Status Ailments
Tips and Tricks

The HP bars of each of your party members can be found in the lower-right corner of the screen. It can also be used to identify any of your party members that may have been hit by a negative status ailment.

Yunalesca using Zombie
Battle against the Spectral Keeper

The status ailments will all disappear automatically at the end of a battle, but sometimes they can be so inhibiting that you need to remove them as soon as possible. You can remove them by having one of your party members cast Esuna on a team member. You can also use certain items to remove them. Use the chart below for reference:

Status Effect Removed With
Berserk Causes the target to be uncontrollable. The target will only use the attack command when their turn comes up in battle. Remedy
Confusion Causes the target to attack other targets randomly, including allies. The effect is removed when they are hit with damage. Remedy
Darkness Similar to the “Blind” status effect which causes regular attacks to miss more frequently. Eye Drops
Petrify Turns the target to stone. They can then be shattered after being turned to stone which removes them from the battle permanently. Soft
Poison Similar to “Bio” in previous games; causes the target to lose HP gradually as additional turns occur during the battle. Antidote
Silence Prevents the casting of spells. Echo Screen
Sleep Puts the target to sleep and causes them to miss their turn until they are awoken. You can attack them if preferred in order to wake them. Remedy
Slow Causes the character’s turn to come around more slowly on the CTB Window. Can be removed by casting Haste. Haste
Zombie The target will be hurt by curative magic and items until the status is removed. Holy Water