen High Road next to the treasure chest

Mushroom Rock

There is another Sphere (this time its an Auron Sphere) at the top of the ridge along the Mushroom Rock Road where Tidus met up with Gatta and Luzzu during the original pass through the area.

Picking up the Jecht Sphere that appears along the walkway leading to the top of Mushroom Rock

The Moonflow

There is a Jecht Sphere in the South Bank Warf area.

Arriving at the docks of the Moonflow to pick up a Jecht Sphere in the right corner

Thunder Plains

There is a Jecht Sphere located in the “South” section of the Thunder Plains, or in other words, in first half of the Thunder Plains as you’re working your way through. It is sitting beside one of the ‘lightning rod towers’.

Grabbing the Jecht Sphere that appears in the middle of the Thunder Plains

Macalania Woods

Near the entrance area off to the right side of the screen. This is the last of the Jecht Spheres that you can obtain if you are working your way through the starting area after having defeated Spherimorph.

Picking up the Jecht Sphere in Macalania Woods near the two NPCs

The remaining Sphere can be obtained during the regular course of the game and will be outlined in the walkthrough section. Click on the link below to return to the Macalania Woods walkthrough section of the game if you’re in that section of the game:

Mt. Gagazet

A Braska Sphere can be found along the “Mountain Trail” section of Mount Gagazet before you reach the Fayth Cluster or the Caves area. This is the last optional Sphere that you can obtain in the game.

Grabbing the Jecht Sphere in the crevice along the Mount Gagazet Trail

There is one more Sphere that Yuna will drop when the team reaches the Zanarkand Ruins that contains important elements for the plot of the game.

Messenger from the Past

You will receive the Messenger from the Past Trophy once you have obtained all of the Jecht Spheres.

Messenger from the Past Trophy