Djose Highroad and Temple

Djose Highroad

Save your game at the Save Sphere again before you continue down the Highroad.

You will encounter fiends down this road called Basilisks (shown below). They will cast Stone Gaze on party members which will petrify them. If all of your party members have the Petrify status its game over. Though that outcome is fairly unlikely, petrified party members will also not gain any EXP or AP, which means using Soft on them to remove the Petrify status is a must.

Alternatively, you can make use of Yuna’s Esuna spell to rid your party members of the status.

Battling against Basilisk enemies
Speaking to the people on the way to Djose

Kimahri’s Overdrive: Ronso Rage

You can learn the “Stone Gaze” Ronso Rage ability by having him use Lancet on a Basilisk enemy in this area. Check out the Overdrive section for more information on Kimahri’s Ronso Rage.

Basilisk enemy

Continue down the road until you reach a chest that contains two Phoenix Downs. Just past the chest is an Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XI) laying just behind a pillar. Use the screenshot below to help you locate it.

Tidus on the Djose Highroad
Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI on the Djose Highroad

Talk to all of the people that you pass for some items including a Soft Ring (very useful in this area), Ether, Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion, Variable Steel and a Bright Bangle (the treasure chest for this item is hidden off to the side).

There area a few more cutscenes and story telling when you reach the fork in the road.

Tidus, Yuna and Wakka at the end of the Djose Highroad

Djose - Pilgrimage Road

There is nothing to gather on the Pilgrimage Road so just continue on to the temple of Djose. Talk to Lucil and the Crusaders as you pass.

Tidus outside Djose Temple
Tidus at the Djose Temple Save Sphere

Djose Temple

Tidus at the Djose Temple Save Sphere

Use the Save Sphere and save your game before you enter Djose Temple. You will also want to venture to the northeast side of the temple beside the shop to find a treasure chest. There are four Ability Spheres inside.

To the far left of the temple, past Lucil and the Crusaders with the Chocobo, is another treasure chest which contains 4,000 gil. Enter the temple when you’re done.

The Treasure Chest behind the hotel at Djose Temple
4,000 gil in a treasure chestl

Make your way to the left and to the right of the stairway after the meeting with Isaaru. The room to the left contains a treasure chest with a Remedy inside. The room on the right side contains a treasure chest with a Mega Phoenix in it.

It’s time to head into the Djose Cloister of Trials once you’ve picked up both chests.

Inside the Djose Temple
Tidus opening the doorway to the Djose Cloister of Trials

After completing the trials you will run into Dona and Barthello again. Try to leave the temple chamber to continue the story again. You will now have Ixion as another Aeon that Yuna can summon.

Ixion Naming Screen
Obtaining the Switch Hitter from the treasure chest in the hotel

Go back inside the temple when Tidus awakens and enter the room to the left of the Cloister of Trials to find Yuna sleeping. Save your game at the Save Sphere and then re-enter the store/inn to grab the treasure chest at the back of the room. It contains a Switch Hitter.

The shop has some useful items that you may want to consider purchasing including the Rune Mog for Lulu, the Shimmering Blade for Auron and the Hyper Ball for Wakka. The Armor for sale all has the “Defense +5%” ability. You may have armor that is stronger than what the shop owner is selling but, if not, you can take this opportunity to buy some upgrades.

Tidus leaving the Djose Temple
Speaking to the men on the Djose bridge for free items

Head back towards the Y-intersection.

Djose - Pilgrimage Road

This time when you cross the Djose Pilgrimage Road quite a number of the people you speak with will have items for you.

The first man on the far end of the bridge will give you a Halberd. Further on down you will receive ten Potions and the monk walking back and forth will give you two Hi-Potions.

Speaking to the men on the Djose bridge for free items

The next section of the game takes place on the Moonflow.