Mushroom Rock

Talk to the group of soldiers as you approach them, specifically the soldier who approaches the screen, to receive an Ether. Talk to the other guard that remains stationary to receive a Hi-Potion.

Clasko will approach you once you get far enough down the road and will explain that you need to head to the left to get to the command center. He will also stop you if you try to continue down the Mushroom Rock Road.

Picking up an Ether from the Soldier
Monster battle in Mushroom Rock

O’aka XXIII can be found around the corner. Feel free to buy any items you might be short on and then continue down the pathway. Note that you can no longer donate gil to O’aka XXIII once you have reached this point.

Yuna speaking to Clasko
O’aka XXIII in Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock - Valley

Save at the Save Sphere before you continue and then talk to the guard standing at the end of the pathway for a free Hi-Potion. Stand on the panel and press the X Button to have it lift you up to the next level.

Save Sphere at the entrance to Mushroom Rock
Panel to the upper level of Mushroom Rock

Follow the pathway as it goes. It is completely straight and there are no turnoff points so you cannot get lost.

You will encounter a guard and a treasure chest along the way. The treasure chest contains 1,000 gil. Speaking to the guard will net you ten regular Potions.

Don’t forget to grab the treasure chests along the way - one contains a Remedy and one contains a Hi-Potion. Ride the platform (by pressing X Button) once you get to the bottom.

Treasure Chest with 10 Potions
Following the Chocobo

Mushroom Rock - Precipice

Talk to the soldier standing right in front of you when you get off the lift to receive an X-Potion.

Before you go straight to the next platform and before you go in the direction that the red arrow on the mini-map is pointing, you should take a left down the pathway shown on the mini-map. You will see a green square at the end of the pathway. It leads to another platform (as shown in the screenshot below). Take the platform down and you will find a treasure chest that contains a Serene Armlet.

Obtaining an X-Potion from a soldier
Serene Armlet in the treasure chest

Take the lift back up and continue down the pathway. As you continue down the trail you will come across yet another pathway that goes off to the left side.

At the end of this pathway you will find Al Bhed Primer (Vol. X). Now go back to the main path and take then elevator up to the next level.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. X
Platform to the next level

Head around the corner and make sure to save your game at the Save Sphere. Go south from there to initiate another scene between Gatta and Luzzu. Speak to Luzzu once the scene has ended.

Proceed up the lift once the scene has ended and continue along the pathway for another cutscene involving the Machina.

Tidus at the end of Mushroom Rock

Mushroom Rock - Plateau

Wakka will take out some of his frustrations against the Machina in this area. Lulu will tell Tidus a little bit more about Chappu, Wakka’s brother, before they leave the area. Continue in to the next zone as there is nothing that you can do in this area.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. X
Platform to the next level

Mushroom Rock - Ridge

There is another brief cutscene that takes place as the team enters the Ridge which shows the soldiers readying themselves for battle.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. X
Platform to the next level

Continue along the pathway and you will come across another Save Sphere. O’aka XXIII is located just behind it if you want to stock up on any additional items.

Follow the pathway until you run into Gatta. Your decisions while speaking to Gatta will impact whether Gatta or Luzzu survive the impending battle.

If you talk to Gatta twice, and explain to him that his place is on the front lines, Gatta will be killed in the ensuing battle. If you don’t talk to him and convince him to be on the front lines, Gatta will be killed during the battle. This decision has no impact on any of the other story-related events of the game.

After speaking to Gatta the team will have a conversation with Maester Wen Kinoc.

O’aka XXIII standing behind the Save Sphere
Wen Kinoc

There is a chest back near Yuna and Lulu that contains a Mega-Potion and another one even further back that contains a Serene Bracer. Make sure to grab both before you continue and then talk to the guard when you are ready.

Mega-Potion in a treasure chest
Another treasure chest with another Serene Bracer

A few more cutscenes will take place and then you’ll be thrown into battle against the next boss.

Another treasure chest with another Serene Bracer
Boss Battle: Sinspawn Gui

HP: 12,000

The strategy for this fight is fairly straightforward once you take into consideration each of Sinspawn Gui’s body parts and their behavior. There is the head, two arms and the body (the body is the actual boss and is labelled Sinspawn Gui when you initiate an attack).

Sinspawn Gui Boss Battle

The Head: The head will attack with Thunder primarily. You will sometimes see a message on the screen indicating that ‘The head is moving suspiciously’. This means that the head is about to attack with Venom, a very powerful attack. Attacking the head while it is ‘moving suspiciously’ will prevent the head from casting Venom. You will need to use either Wakka or Lulu to reach the head and it is recommended that you hit it with an attack every time you see the warning message on screen.

The Arms: Each of the arms will deflect attacks away from the body, Sinspawn Gui. You will want to destroy both arms prior to attacking the main body. The arms will eventually regenerate but there is nothing that you can do to prevent this.

The Body (Sinspawn Gui): The body will alternate between two attacks, Punch and Demi. Both hit quite hard so be prepared to heal your team as they take damage by swapping in Yuna.

Sinspawn Gui Boss Battle
Sinspawn Gui with both arms removed

The strategy for this fight is to make sure to use Tidus’ Haste ability on all party members and use Lulu’s Fire magic as often as you can as Sinspawn Gui and its body parts are weak against fire-elemental magics.

Focus and Cheer are two other very helpful abilities for this battle that you should use early on in the fight. You can use them 5 times each to maximize your character’s stats.

Try to use all of your characters at least once so that they can gain the high AP awarded after the fight and level up their Sphere Grids.



Sinspawn Gui Boss Battle
Sinspawn Gui with both arms removed

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Gui (Round 2)

HP: 6,000

This version of the fight is much more simple as Maester Seymour has a number of powerful attacks that you can make use of. In addition to this, Sinspawn Gui’s different body parts have much less HP for you to deal with.

Chocobo battle prior to the second battle against Sinspawn Gui
Sinspawn Gui second battle with Seymour

One Fire magic from Seymour to the head of Sinspawn Gui will take care of it. Then just hammer away at the body until you defeat it.


Lv. 1 Key Sphere (x3)

Mushroom Rock - Aftermath

You will be back in control of Tidus when the game resumes on the beach of Mushroom Rock. Travel to the back of the beach near the cliffs to find either Gatta or Luzzo (whichever went to the front lines) and resume the story.

Tidus after the battle at Mushroom Rock
Gatta at the back of the beach

Use the Save Sphere and move to the left to continue the story along. Make sure to grab the treasure chest off to the left amid a few remaining cutscenes. The chest contains a Hi-Potion.

Walking past Auron will initiate another cutscene. Auron will make sure that Tidus understands that his father, Jecht, is Sin. He will explain that Sin/Jecht wants Tidus to kill him.

Follow the pathway north around the corner to meet up with your team members again. You can speak with Shelinda if you want and she will heal your party.

O’aka XXIII is off on the right hand side of the screen if you would like to buy any weapons. Make sure you buy some Softs from him before you continue in to the next area (at least 10).


The enemies in the next area can petrify your party members which, if done at inopportune times, could end up disabling your team or even killing your entire party.

Do not leave this area without a few Softs in your possession!

Tidus at the Save Sphere after the battle
Speaking to O’aka XXIII at Mushroom Rock

The next part of the game takes you through to the Djose Highroad and the Djose Temple.